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Pan Female Mistress, 60,  Florida
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Before communicating with me, I expect you to take the time to carefully read my entire profile.

I am a mature Dominant woman living in south Florida. I live a comfortable country club lifestyle and I seek a submissive who would like to feel owned while pleasing me online, in private chat, masturbating and releasing to the max to Domination scenarios that turn me on. My scenarios will be about your serving me in various situations, and sometimes they may be mixed with your intense fantasies. Understand clearly, I get turned on knowing my submissive is successful in his personal and business life a submissive who can let his guard down and feel owned while intensely focusing on masturbating for me, for MY pleasure. This will be done here in private chat as we continue to build a unique private bond. Perhaps when youre in your office, a smile appears on your face as you recall masturbating for me before you left for work.

I understand that you may need to continue searching for a real-time or live-in relationship. But in the meantime, perhaps this could work with you pleasing me, you feeling owned, and with me enjoying the fruits of a slaves devotion.

I am comfortable knowing that very few on Collarspace will take the time to read beyond this point. But since youve gotten this far, and to avoid any confusion, let me repeat... I seek a mature successful submissive who wants to experience feeling owned. It is possible we will meet in the future, but right now, we take one step at a time, MY WAY, with our mutual privacy preserved! If you seek a friend or lover, thats not what I seek. I want a submissive who is looking for an attractive Mistress to please, respect honor, and in return slaveboy gets to feel owned, pleasing and masturbating for me, sometimes feeling used, all for MY PLEAURE!

I can believe my submissive is following my chat orders if he is committed on some level. Knowing he is obedient turns me on. I want to feel my slaves devotion... Even if this does not last forever these will be very private mutual online experiences that will not to be forgotten by either of us!

I am only interested if you really want to feel owned, drained in multiple ways, for one goal, MY stimulation and MY pleasures! But in doing so, you will feel owned and at times neglected, and sometimes abused...

If you are wondering if I have a stable of submissives, the answer is No, I do not..

I am not interested in a submissive who wants this done his way, or for me to deviate as to the method to moving this forward and my filtering out the masses.

It stimulates me to explore the depths of my slaves mind, as it relates to servitude, kinks, fetishes, and especially masturbation.

Mutual PRIVACY is paramount to me.

I am 60+, attractive, healthy, and, as I previously stated, married. My husband has no issues with me owning a devoted submissive, and to be clear, I have lots of experience in the real-time Domsub world.

I am a businesswoman and a CPA, again, I am not interested in controlling a slaves financial holdings, or having access to his bank accounts. I live comfortably and shop in stores such as Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales not Wal-mart.

If you are interested, respond back to me with Mistress, I carefully read your profile, and please, I would like more details on What You Seek. I will respond as quickly as possible.

I am often asked why I insist that my submissive be mature and successful... Simply put, Im turned on knowing my slaveboy can afford to do virtually anything desired, yet chooses to escape and feel owned, occasionally starting his day feeling truly submissive. It stimulates me knowing my submissive is, like me, accomplished, yet has chosen to be on his knees serving me while remaining in the vanilla everyday world, others respecting him, and perhaps sometimes fear him. To me, my submissive is property who is fulfilled by obeying me online, without hesitation, and who dreams of having his Mistress pop into mind, even during the course of a normal business day, or during a business presentation.

If you think so far you fit into what I desire, and youre truly interested in feeling owned... then feel free to respond to me with Mistress, I carefully read your profile, and please, I would like more details on What You Seek.

Mistress Gold, Boca Raton, FL

ps.. My Favorite Artist, it is Lalla Esaydi. I do not own any of her work, but I think they are amazingly beautiful. Why not look up her work...











 Dominant Female


 5' 3"

 114 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Male

Sub/Sub Couples


 Fine Dining



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