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Hetero Male Dominant, 61,  Sydney, Australia
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'To be the Lord and Master of'

and He looked down at His creation, and He was pleased
I am a mature, read that as old if you must, but I am young for my age and quite active and able. My experience is quite broad and my search is not restricted to one particular aspect of this lifestyle, it is however this lifestyle that I have lived in one form or another for over 30 years now. ? I am well educated to university level (BSc) which includes a major in human anatomy, I also have had an extensive "Street education" having spent my life in a?chameleon?like way, blending into different groups in society, learning, watching and growing. ?Intuitive sagacity is what I offer, combined with many years of experience in most things BDSM.
What I am looking for ...........
Need:?The deep ingrained need to submit or be taken, I am looking for surrender, the slave or she who wants to be enslaved must surrender themselves fully. ?All slaves must submit at least once. ?They may submit to being taken, captured, forced into slavery. ?They may submit to surrender their mind body and soul, to give up all rights, to obey without question the will of their master. They may submit to consensual non-consensual slavery.
Desire: The desire to have the need met, that deep burning within your stomach, that ache that won't go away. ? Passion:?To put it one word I think passion would be the one.?Commitment, comes hand in hand with passion, to be truly committed you need to be passionate, if not, you could become jaded and loose the drive it takes to do something 100% or to give 100%.

The Slave:?

The slave I seek will have no limits, my limits will be her limits, she is to determine my limits if she wants before she is collared. Her limits WILL BE my limits after she is collared.
The slave will have no human rights, the slave will be property and cared for as such, it will be used as it's Owner sees fit. The slave will have no say, it may be questioned, it may be consulted but the final say will always be the will of the Master. The slave will be classified as a sex slave, a humiliation slave, a pain slave or any combination of. The slave can serve for a contracted period, indefinitely or permanently. (Contract in Journal) The slave will be full TPE. 24/7. ? The House:? ? (Under construction)

I will look forward to your thoughts.
Dominor Vobis (Lat: "To be the Lord and Master of you") Here is a video of my work.












 Dominant Male



 5' 9"

 176 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Online Romance

A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
1/18/2022 5:18:11 PM

I wrote this as part of an introductory message to someone and think it was good enough to share here.

"This is an alternative lifestyle to me

There are several reasons, one is something that kind of bothered me at a young age I shoved thebad thoughts I had, I had even as a very young youth, thoughts that both horrified and fascinated me
I used to justify my thoughts as not being cruel if what I did, I did to those who deserved it, like criminals etc What worried me was the sexuality I felt
It was much later in life, around 40 years ago I started putting it all together from a primal blueprint and social and religious pressure through to conditioning I was relieved to find a world I fitted, and its this world and learning to interact between the lifestyle and the vanilla world that I have been studying, learning, teaching and living

Its a strange world with so many dark and mysterious places."

1/18/2022 4:14:59 AM

Well it's been some years since I wrote this profile and it's been interesting. I did however spend the last few years looking after my father.

5/17/2015 9:57:58 PM
BDSM Slave Contract

We are aware that this is not a legally binding contract, it is a contract of agreement and has no legal binding, it is a moral agreement.

This contract is entered into between

                                            Master  (Dominant)


                                            Slave (Submissive)


                                                Date signed

                                                Date commenced

 I                                 , hereafter referred to as "the slave", do of my own free will, and having registered myself on the Slave Register (___-___-___) to show my free consent, swear to hold                           , also to be known as                                      as my Master from the commencement date for a period of not less than and not more than two full years, twenty four hours, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days each year. 

I understand that at the completion of this contract, I am free to sign it in the second instance, if both The Master and I are in agreement and from that day forward, I will hold this as a binding agreement for as long as both of us are alive.  I agree, that this contract may be altered, if both parties are in agreement, at any time in the future.

Being of my own fee will and under no duress, I enter into the following terms and conditions.  These I duly understand are not negotiable.  I am fully aware that The Master may terminate the contract if the following terms and conditions are not met at any time it suits him.

Terms and conditions:

1: The Master shall have full and total control of my body, it's functions and use, entirely in accordance to his will.
   1a: I will make my body available to him, to meet his needs, to give him pleasure and to entertain himself at all              times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
   1b: I acknowledge, that it is my responsibility, within reason, to keep my body in such a condition as he would                expect and require.  I understand that The Master will do all within his power to ensure that I am able to                    comply, and that he will do all that is necessary to maintain my health and well being, within the terms of this            agreement.
    1c: I acknowledge, that The Master is my owner, and that I am but his humble servant.
    1d: I agree, that The Master may, if he sees the need, or has the desire to, within reason, deputize someone of             his choice, to take his role on a temporary basis, in cases of his sickness, travel, business or other good                   reason. I understand this does not signify any transference of ownership or control, and would be as The                 Master agreed.  

2: The Master shall have full control of all my functions and activities, both bodily and other.
     2a: I agree that within reason, he is in full control of all bodily functions, what, where and when I eat, drink,                    micturate (urinate), defecate and all sexual and pleasurable activities including masturbation.
     2b: I acknowledge that he has the right, within reason, to interfere or change any of these functions.
     2c: I understand that he has full rights over all my activities and behavior.  When I stand, when I sit, when I                    sleep, when I wake, when I have sexual activities, including how, where and with whom.

3: The Master has the right to discipline me as he sees fit or whatever gives him pleasure to.
     3a: I understand that this discipline may be physical or mental.  I acknowledge that it may cause me pain and/or                may damage my body.  I also understand the he will make every effort to ensure that permanent uncalled                for damage will be avoided.
     3b: I acknowledge, that at times this role may be handed to an other of his choice, trusting that he would know            without doubt, that that person would carry out the discipline in 100% accordance to The Master's                          wishes. I am aware that at times, The Master may not be able to carry this out himself.
     3c: I understand that discipline is for my good, or The Master's pleasure, and therefore I will show him my                      gratitude by thanking him appropriately.
4: The Master has the right to punish me as he sees fit.
    4a: I understand that any disobedience will be met with punishment and that the punishment may be physical or           mental and may cause me pain and/or may damage my body. I also understand the he will make every                     effort to ensure that permanent uncalled for damage will be avoided.
    4b: I acknowledge, that at times this role may be handed to an other of his choice, trusting that he would know           without doubt, that that person would carry out the punishment in 100% accordance to The Master's                       wishes. I am aware that at times, The Master may not be able to carry this out himself.
     4c: I understand that punishment is for my good, or The Master's pleasure, and therefore I will show him my                  gratitude by thanking him appropriately.

                  do hereby agree, according to the terms and conditions of this contract, to serve without question,                         .  That the privilege to perform this service is in itself, full and total remuneration and compensation for my service. I promise to put him above all other's at all times, that he is my Lord and Master and that it is an honor and privilege to serve him.

I agree to hold him above myself at all times, in words thoughts and actions.

Signed on the             day of                            ,  20  


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