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Pan Female Mistress,  Florida
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Last Online:


 Dominant Female


 5' 5"

 140 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Switch Men

Sub/Sub Couples

 Lives For:



 Martial Arts



 Scuba Diving



 Alternative Medicine


 Body Art













 Canes and Crops

 Electrical Play


 Genital Punishment

 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service

 Fire Play

 Foot Worship

 Hair Pulling


 Knife Play

 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage

 Needle Play

 Obedience Training


 Orgasm Denial

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Sensory Deprivation



 Speech Restrictions



 Wax play


 Lifestyle BDSM

 Old Guard


 Kick Boxing

 Sky Diving




 Hard Limits:



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Journal Entries:
10/1/2011 12:47:18 PM

Had a wonderful time at the CFnm Palm Beach (Clothed Female nude male) event last night! The theme was "back to school" and the school boys learned what it means to be on their best behavior! Too much fun :)

8/24/2011 7:55:43 AM

If you are looking for me to consider you as a sub, slave or bottom... be very clear that I am extremely picky and may not be the kind of dominant and sadist that would be a good fit for you. Make no assumptions. I'm not your Mistress unless I have formally taken you on for training or own you, so please do not call me Mistress.

In order for you to get a better understanding of the form of lifestyle relationship that I am open to exploring, please tale the time to read my Extended Profile and writings, specifically please read my journal entry on CollarMe, entitled "Looking for potential and possibilities in a single "seeker"... BEFORE contacting me with your detailed introduction and any request for my consideration. Otherwise, you will not get any reply. It is also wise to take the time to read my other writings once I give you access to them (big brownie points).

8/18/2011 6:37:34 PM

EXTENDED PROFILE AND HISTORY - You'll find that I strive to LIVE ALOHA in the best ways that I can and with roots based on my ethnicity as Chinese, Hawaiian, Irish, English, Scottish and Cherokee. I am a mother who is deeply proud of her children, husband, family, heritage, cultures, spirituality, life and lifestyle choices. Within the scope of alternative lifestyles, by nature, I identify most as a Leather Woman who is Dominant Sadist. I began my journey through my gay leather roommate, Michael, and forged the foundation of my Leather Roots in San Francisco back in 1984 that has evolved to how I live and love today. Over the years, I have happily surprised myself as I am "growing up" and, since 1998, have also evolved to become a Dominant/Switch as a devoted slave, masochist, wench, property and wife ONLY to my beloved Owner, Master, Daddy and Husband, Daddy Jeff (AKA Shaman), who founded the House of Shaman (our household) and co-heads it along with myself. Daddy Jeff is the true love of my life, soul mate and owner of all that I am. He is the most honorable, strong and nurturing Dominant and Sadist that I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I am blessed by our shared love and that Daddy Jeff recognizes and respects me as a Dominant Sadist in my own right, especially to those select few whom I may become intimately involved with. We have a polyamorous relationship and household rooted in leather lifestyle traditions, as well as Master/slave (D/s) modalities. We are not strictly formal in our protocols, but we do hold our ceremonies and rituals that recognize individuals in our circle of family or events that mark empowerment as being sacred and something to be forever treasured. Although we may be less formal than most with our Intimate Household Family, we absolutely expect other Dominants and Tops, whether head of households/families or not, to respect our family ties, protocols, rituals and traditions. If they don’t know them, they need only to ASK. As for my "pets", slaves, submissives or property, I have none at this time, but seem to have a real knack for grooming, nurturing and mentoring those who have been my own into wonderful Switches in their own right ^EG^. Perhaps I project my own journey as a Dominant Sadist to Dominate Sadist and Switch Bottom IN REVERSE. LOL! But you know what they say about the best form of flattery, so I'll take my track record as a huge compliment! I was formerly the Proud Owner, Nurturing Mistress, Dominant, Sadist, Guardian/Protector and Mentor to SickBoyH2HDD from September 2007 through April 2009. He was the first I have owned after twelve years of not keeping an owned slave. Although the dynamics to our relationship have changed, we are very close, so he still addresses me as Mistress and I still call him My pet. We shall always be part of a loving lifestyle leather household and family together. After Daddy Jeff, SickBoyH2HDD is one of the people I am most proud of knowing and honored to love in my life. Previous to SickBoyH2HDD, I was the former Proud Mistress, Dominant, Sadist and Guardian/Protector to some wonderful, gentle, and intelligent young men who love to please, are fantastic people with huge hearts, and consistently act with a considerate nature. Back in CA, HI, Europe and early on after moving to FL, well... let's just leave it stating here that I have had many experiences in relationships with some great and not-so-great people, some of whom were with wonderful boys and a few of whom were fantastic girls. I was honored to be Mistress, Dominant, Sadist, Mentor and/or Guardian/Protector to each of them. I am open to considering the possibilities of some form and evolution of a relationship with a submissive or slave who is also a masochist and seeking to go through the paces to develop something that would be long-term and involve commitment. That stated, the chemistry and mutual interest must be shared between myself and someone who may capture my interests, along with them having the genuine desire, honest integrity and strong ability to invest the time that it would take to serve and train in order to learn, grow and be nurtured to their fullest potential so that they can experience the rewards for all of their efforts, including, not only my wickedly kinky self, but my love and adoration. I am co-head the House of Shaman and honored to serve as "Mama Keiki" to several in our Intimate Household Family Members, who are all my “Leather and/or Lifestyle Kids". I may also play from time to time with a masochist bottom or switch (whether submissive or not and whether male or female) whom I may connect and share energy well with. However, I am not nor will I ever be a Service Top - with the exception of for educational purposes. Daddy Jeff, myself and/or some from our Intimate Household Family Members, from time to time, may also serve in a role of guardianship/protection or mentoring/trainer to others in our Leather and/or Lifestyle Circle of Family, as well as those who become Immediate or Extended Family and close friends. Certainly, Daddy Jeff and I are honored to hold such a role to those we have come to know, love and care for. We are blessed and honored by our wonderful and loving Alternative Leather and Lifestyle Intimate Household Family, as well as the Circle of Family and Friends from around the world. Certainly, I am very proud of the House of Shaman and the Lifestyle Alternatives Artisans Centre for being the safe and welcoming havens that they have become over the years (I founded LAAC and direct as a not-for-profit private membership organization with its own facility). If you are interested in or have questions about LAAC & Southeast Florida alternative lifestyle events and activities (as well as in the rest of the US), please visit the LAAC Website to view the Calendar of Events OR feel free to contact me directly with questions. I’ll be happy to help you or point you to resources that will. NOTE: If I don't know you, I "may" invite you as a friend on if I found your profile and/or pictures interesting (OR... if I think you'd look really hot bound in my ropes! EG).* But please don't be mistaken... my invitation doesn't mean that I'm hitting on you (although in some rare instances, that may be just a matter of time! ^EG^).

8/18/2011 5:23:48 PM

Looking for potential and possibilities in a single "seeker"...

Those who know me should be able to attest that I'm a nurturer, fun, and devoted to those whom I love and/or care for... Currently, I am open to considering someone for a long-term-relationship that involves Dominance, submission, service, SM, family/household structure, exposure, education, experience, empowerment and possibly more if we matched up well (including, but not limited to, polyamory).

  1. Are you, specifically, looking to be mentored or formally train, either as a Top (Sadist), bottom (masochist), Dominant, submissive, Master/Mistress, or slave and do whatever it may take (within limits and starting from the bottom) to more fully learn, explore and experience alternative lifestyle fetish play and relationship dynamics, as well as a sense of family and community?
  2. Are you looking to gain information, exposure, education, and experience?
  3. Do you enjoy the reward of service?
  4. Are you self-sufficient and reliable?
  5. So you get satisfaction from helping others?
  6. Are you working and earn enough to cover your own living expenses?
  7. Do you keep your commitments?
  8. Would you be comfortable being in service to an individual and household, as well as - possibly - an organization and its membership in exchange for more information, exposure, education, and experience?
  9. Can you adhere to a regular and ongoing schedule to devote to the above or are you looking for a future live-in situation that embraces the above (for a minimum of 6 months or more)?
  10. Is serving and earning as you are learning and growing things that you understand and accept as being "fair trade practices"?

Did you answer yes to all the above? If so, please take a look at my profile and ask to read my writings because I think we may need to open a dialog... After reviewing my profile/writings and you still are saying "YES" and the above "mostly" describes who you are and what you are looking for... send me a message with a detailed introduction as to "how" you match up to the qualities I look for. If I agree with how we match up, we can determine where things may have potential enough to speak on the phone and, if all goes well, meet in person. No worries, I don't bite (not at first meeting, anyway).

Worst case, you meet others that you can glean knowledge and possibly more from. Best case, we both get what we seek.

If this is not you or what you are looking for, I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are into age play, no offense, but I don't think I would be interested. The only exception would be if you make it perfectly clear when you contact me that you are still very much a take charge person outside of your fetish and can run with serving and/or managing projects efficiently and successfully, as well as perform other areas of responsibility in your life or for someone you may be in service to. If that is the case, by all means, please contact me.

Aloha pumehana,


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