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Hetero Male Dominant, 50,  Lund, Sweden
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After some feedback I am adding that I am looking for a long-term, best case permanent, life long contract. And yes, this is the kind of life and "family" that would be best for me. I have considered and are ready for all the details of daily, medical and sane care for an owned . I have considered implications like legal contact with authorities regarding immigration, etc, etc. Soon 50 yo sadist from Sweden. Interested in female torture slaves for 24/7, TPE. Swedish sadist. Looking for a sincere long term relationship. I got degrees in Law and History. Have worked as a lawyer, computer game designer, project manager and business developer. Currently in quarantine due to Corona, spending time on online projects due to the inactivity on the work market.? I have no kids, live alone in a cozy early 20th century apartment with high ceilings in a central locations in a beautiful medieval Swedish city. I would like a cat one day. I practice target pistol shooting, work out, watch movies and documentaries and play computer games for fun. My main passion however is bdsm, where I have developed into a sterner and harsher owner over time, instead of the young insecure bumbling somewhat dominant boyfriend I used to be.? My friends would probably describe me as outgoing, talkative, charming and intelligent and knowledgeable. That?s flattering, but I have come to the conclusion that I am really an introvert that prefer my own company most of the time. I find other people exhausts a lot of my energy, even if they tend to seek my company, whereas I often try to avoid having to meet up with people. I prefer to limit my social interaction to high quality engagements, so Corona isnt really that bothersome to me. This would suit owning a permanent slave at home to take care of, as a sort of pet, since that would be allowed to turn into a relationship that would fuel me with energy, instead of drain me of it. At least that is the plan. What am I here for? In the long run, in a well functioning relationship I am looking to own permanent female only masochist-pain-udder-slave- that wants to experience this lifestyle to the fullest. 24/7, TPE. To be kept shaved, pierced, isolated in rubber, bondage, gag and hood as much as possible. Safe, sane and consensual. No interest in vanilla partnership or relations. I realize this is hard to come by, and I have high standards for whom I meet. But I am patient, dedicated and set upon finding this, as its my current main priority (and has been for a while now). As for punishments I have a passion for breast torture but also like breath control, stringent bondage, making marks on tight, ass and breasts with cane, cord and crop. Discipline and humiliation is nice, but more a part of the background setting and already in place for me to be interested, and nothing that I need to discover over and over again. I suppose this makes me less interested in so called brats and DDLG, since I need an obedient that craves to suffer and obey from the start.? I keep a photo-blog, not for the faint of mind. I?d say about 80% there is what I consider viable in real life, and 20% pure fantasy. Id say i makes me an about scale 8-9 sadist or so, out of a purely fictional 10 point sadist scale I just invented. If you are easily offended or underage, do not visit!? If this describes what you are searching for, you are most welcome to contact me. I am polite, straightforward and know what I want. I speak Swedish and English, along with some Spanish and French.? Of course I provide photos and agree to verficiation if I get in touch with someone and I expect the same from any applications, as well as sincerity, honesty and being a decent human being.? Best Regards from Sweden?












Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 9"

 70 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:

 Breast Play



 Sensory Deprivation


 Anal Play



 Canes and Crops


 Electrical Play


 Masks (On Partner)

 Massage (Getting)

 Needle Play


 Rubber Fetish

 Speech Restrictions



 Historical Shows


 Intellectual Discourse

 Lifestyle BDSM




 Martial Arts








 Fire Play


 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks

 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service

 Knife Play

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Denial

 Plastic Wrap





 Board Games

 Horror Movies


 Online RPGs

 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction


 Liberal Politics



 Goth Lifestyle

 Electronica / EDM

 Hard Limits:

 Genital Punishment

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Journal Entries:
1/16/2022 12:58:26 AM

Rules of engagement (RoE)


1. If you are male (any kind) and choose to contact me, against my explicit instructions not to do so, know that your mail goes automatically to the junk folder. I will also block you if I have the time, mood and energy for it. 

Congrats, you have just wasted both or our time!


2. If any parts of your profile is a fake or a lie, please refrain from communicating me. I have no interest in you.


3. If you believe the slightest inconvenience to  your life, is a good excuse to ghost people, refrain from communicating with me. If we are contact, and you do not wish to proceed with our recruiting communication, please copy-paste the following. 

"Thanks for your interest. I currently do not want to pursue this line of recuitment". I can take it. I am a big boy.


4. If you are insecure about how you see your life in one year, we are not a good match. I am not here to become an unknown person´s life coach. When you made up your mind, I would however be happy to waste time and energy on you.


5. About 90% of the profiles here are fake. If you feel personally insulted when asked to verify your identity, we are not a good match. Please refrain from communicating with me.


6. If you mistakenly believe I am here to fulfill your online fantasies only, even if your profile lies about your purpose here, please refrain from communicating with me.


7. If your idea of the perfect partner is one where you demand long, interesting dialogues, that you deign to answer with one-liners, please refrain from communicating with me.


8. If you feel that my profile, or way of life, is not in accordance with how you see things, please remember, I dont care. And no one certainly is interested in you showing off your blatant disrespect for other peoples integrity. 

Block me first, because I will certainly block you. Any communication is pointless and a waste of energy for both of us.


9. If you suspect that you are a selfish, spine-less p.o.s (you probably are then), please refrain from communicating with me.


10. If you somehow think you are the exception to any of the above, you are not. All you will prove to the world is that you are selfish, obtuse, conceited and stupid.  Please refrain from wasting my time and energy with you.


Other than that, feel free to suprise me in a positive direction. I admit my hopes are low. But you never know.



Over and out.


1/16/2022 12:57:35 AM

A note to all fake profile creators... (which seem to be about 90% of all users here).

I very much doubt many of you will read this.

If you do, I doubt very many will care, or change your ways.

But you should know, what you are doing is wrong.

You waste other genuine, well meaning peoples time, energy and attention. 

By this you make the world a worse place, you bring negative energy into it, and there is no excuse for this behaviour. And flimsy apology you make in your own head, is not valid.

I suppose most people of this inclination, somehow, know what they are doing is wrong, but by immaturity, selfishness and bad manners make cheap excuses to themselves. I am here to tell you, it wont fly. In the end you are the one, who have to live with yourself. I am happy for you to live with that knowledge, but for your own sake, you should stop and reflect on  your own behaviour.

My patience and empathy is all gone for you. I really do hope karma gets around for you, but unfortunately I doubt this will happen enough. But if it does, so much the better.

I hope with these lines, I made a few of you squirm in discomfort, for the moments of hope, positive energy and happiness you have stolen from other people.

Now go f--k yourself.


Best regards...

1/16/2022 12:55:07 AM

I have gotten some questions of what services will be required under a contract. I will try to answer that here, although some variants of course aren´t included.


  1. The slave will be kept naked or in fetish attire of my choosing all the time. As often as possible, this will included restraints, hood and gag.

  2. The slave will be given access to water a few times a week, to remove all body hair, head hair and eye brows included.

  3. When not in use or needed, the slave will be kept tied up inside a body bag, in the slave box for storage. Other demanding bondage positions are certainly possible as well, all after my mood that day.

  4. When allowed to be of service in the bed at nighttime the slave will be required to perform ass-to-mouth without a moments delay through a signaling system. Any delay in achieving result, will result in severe punishment.

  5. The slave will eat healthy. Leftovers, from a bowl, through a feeding tube. I will probably not be into preparing a separate dish twice a day for the rest of my life, but a salty gruel with urine and sperm might be served once in a while, when neccessary.

  6. Regular enemas will be administered. For my enjoyment only.

  7. Different body parts will be caned in intervals. I enjoy the slaves body being covered by welts at all time. When one body part heals enough, new ones will be administered.

  8. Harsh and meriless, doesnt have to equate unhealthy or dangerous. I have no use for an ill or injured slave. If sick, it will be nursed back to service potential again. When I am ill (say a cold), the slave will have to assist me in getting better. Most likely with its slave services much diminished for the duration.

  9. The slave will be kept at home and isolated mostly. There could be neccessary exceptions to this, as a matter of course.

  10. I expect obidience, subservitude and gratefulness for providing a safe and permanent place to serve. Statements like "thank you", "may I have another one" would be allowed when the slave has its permanent gagging system removed occasionally. I will be happy and content to own this creature, whos whole existance revolves around my sexual desires.

1/15/2022 9:35:22 AM

I finally got my (old) profile approved again.


Celebrating 2 years searching for that dedicated pain gimp.


I never thought I would be able to meet such an amount of fake profiles, insincere candidates, hesitant online dreamers posing as serious candidates, spine-less individuals prefering to ghost rather than giving an honest answer. This process has seriously made me regard humanity in a different light, and its not a flattering one.

Well, although I am 99% sure any candidates will be fake or insincere, I am happy to take another chance and be happily suprised, if I for some reason would be mistaken. But I dont bet on it.

If you, like me, like to complain about your experiences in this environmen, I can guarantuee you response and closure, wether I select to go forward or not with your application. I have to live with myself every day, so I prefer to not be a one of the many, many individuals that have taken advantage of my time, efforts, energy and straighforwardness during all this time.


Best regards...

4/18/2018 3:08:29 AM
Heavy whipping until she faints. (Fake or not?)

4/18/2018 1:38:21 AM
Slave life for real

4/17/2018 5:33:17 AM
If you like Simon Benson, there is a good chance that we would get along fine. Piercings, rubber gimps, dehumanization and pain.

4/14/2018 6:30:58 AM
To you fake profile time wasters I have one thing to say. Fuck you!!! What the fuck is wrong with you people??? From now on I will check ID on everyone. Dont contact me unless you can present it!

4/11/2018 6:29:22 AM
Slave candidates are under consideration.

4/10/2018 4:00:18 AM
I often get asked what I like. The answer is most extreme stuff.

1. Torture, domination and humiliation
2. Gimp training (isolation, rubber doll, masks, ification, hoods, gags and confinement)
3. Enemas and belly inflation
4. Body modifications
5. Piercings, branding, tattoos
6. Corsets and waist reduction
7. Hucows
8. Breathplay/hangings
9. Watersports, human toilet
10. Cute bunnies

3/21/2018 12:23:20 AM

Following are my Rules of Conduct -
I will kneel and read them aloud each morning immediately after awaking.

My Status

I am an owned , with no rights except those given to me by my Owner. I give myself freely to this life, without limitation, safe word or relief, until such time of my death or release. As an owned , I accept that I am subservient to all, regardless of their status. I will focus my life and my actions on serving others, at all times, and of being of service sexually and physically. I live the life as an owned twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with no exception, and will not divert from my rules at any time, unless given specific permission by my owner.

My Behavior

I understand that I am not allowed the freedom of speech. This mode is termed Absolute Silence, and will be my normal, daily condition. On the rare occasion when I am allowed to speak, I will refer to my Owner as “This thing’s Owner” or “Owner”. As an owned , I am not permitted to make eye contact with anyone. My eyes will remain lowered, my gaze on the floor at all times, unless instructed otherwise. When not being used, I will Kneel obediently, awaiting instruction.

My Body

I will wear my butt plug 24/7 to remind me that my body is not my own. It will only leave my body for defecation or sexual use, and during such times will be held in my mouth unless instructed otherwise. I accept that my Owner will use my body for his pleasure, or offer me for the pleasure of others. I will eagerly work to please my Owner, or those he has given me to.


I will wear high heel shoes 24 hours a day, unless otherwise instructed. When not in heels, I will maintain my weight high on my toes. My heels are not allowed to touch the floor. I am not allowed clothes unless otherwise instructed.


I am no longer allowed to eat human food. My Owner will provide basic nourishment for me to consume. I am not allowed any other consumable items, and only water.

My Training

I will train daily to advance my skills as a Deep Throat Slut. I will work to perfect my makeup and hair styling in an effort to please my Owner. I will diligently practice my yoga and stretching so my body is pliable.

My Life

I live my life solely for the pleasure and use of others. I accept that I am only an of such use, and willingly give up any control or independence afforded a human person.

3/17/2018 7:46:35 AM
Slave life

3/14/2018 10:14:36 AM
Is this the life you want 24/7?

3/14/2018 10:14:06 AM

3/13/2018 1:42:49 AM
This text is borrowed from user "familiaris". It should be common sense to most people. If not. at least I agree with them.

7/13/2015 2:53:40 PM:
I'm going to help you guys out, here's some easy steps to get women/submissives to reply.  I'm putting these up because I've seen a lot of of guys complaining about the fakes on the site.  Now, I'm sure there are quite a few, but mostly people sign up for these sites because they genuinely want to find someone they'd work well with.  Even the dirtiest slave looking for complete dehumanization still needs to know that their future master is going to at least look out for their basic health and human needs ya know?  These are of course only guidelines, you don't have to follow them.  But if you're having trouble getting replies, maybe you should look this over. 

Consider these:

1.  Talk to them like people.  Before they are subs, or slaves, they are human beings.

2.  Get to know them a bit, don't lead with your kinks, I know it seems weird being a kink site, but trust me.  Get to know them a bit first.  They can see what you're into on your profile.  Once you get to know each other a bit, then you can start talking about kinks, meetings, commitments ect.  Remember if you're going to be a dom/master your sub/slave needs to trust you. 

3.  Don't demand a picture in the first few messages if they don't have them up.  Some people have been stalked, others, until they find their dom/master have to keep up the appearances of their vanilla life and can't put up pictures.  

4.  Try not to shit on them for not being into what you're into.  If your kinks don't match up, look for other people.  Shaming someone into doing things they're not comfortable with isn't going to make them like you more, it's going to make them block you. 

5.  Make sure to tell them about yourself, don't just demand they tell you things about them.  Trust is earned and being open about your own life can help to build trust, and a desire to meet.

6.  Fill out your fucking profile.  It's the easiest way for someone to get a sense about you.  Adding a single sentence doesn't count.  Be honest about what you want, and are looking for. 

7.  If you are talking about kinks, try to remember that your slave/submissives are human beings and still have human needs.  For example, long term confinement can lead to blood clots and death.  Constant covering in latex, rubber, or leather can cause sores and infections.  I cannot tell you how many messages I've gotten telling me about their desires that clearly show no understanding of human biology.   Subs/slaves looking for long term confinement, and latex, leather, ect they want these things but also understand they need to be able to get up and work out, move around to insure proper blood flow, and need to be able to take off whatever they're wearing and properly bathe.  We're not going to sign on with a sub/master that's going to put us in situations that will result in our deaths in a few weeks.  

8.  Stop sending messages that sound like you already own us.  Especially if we're looking for TPE.  Until we make a commitment, we are free people, and should be treated as such.  We are not items being ordered off a menu.  We're people looking for someone we can trust with our lives. 

9.  Don't disregard people's hard limits if they say they're subs.  Even if they're slaves, you should still have basic respect for them.  If you message someone saying you're going to ignore their hard limits they're not going to reply to you.

So many people are telling me how much they like this entry, if you feel this fits how you feel, feel free to copy/paste it to your own journal. 

3/1/2018 7:46:13 AM
Do we share the same taste?

If you are a female slave and enjoy this photos you are welcome to contact me...

2/23/2018 4:48:51 AM

My own 100% scientific estimation of the Collarspace population…


40% Fake profiles

20% Money scammers

20% Are real but contain no text of photos

10% Want to relocate after 2 minutes of chat, photo and text usually lacking too (Sure, go ahead, come to my home and live there even if I know next to nothing about you, yeah right)

4% Seems overjoyed to have met you but vanishes. I call this the puppy-ghosting.

3% Are nice enough candidates, seem serious but can´t even be bothered to read my profile text

2% Seems genuine enough but unfortunately do not match my own requirements

1% Still haven’t found the perfect candidate. Maybe that’s you so write me a line? J

2/20/2018 9:04:52 AM

A slave´s Daily Routine

By DomSweMale

This is an example of a daily routine for my live-in, permanent gimp-slave. Everything is open to change of course. The slave should change its routine after being instructed to do so, but if nothing else is said, it follows these instructions. Probably its owner is at work, so its home alone.

Morning Preparations for the day

09-10 Bathroom time. Shower, shave head and eyebrows, shave and wax the sex, shave body hair, brush teeth, etc.

10-11 Pick daily outfit. Through a system with tables and dice rolls, or something similar, the slave chooses randomly the outfit of the day, corset with posture collar, French maid outfit with high heels, rubber gimp with gasmask and ballet boots, naked with double dildo chastity belt.

Lunch time Food and house chores

11-12 Do household chores. Clean the house.

12-13 Prepare and eat food as instructed. Clean kitchen, do the dishes, etc. Prepare the evenings dinner maybe.

Afternoon Training, education and exercise

13-14 Theoretical education. Surf BDSM-porn, read forums, write slave blog, draw, paint, create. The slave should focus on becoming indoctrinated and brain washed with the Fetish lifestyle.

14-15 Physical exercise. Fx. dance, workout, yoga, jogging, stretching, aerobics class. The slave keeps in shape to stay physically attractive for its owner.

15-16 Sexual training. Fx. Deep throat training on dildo, increase pain tolerance, edging. Whatever skills the slave is missing should be improved daily.


When the slaves owner returns to the house the slave should be available to service him. Massage, fetching things, showing herself, acting as foot pall, servicing with her mouth. Now is the time to obey and please.


If the owner wants to relax alone spend the evening in the isolation space (fx. box, cell, basement)

2/20/2018 6:26:22 AM
Its soooo sexy when you get asked for money in 30 secs time with with cut and paste messages and no info whatsoever, lol. Does this ever work for them???

[12:47:47] Beautiful Girl: Hi
[12:48:20] Beautiful Girl: Hello my Master,nice meeting you.This is slavelovesex00 on CS and your CS is DomSweMale
[15:09:27]: Nice to meet you!
[15:10:00] Beautiful Girl: Hello my Master,nice meeting you.This is slavelovesex00 on CS and your CS is DomSweMale
[15:10:16] Beautiful Girl: My name is Georgina my Master,I used to be a stripper,a pole dancer in a bar,but now jobless as the bar was been raid by the authority due to the President is very strict here that is why I am back to this site and looking for a possible owner that is financially stable.
[15:12:31] And how is that working out for you?
[15:13:51] Beautiful Girl: It was indeed great but now I am jobless thus seeking for immediate relocation my Master,so are you financially stable to sustain for my needs here and for my relocation?
[15:15:12]  Sure.
[15:16:14] Beautiful Girl: As my weekly needs here is $75 my Master Kristian how will you send me money as I don’t have a bank account
[15:18:04]  How about I put them in an envelope and write "Money scammer, the Philipines" on it and send it off. Would that work out well for you?


2/20/2018 3:29:52 AM

Body modifications – how far would you go?

  1. Permanent hair removal
  2. Piercings
  3. Tattoos
  4. Branding
  5. Corset training, extreme waist reduction
  6. Stretching of holes (permanent diaper needed etc)
  7. Stretching, disconfiguration and removal of breasts.
  8. Mouth works. Enlargement of lips, removal of teeth, insertion of permanent plastic ring
  9. Amputation, fingers, arms and legs
  10. Slaves own choice…

2/19/2018 5:54:21 AM
A1. Isolation: solitary confinement (no human contact whatsoever) or semi-solitary confinement (contact only with interrogators, guards, and other personnel ancillary to the detention). A2. Psychological Debilitation: the effect of deprivation of food, water, clothes, or sleep, the disruption of sleep cycles, prolonged standing, crouching, or kneeling, forced physical exertion, exposure to temperatures leading to stifling or hypothermia. A3. Spatial Disorientation: confinement in small places; small, darkened or otherwise nonfunctional windows. A4. Temporal Disorientation: denial of natural light; night-time recreation time; erratic scheduling of meals, showers, or otherwise regular activities. A5. Sensory Disorientation: Use of magic rooms, i.e. holding facilities or interrogation chambers that induce misperceptions of sensory failure, narcosis, or hypnosis. A6. Sensory Deprivation: use of hooding, blindfolding, opaque goggles, darkness, sound proofing/canceling headsets, nasal masks (possibly deodorized), gloves, arm covers, sensory deprivation tanks or vaults. A7. Sensory Assault (Overstimulation): use of bright or stroboscopic lights; loud noise (or music); shouting or using public address equipment at close range. A8. Induced Desperation: arbitrary arrest; indefinite detention; random punishment or reward; forced feeding; implanting sense of guilt, abandonment, or “learned helplessness”. A9. Threats: to self or to others; threats of death, physical torture, or rendition; mock executions; forced witnessing of torture (visually or aurally). A10. Feral Treatment: berating victim to the subhuman level of wild animals; forced nakedness; denial of personal hygiene; overcrowding; forced interaction with pests; contact with blood or excreta; bestialism; incest. A11. Sexual Humiliation: forcing the victim to witness or carry out masturbation, copulation, or other forms of sexual behavior. A12. Desecration: forcing victims to witness or engage in the violation of religious practices (irreverence, blhemy, profanity, defilement, sacrilege, incest, Satanism). A13. Pharmacological Manipulation: non-therapeutic use of drugs or placebos. 

2/19/2018 5:08:02 AM
Welcome to my Tumblr archive if you dare...

Here are pictures that excites me.

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