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Hetero Male Master, 38,  LosAngeles, California
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Good day. I am here seeking something specific, it will not be a good fit for many and I understand that. Without further preface, allow me to explain what I am seeking.

What I am seeking may be best termed a personal slave. There are aspects to the person I seek that cover personal assistant, driver, valet, kink, and domestic servant, but overall this person will be completely willing to shape their life to fit mine perfectly. They will be with me constantly with the exception of when I am at work. They will always be there to do tasks small or large, and will be both slave and companion. They will dedicate their life to me.
This person will choose this life. They will never be forced to do anything against their will rather, they will be expected to actively choose to serve and to please in every way. There will be expectations set for them. They will be expected to be respectful, to wear the clothing I choose for them, to accomplish tasks and chores. If they do not meet these standards, they will be punished. However, punishment is meant to change behavior not an end of itself. Though I would expect the person to be open minded sexually and enjoy exploring kinky activities, they should focus on actively pleasing me rather than disobeying to get punishment.

My life is complicated like anyone elses, but this slave would fit and to my life in spite of the complications. I am married, I have kids she would be expected to serve in a manner that was inoffensive to my wife and transparent to my children. Yes, my wife knows what I am seeking and fully supports it. She understands that my slave will be with me constantly, but that she will not interfere with my relationship with her.

My slave will be given a home, food, and unis to wear. This hardly addresses her every need, though, and I expect my slave to take on a of work that can be done when she has free time. Web design or contract coding are examples of jobs that would allow her to start and stop them at my convenience. The money she earns will be focused on ensuring she has healthcare and saving for retirement. Other money will be saved and will be available for her use provided she has my permission. She would not simply be able to have free access to this money unless she chose to leave service as my slave. Then everything she had would be hers and she would be given assistance relocating.

Her common duties would helping me get ready in the morning, to include personal grooming and meals, as well as driving me to and from work. She would be on call while I was at work, but free to take care of the work she had. She may also be given errands during this time. After arriving home, she would help with chores and other such tasks. She would often have my phone and be responsible for tracking my appointments and other commitments and making sure everything required for those is accomplished. I do not expect her to be a mindless doormat, rather an active asset in my life. She will be an extension of me and will take joy in that.

I understand this is a relationship and life that will appeal to few I do not need anyone to tell me the search is futile. I am patient and willing to wait for the one right person to see this and message me. I am happy to answer questions and appreciate new friends as well. I wish everyone here the best of luck and appreciate the time taken to read this.












 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 175 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:


 Hair Pulling



 Bar Hopping

 Fine Dining


 Surf Boarding






 Massage (Getting)

 Orgasm Denial

 Role Playing






 Ultimate Frisbee


 Canes and Crops



 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training

 Sensory Deprivation




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Journal Entries:
12/11/2008 9:57:56 PM
Is a convent the ultimate lesbian BDSM fantasy life?  There is a whole discipline system, uniforms, punishments... hmm...

12/14/2006 10:58:29 AM
So occasionally I'm online here, little bored, just looking around, and I stumble onto these Dommes that basically demand to be worshipped instantaneously by anyone that speaks to them, and also demand immediate payment for their time.  I've had a man offer to pay to watch me and a sub together, and for both of us to abuse him.  That's not really my thing, but my point, I suppose, is why don't people pay me money so that I can abuse and ignore them over the internet?  That seems like a great racket.  So, from now on, everyone that ever messages me automatically acknowledges that I am Supreme Master and Overlord of the Universe, and you need to send me lots of cash and presents.  I better go set up my paypal account now, I know the millions are going to be rolling in.  But really, it's not that I'm doing it for the money, it's just I have a lifestyle I need to maintain!  Ha.

11/16/2006 5:53:05 PM
Now, I'll be the first to admit I have pretty disgusting feet.  They are just not pretty, and they smell pretty rank too.  I would rank my feet among the rankest feet ever ranked.  Then again, maybe I just like word play, amongst other sorts of play.  But on with the story...

So a fellow denizen sends me a message, and clearly this person has a foot fetish.  I laugh a little bit, and send them a message back that was polite, but reminded them I found feet rather disgusting myself and was not interested in feet at all.  We messaged back and forth a few times, and in the end, the offer was out on the table for the person to pay for me to buy socks, wear them, and send them to the person.  At this point, I stopped writing back.  However, I am highly entertained by the whole bit.

Thanks for those that have been complimenting me on my body parts that are not my eyes.  I think my favorite ones are the ones that compliment me on my ass even though they can't see it.  Well, okay, no one's done that yet, but I would find it entertaining.  And I think it is rather nice.  Have a good day.

9/26/2006 8:27:47 AM
So, most of the time when someone sends me the occasional message it goes something along the lines of, "You have beautiful eyes, I just thought I'd share that." But then, the other day, I got my first message from another man. Asking me if I wanted to be a foot model for $100 an hour. I didn't respond... but it did creep me out a bit. I've never been much of a foot person. Good for you if you are... but it's never been for me.

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