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Hetero Male Dominant, 41,  LosAngeles, California
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DomInEveryway - photo 1

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I have a stylized pic of me because it would affect those I work with if I had a clear picture on here because I have a job.

I am naturally Dominant both in personality and sexual identity. Im charismatic, passionate, intelligent, well-adjusted, quick witted, and sometimes intimidating. Ideas and experiences excite me. I own my own successful business, am self-reliant, grew up in a good home, and have strong moral values. I have a broad spectrum of outside interests art, politics, theater, film, fine food, the outdoors, sports, philosophy, music, etc.

Ive been in this world for ages and consider myself as being born both Dominant and kinky.

I enjoy both playing with those experienced as much as training those who are new. Opening the minds of others and facilitating a sub finally exploring her deepest fantasies and seeing her become the kneeling naked, collar and leashed, fully supplicant soul she always knew she was is deeply enjoyable and rewarding.

Do feel free to say hello.












 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 195 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Female

Sub/Sub Couples

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Journal Entries:
4/28/2016 4:21:16 PM
Judging from conversations I've had with subs, sadly it seems the vast majority of guys on here now are bullshitters.  They're in it just for the sex, titillation, and the novelty with no understanding of the philosophy, responsibility, interactivity, artistry, mastery, etc.  For me, this isn't just "for kicks," thought he kicks are certainly an element, but this is  part of my identity and as inherent to me as heterosexuality, and just like any non-mainstream or hetero-vanilla-normative identity, involves actual struggles when in vanilla relationships. 

4/28/2016 4:02:13 PM
One interest beyond finding a sub / slave for longer term, is hosting a sub or slave for a week / weekend of intense BDSM.  Also potentially hosting a sub for the summer.  

8/28/2015 4:52:47 PM
I've been training in boxing 4 days a week - mostly heavy bag and sit ups.

So I'm looking more muscular and fit than my pictures - which are obviously deliberately made so I'm not easily identifiable for work reasons.  

7/13/2015 10:23:37 PM
Because of the number of fakes and likely being catfished, after chatting or exchanging messages One or two times, I'm going to ask that you in some way verify that you are a real person. Not necessarily give away who you are, but just show you're real by either: -Talking a selfie with a piece of paper saying something to confirm you are a female and the person pictured (so holding a white page with writing over your face or a neck down pic is fine) -Skyping, -Talking by phone or computer, At this point, it's been six or seven times that I invested significant time over numerous chat sessions only for the sub I've been communicating with to disappear completely right before anything that would verify they exist. This after ample biographical details, which on face check out, were exchanged which makes it more bizarre. Profile names of some of those that literally dropped off the face of the planet after extensive chatting: MorganandKara, LittleLizzieMD, Onthe15thofMay, GabrielleAlex, EllasWorld.

4/23/2015 7:14:52 PM
As I mentioned, my relationships have run the gamut.  There is a spectrum of different dynamics that appeal to me depending on what a submissive / slave / baby girl / pet fits most.   

On the most moderate end:  
A monogamous, long-term, very loving, caring and outwardly vanilla relationship where kink is more periodic, largely confined to the bedroom, and there exists a fairly equal dynamic in day to day life.  

A lot in between...

On the most / more extreme end:  
A 24/7, TPE, short term slave/pet/babygirl contracted dynamic, with strict and constant enforcement of your role, that is heavy on more extreme play, with extensive confinement, strict protocol, heavy use, consistent mental domination, extensive humiliation, subjugation, etc.  


If I could only choose between the two extremes, long term I would prefer a more moderate, loving, caring kink relationship, though a bit more kink than the "most moderate" end of the spectrum, though it's entirely about the person!  

Short term, I know that owning a 24/7 TPE slave is hot and an absolute indulgence of all my wants, but even though it is more fun in the short run, it isn't as deeply rewarding.    

Why is it less rewarding yet fun?  Take the analogy of the buffet versus fine dining:  

The extreme of that spectrum is like the cheap all you can eat buffet.  It's an open ended gluttonous binge of immediately gratifying flavor where you take whatever you want, everything is readily at your disposal, and you can consume or waste as you please.  Food tends to run all over the plate.  It's about the variety and quantity of tastes more than the quality.  You take what you want and there isn't that "last bite" to savor, there is always just another bite.  Everything on the plate can be replaced with more and you're not committed to anyone choice.  You stuff yourself and if all you do is stuff yourself, you'll eventually leave feeling sick.  

The moderate end of that spectrum is like a multi-course, fine dining experience at a Michelin Star restaruant.  You have to abide by decorum.  You are limited in when you can eat by the arrival time of each course.  You have to choose between different options and commit to your decision, rather than having just grabbing whatever, whenever you want.  Automatically you value the meal more by the setting and appreciate each dish it's singularity of preparation.  You invest more in the experience, but get the highest quality of experience. Each course makes an impression.  Utmost love, respect, and care goes into it all.  You need to put the work in to consistently have fine dining, but it's consistently worth it.  But at the end of the day, for it to be truly worth it, you have to find a truly great restaurant serving the cuisine you really want.    

So which do you want?   You have to love a good buffet now and again and fine dining is an amazing experience.   Which is better?  Those who solely want hedonistic gluttony first would chose the buffet / 24/7 TPE?  Or those who are about the depth of experience, the nuance, the depth of care, and want to really invest in the maximum rewards would opt for fine dining or the more balanced emotionally full relationship with courses of kink that take on new and more intense flavor with the love and mutual respect at the core of the relationship? 
I like both and as the analogy goes do both, but I would take fine dining every day for the rest of my life rather than stuffing my face.  Even buffets get old. 

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