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You, as a submissive woman or female slave, have had these feelings for a long time.

For some, you were born this way. For others, you discovered your true self through eye-opening experiences that you could write a book about someday.

Either way, youre here and looking for someone who can give you those feelings and emotions you so covet.

-are most definitely female
-do not feel satisfied unless you are committed to a Dominant partner
-take great pleasure in giving pleasure to your partner
-are willing to give yourself completely and willingly
-enjoy feeling taken, used, and even forced!

Im a Dominant businessman here in southern California and Im looking for someone to take with me on lifes adventures.

Im especially interested in women who are into
-bondage, especially of your breasts
-humiliation (especially verbal or talking dirty)
-being forced to wear whatever clothing or items I want (or nothing at all)
-being forced to please me sexually in nearly any manner I please (within your limits)
-feeling and experiencing emotions that others might not understand

If you recognize yourself, we should talk...
Be serious. No time-wasters, please!

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