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Hetero Male Master, 30,  N W Wales/, United Kingdom
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 N W Wales/ 

 United Kingdom

 5' 10"

 154 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male



****UK ONLY PLEASE****   I am looking for a sub to train. Experiance is not relevant same goes for if your older/younger fat or thin it dont matter the most important bit is the willingness to please and obey. If you want to know more get in touch... will add more to this later.    But find it better to talk and ask than read and then find out irrelevant stuff you dont need to know.   No picture until we have some sort of rapport but once established i am happy to provide one, so as is only fair will not require one from you until that point (unless your willing to provide without being asked!!!)       Prefer MSN so add me OR if you want to chat further   End of message

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Journal Entries:
1/8/2013 2:12:07 AM

Feels far too many people put the area down as UK... thats to wide an area people appreciate you want to keep a bit of safety but at least give the County etc the distance between us gives us an indication if to message or not! Rant over lol

6/1/2012 1:08:26 PM

Many talk a good game... far less step up and show what they are made off

6/1/2012 11:31:59 AM

We all know how this site goes and how it works.... so why do we return to it lol.... hmmm

4/14/2012 3:23:05 PM

is looking for the elusive older sub fem to train... other may apply within though lol

4/11/2012 1:26:15 PM

Has been away for almost a year... scary how things dont seam to change lol.. same profiles, same pics etc... was hoping things had got better... i guess not :-(

11/27/2011 11:29:46 AM

Hmmm what do you have to do to get a reply nowadays lol... know the subs are far outnumbered by Doms so have ironically all the power to start with, but come on a polite decline takes all of 20 seconds lol.....

10/23/2011 10:04:52 AM

A true sub is hard to find and as rare as can be... sifting through all the wasters can be demoralising until you finally get to one one you seek... it then suddenly becomes irrelavent how much time you wasted in the search!!!

8/1/2011 1:32:56 AM
Selfloathingmum is a fake.... don't waste ur time. blocks u randomly in middle of a conversation

7/7/2011 4:15:32 AM

mmmmmm a mother and daughter scene what are my chances... apply within lol

7/2/2011 9:43:11 AM

How hard can it be to find a true pay pig??? so many offer it yet all seam to be wasters lol..... im ready to train if your ready to obey....

6/26/2011 8:37:34 AM

Know the UK roads are generally quite good, but come on people we ALL know logistics play a vital part in if things can work out. PLZ stop putting UK as your location, give us a bit of a clue as to where in the UK. Thank you rant over...

6/25/2011 9:41:28 AM

Bit random but looking to speak to a accountant (or somebody with book keeping experiance) and also a web designer....... get in touch!!!

6/17/2011 10:11:48 AM

Thought he had found the one...... lifes a bitch...all the best hun... you know who you are and deserve the world

6/13/2011 11:58:54 AM

So many fakers wasting my time. Makes you wonder why bother at all

3/6/2011 6:38:25 AM

why start chatting then just suddenly block for no reason feel SLUTTOBEWHORE may be a classic faker!!!

1/9/2011 9:38:59 AM

is in need of somebody with exerience in web design!

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