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Hetero Male Master, 47,  Secret Fortress, Pennsylvania
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Hello there,      I am creating this profile in order to engage in information exchanges with fellow kinksters.  I am looking to discuss possibilities (and ideals).  I do have another profile which I am using to seek for a special girl.  But I feel that I can't truly discuss my darkest thoughts there.      Therefore, there is very little chance that I will arrange to actually meet anyone through this profile--but who knows?  Maybe the ultimately perfect submissive/ slave will be met here.      I am a straight white collar professional with an upstanding vanilla life.  But I am also a very kinky man.   I am too kinky for some--and perhaps too tame for others.      I am not into mutilations, blood, scat, scars, piercings, etc.  These are hard limits for me.  And I am simply not interested in many other things.  I do enjoy being creatively sadistic--and I love impact play.  I am also totally nuts about leather, latex, corsets, etc.       The oddest fetish that I probably have is my smoking fetish.  Although I don't smoke myself, I get quite aroused by the look of a sexy woman with a long cigarette (or one in a cigarette holder).  Heavy smoking is definitely a problem on many levels, but my ideal girl would smoke socially (with my permission or direction) rather than be a pure non-smoker.         My darkest fantasy is related to this fetish.  I have long been completely turned on by the idea of kidnapping a Dominatrix (who also smokes) and breaking her.  So anyone who wants to discuss kidnappings, captures, and interrogations, please drop me a line.  Ditto for those who want to discuss how to break down slaves physically and psychologically.  And of course, I also want to discuss how to reward and encourage good behavior.         I also have fantasies about establishing a leather household in the wake of winning the Powerball lottery.  All of my "hired help" would ideally be bi-sexual sub/ switch women.  An "alpha" sub would be the lady of the household for the vanilla world.     --D.          

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Journal Entries:
4/14/2018 9:20:16 PM
I have been having some interesting dreams about some girls I knew in high school.  I see myself arriving at the home of Kim, a 5'7" tall brunette with shoulder length hair.  She is dressed in a white silk robe.  She playfully smiles and tells me that she has a surprise for me.

Kim leads me into her living room where her dear friend Lou Ann is waiting.  Lou Ann is a couple of inches taller than Kim, and her jet-black hair is a bit longer.  Lou Ann is wearing tight black slacks and a tight grey fuzzy sweater.  Lou Ann is seated in a chair, bound tightly with white ropes and gagged with a white over the mouth gag.  Her eyes grow wide as I enter.

Kim then gets a Virginia Slims cigarette from the coffee table and asks me for a light.  I give her the light, and she blows smoke in Lou Ann's face as she caresses Lou Ann's torso.  Kim then give me a wicked grin and announces that Lou Ann is now at my complete disposal.  Lou Ann then begins to struggle against her bonds and "mmmpphing' into her gag.  Kim tells Lou Ann to 'shush' and to prepare to become my slave.

Both of these girls were "goody-two-shoes" girls back in the day.

12/26/2015 5:50:49 AM
Well I want to thank the AMC network for creating a new character for me to fantasize about capturing and breaking-- The Widow on Into the Badllands.  That bitch needs a serious attitude adjustment.

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