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Hetero Male Master, 48,  United Kingdom
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Dom4fem - photo 1

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Remember limits are aways respected and every thing is consentual

Hello........Thank you for taking the time to read this. Whilst almost impossible to get across what I want to say in this two dimensional medium, I guess an introduction is a necessary evil.

I am Dominant in my everyday life and therefore seek a woman who has the strong desire no.... strong need to submit to me in every way whilst retaining an inner strength, something I believe to be essential in a submissive. My ideal submissive will possess, and seek in her Dominant partner Master integrity and honesty and intend the relationship to be founded on absolute trust. She will seek total submission, and eventually she will yearn for the close physical and mental bonds that develop with 247 Domsub entrusting control over every aspect of her existence to a firm but understanding Partner. Yes I seek a tall order however the journey of discovery and striving to get there can also be rewarding for both partners A little about me.... I am intelligent and imaginative, I run a business that enables me the luxury of living the lifestyle I choose and maintain a slave submissive. My submissive will be my life partner, my soul mate, my best friend and we will enjoy mutual devotion and commitment to each other and once I find that special person I will love cherish and protect her but at all times Dominate and make her Mine filling our days with inspiration and passion Please note that whilst I am friendly and considerate, I do not suffer fools gladly and this is a genuine profile please do not insult me by replying if you are not equally as genuine. My favourite words .........Only those that are prepared to go too far, can ever know how far they can go. My passion is to find someone with whom I can go there with, to love and cherish, protect but at all times Dominate and make that one special person Mine There is, in each of us, an ember of Passion, waiting to ignite the heart of a soulmate. May our days be filled with inspiration and passion but unless you contact Me we will never know x Words from a song with special meaning to me ...... Put it on, And dont say a word, The one that I prefer And stand before my eyes, Please dont question why Put it on Can you believe,Something so simple, Something so trivial Makes me a happy man, Cant you understand, Say you believe Just how easy, It is to please me Because when you learn, Youll know what makes the world turn Put it on, I can feel so much, I dont need to touch Here before my eyes, Because you realise, And you believe Something so worthless,Serves a purpose It makes me a happy man,Cant you understand, Say you believe, Just how easy It is to please me Because when you learn, Youll know what makes the world turn, PLease put it on I await the special one ...










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 Dominant Male

 United Kingdom

 5' 11"

 180 lbs






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Submissive Female

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Journal Entries:
4/6/2012 11:52:40 AM
Am I the only Dom here to have noticed that the domme's profile are more interesting and there pictures are far sexier ... Think it may be time to get the sub to take a dress leaf from there domme counter parts

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