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Hetero Male Master, 44,  Ridgewood, New Jersey
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A dolphin is

The most intelligent animal on Earth aside from humans
Has bigger brains than humans
Loves to swim
Is known to help humans who are drowning and support them physically and emotionally
Is one of the few animals aside from humans who have sex for fun and enjoyment
Is one of the few animals who engages in and enjoys the rougher side of sex, to varying degree.

Well, this was a fun trivia, but it does surprisingly fit me )

Im a smart, geeky, hard-working, sarcastic person, who happens to be Dominant by nature and loves BDSM (and swimming )

Im pretty versatile as far as my kink interests and turn-ons (also, see my list), ranging - depending on a sub - from spanking to heavy impact play, from assertive guidance to near total power exchange from power relationship dynamics to raw sensuality. Im a sadist, so if youre a masochist its a big plus.

I love trying and learning something new.

Im seeking a sub or slave. Ideally, someone who would enter into a Ds relationship dynamics with me for a long time, but in the meanwhile, Im quite open to someone who is simply looking for a fun way to spend time in BDSM-related activities (if we click, preferably long term).

We WOULD be a good match if

You seek a Dom with working brain cells. If you like a Dom whos a smart geek, Im one. You dont have to be a geek yourself, just not have aversion to them )
You crave structure in your life andor in BDSM. Im especially good at introducing structure and rules.
To you, BDSM is about more than just sex. Sex is secondary to submission and service for you
You seek a Dom who is fair. My preference is to punish for tangible, known infractions (unless Im with a slave who craves punishment in general - as I said, I am versatile).
Youre a masochist.
You seek real life BDSM and are tired of typical collarme fakes who prefer to chat and use you for masturbation materials. I promise that I am willing to meet for real with anyone who is interested in meeting, without endless chats, requests for cam stripping, and other such idiocy (caveat obviously, there are COVID concerns around meeting in person in 2020-2021)

We would NOT be a good match if you are one of the following (I prefer to list this upfront, so neither of us wastes our time)

someone who is seeking a Dom to marry her and live like 50s housewife
someone for whom BDSM is ALL about the scene, community, and other such social aspects of Ds. I consider Ds to be a private activity (I dont mind attending a munch or a meeting at Paddles once in a while, but if your idea of Ds is orgies, parties and having you pimped out to my Ds buddies, we arent a good match).
live for shibari (Im not a professional bondage master), full body latex enclosements (not a turn on for me - I enjoy seeing flesh, not latex), or require extreme knife play (I dont have much experience with that and therefore would not consider it safe) or enema play (turn off).

Full disclosure Im poly, and only interested in subsslaves who are OK with ethical non-monogamy.

I am married
YES, my wife knows about this (and was good friends with my prior slave who was live-in) she fully supports it and is willing to confirm to you that shes fine with my having a relationship with a subslave.

If you want to know why, ill tell you if we decide we match each other.

NO, my wife is not in any way interested in participating AT ALL - no watching, no participating.
NO, it doesnt mean Im simply looking for some cheap sex on the side - I would prefer to find a subslave for a long term relationship to finding a one time play partner.
NO, it does not mean im incapable of ing long term relationships. Ive been married to the same woman for almost 20 years, and NEVER cheated on her (nor will I start now -as per above, this is with her consent). My average Ds relationships lasted 4-7 years.
If you yourself are married, I am OK with that as long as your spouse is aware and consents. If youre both subs, Im open to Ds+s relationship.










Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 New Jersey

 135 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Breast Play



 Body Worship

 Hair Pulling

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Denial





 Fine Dining







 Canes and Crops

 Housework Service


 Massage (Getting)


 Role Playing

 Wax play

 Historical Shows

 Science Fiction





 Rock Music


 Curious About:



 Gas Masks



 Plastic Wrap


 TV Sports






 Hard Limits:

 Bar Hopping


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