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Hetero Male Submissive, 53,  Park Hills, Kentucky
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Read my profile prior to emailing me. Any emails without reading my profile first will be deleted unread Straight sub male (widower) who has been in the lifestyle for a long time. Not 24/7 but on the weekends as time allows. I enjoy everything bondage. I have a passion for rubber ( i have a nice collection) and plastic wrap. I love mummification bondage. I get into a wide variety of things: tease/denial, plugs, clamps, hot wax, ice, gags, hoods, cbt, medium impact play, nipple play, sensory deprivation, electro/TENS and more. All the little things that help 2 people have some kinky fun :) I am more of an Alpha type male. I am dominant at work. I am chivalrous in person. My submission is behind closed doors to the chosen person I have decide to give up control to. I enjoy BDSM because it is fun. It is kinky, it is naughty and there are always new things to try. It is also a release mechanism from the stresses of my job. It is nice to give up control and not have to make decisions. My vanilla interests includes almost anything outdoors. Camping, hiking, kayaking and nice park/picnic :) Other vanilla interests are going to the movies. I enjoy scifi, action/adventure and horror flicks. I like eating out at nice restaurants on the weekends. I enjoy cooking. I love the beach. I am solvent. I have nice house, car etc. I have a great job and I work hard. I enjoy life and usually have an optimistic view on things. I like to focus on the good and not the bad :) At the same time I always plan for the worst but hope for the best so I am always prepared. Life is fun, one should enjoy it. I have a picture to share. I only share that with people whom I will meet in real life.












 Submissive Male

 Park Hills 


 5' 11"

 250 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

 Lives For:


 Being blindfolded

 You tying me up

 You binding me with plastic wrap

 Rubber Fetish

 Sensory Play


 Fine Dining




 Being allowed to worship your body

 Electrical Play

 You punishing my gentials

 Being gagged by you


 Being allowed to give you massages

 You deciding when I'm allowed sexual pleasure

 Being allowed to service you orally

 Science Fiction




 Renaissance Faires



 Rear End Play

 Being allowed to worship your feet

 You placing masks on me

 Medical fetish play


 You treating me like your butler

 Vacuum Stimulation

 Wax Play

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Journal Entries:
1/2/2018 2:27:39 PM
Happy New Year to all!

Finally back home for a little bit!

12/23/2017 9:48:37 PM
Merry Christmas all!

12/7/2017 7:28:24 PM
Currently in Koln Germany for both work and pleasure :)  
The Christmas markets are a beautiful site to see and experience. And I just love the Kartoffelpuffers, that with some gluhwein. Yum Yum!

11/21/2017 3:50:02 PM
Headed to Koln Germany the first week in December for the Christmas markets in Koln and Nuremburg and for some fun :) 

9/16/2017 3:48:25 PM
Read my profile prior to emailing me. Any emails without reading my profile first will be deleted unread

9/3/2017 6:28:13 PM
Currently in Germany and will be in Amsterdam on the 9th & 10th for Europerve

10/22/2016 2:56:07 PM
Back home for a little while. Looks like fall is here. I hope it will be nice weather wise.

10/1/2016 8:27:42 PM
Currently in Bejing China for the next few weeks. My reponses may be delayed.

9/10/2016 10:49:52 AM
Back home finally for a few weeks. Tired, time to sleep for the rest of today!

8/24/2016 9:01:35 PM
Heading to Germany tonight. Will return to USA after Labor Day. Email responses will be delayed a day or two as I plan to be very active in a couple of dungeons :)

5/24/2016 8:53:50 PM
Back in the USA. Looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend

5/15/2016 6:54:14 PM
German Fetish Ball was a blast! I really miss living in Germany.

5/3/2016 5:07:54 PM
Currently in Germany for the Fetish Ball. Expect delayed responses as it may be a day or two before I can get back to you.

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