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Gay Male Master, 55,  Minneapolis, Minnesota
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(March 18, 2018) I am one of the moderators for the Minnesota Leathersex Project in the Twin Cities. If you want more information on joining and attending events, are information sessions that take place the third Sunday of each month in Minneapolis. We hold monthly parties which focus on BDSM/kinks, providing a great opportunity to meet similar minded men in the area. Contact me for more information. (September 22, 2017) Update: My partner of 29 years passed away on September 2 due to complications from a heart attack. Please keep this in mind when corresponding. I'm still grieving and will be for some time to come. However, this should not detour others from contacting me. Most of my profile still remains true with obvious exceptions due to the circumstances. (August 18, 2016) Update:

I'm only considering work slaves at this time. I have more than enough submissives/slaves to meet my sexual needs.

I removed my list of likes and dislikes, as I find these pleasures are largely related to the dynamics that occur with each individual slave, as well as events taking place in my life at the time. So, if any potential slaves are curious about this, then they need to contact me directly.

I also want to state clearly, that even though I currently have some slaves that I work with online, I am not looking for nor interested in online play or camming. I am only interested in real time. The purpose of any online activity is to prepare for eventual real time meeting.

I am also not interested in cd or feminizing slaves. I have too much appreciation for the male form and want my slaves to reflect that.

Note additional updates to my journal.


I have a partner whom I've been with for more than 28 years.? The last several years have been non-sexual between us, and we have developed an open relationship. However, it necessary that he enjoys the company of anyone coming into the household with whom I'm involved. His disapproval will be a deal breaker.

It is my honor and privilege to have the care of several submissives, boys and slaves, in both online and part time service; but there are two, serving me in real time, that are of special significance to me. My boi bill (wolfboytoy2 on recon), who has shown continued support to me and my partner. We/we continue to bond more each day and am glad that he shares his life with me.? I am also proud to share ownership of slave monzon (boimonzon) with its Daddy and I am honored to have it serve me as its Master. It is a show of great trust that its Daddy allows me to take pleasure in the slave. Both have served me for more than three years and I depend on their counsel. Any additional subs/slaves/bois would need to gain their trust in addition to my own.

I believe in training my slaves and submissives to be powerful men, who cannot be broken. Broken men have no more value to me than broken china.? Instead,? I want them stronger, smarter, more creative, with more drive and ambition, and more discipline than me.? In many respects, I want them better than me.? To many this is contrary to the role of a Master, but to me it is the height of entitlement.? That is, to have confident ideal men submit to me of their own free will, because they are called to do so and are fulfilling their destiny; just as I am fulfilling my destiny to have dominion and rule over them.? They are called to serve me and elevate my status; allowing me to become a better Master as a result of their conviction. I should be clear, however, that this in no way implies that I am tolerant of defiance or any attempt to undermine my authority. Those who insist on having their own way above my desires are clearly not submissive and do not belong in my service.

Each slave comes to me unique and is treated accordingly.? They have different histories, different desires and different motivations; but the one commonality they have between them is their call to serve.? It is my responsibility as Master, to provide the means for them to better themselves for my service.? In some instances, I must become a mentor or father figure; in other instances, I strengthen them through humiliation or physical pain; I use bondage and mental controls; and I use ritual; but in most, I use a combination of all these things according to what is needed by a each slave at a particular point in time.? I can be kind, affectionate, aloof or sadistic depending on the need. ? Each slave becomes both a greater version of themselves AND an extension of myself, allowing me to accomplish more and giving me diverse experiences that I would not achieve on my own. ?A slave is, therefore, to perform domestically, intellectually and creatively in addition to sexually. ?A slave's focus is to improve the quality of the lives of me and my partner; and by extension improve the quality of their own.
I am ideally seeking slaves for a permanent life long position, but will consider those that wish to serve for a shorter duration. ? Below is a list of protocols which form the foundation of a slave contract.? The protocols will change and evolve over time. ?It is the obligation of the submissive or slave to reference them periodically and stay current to their content.

The DOM/sub or Master/slave relationship must be built on a relationship of trust. ?I respect limits, but a submissive or slave must allow these limits to be continually pushed and stretched in order to assure personal growth and development. It is also the responsibility of those in submission to express what those limits are prior to use. If one states that they are a "no limit" slave, I will act accordingly until I have reason to believe otherwise.

A slave is in a position of unpaid employment for the benefit of me and my life partner. ?This may or may NOT include sexual activity. ?Instead, they may provide service--defined as the fulfillment of any and all needs that the Master or his partner may have; including but not limited to domestic duties, such as house cleaning, laundry, cooking and home maintenance.
A slave is expected to contribute to the financial costs of the household. I am not a cash Master and the amount is negotiable, but should cover added food, utilities and a portion of housing. No other funds would be taken from a slave unless it desired as part of a slave's submission, then it can be discussed. ? A slave must come to me by his own means. I will not pay for relocating a slave. In addition, if it's found that the slave and I are incompatible, the slave should also have the resources available to leave and have an exit plan.

A slave should accept that I may loan him to friends or other Masters for services and sexual favors and that I may choose not to sexually use the property myself.

A submissive is in a position of part time or temporary service and is used for my enjoyment. ?This may be either a boy or temporary slave, and are allowed broader negotiation concerning preference and limits.

With both submissives and slaves it is understood that a power exchange is given for mutual benefit, but that I am freely given complete control.

I call my slaves/submissives by their last name in the manner of? "mr ._______" or "slave _______". I may also choose to call a slave by diminutive or objectifying terms. However, if a submissive is in the role of a boy, they may choose to be named in the manner of a young boy, such as "jimmy", "billy", "johnny", etc. ?My partner will address all of them by their first name.

A slave/submissive calls me by "Sir", "Master" or "My Lord", while in the home. A slave will address me as "Sir" in public or by my first name. ?A boy may call me either "Sir" or "Daddy". ?A slave will call my partner by "Sir" or his first name, while in the home; and by his first name, while in public.

Even with my flaws and imperfections, I expect my slaves and submissives to view me as god and worship me accordingly. ?Daily prayers/meditations to me or for me are expected. ?Additional rituals may also be called for.

I will not fight a slave or submissive?for obedience. ?If he does not comply, then he is punished or simply asked to leave and is dismissed from service.
I don't allow substance abuse. If a submissive or slave is known to actively be using drugs, he will be removed from the house.? Moderate alcohol is permitted. ?Poppers and marijuana can be discussed. ?However, I won't allow recreational marijuana on the premises of my home and any use must take place elsewhere.? I prefer non-smoking, but will allow smoking outside of the house or in occasional cigar play.

I require directness and honesty. ?If I am pushing too hard, I expect the slave or submissive to say so. ?This does not mean that I'll stop, but I will take their request into consideration or seek to find other alternative ways to stretch the normal limits of the submissive or slave.

Each slave and submissive is groomed depending on their individual circumstances and their relationship to me. ?I do not have the same expectations for a part time submissive as I have for a full time slave; nor do I share the same expectations for submissives who are already in long term relationships that I have for a slave who is to be owned full time. ?Every relationship is examined individually and expectations could change as the relationship evolves.

If the slave yields to permanent ownership and commitment is clear, then he will be marked by branding. ?I do not make such commitments lightly. ?My expectation is that an owned slave is to be in a lifetime commitment to my service and that of my partner.

My limits (which I have no interest in pushing beyond) are:? animals, children and severe (non-consensual) bodily injury.
Above all, I will protect my household. Any slave or submissive which disrupts the physical, emotional or financial security of the house will be required to leave.

*Note: I require a commitment from submissives and slaves. ?Don't bother to contact me if you're only in it to fuck. ?You will be expected to serve me and not your own needs.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 9"

 245 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

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Journal Entries:
1/6/2017 9:36:12 AM
 Not sure that I entirely agree with the results, but they are fairly close.

== Results from ==
94% Dominant
93% Non-monogamist
92% Master/Mistress
89% Sadist
85% Owner
85% Exhibitionist
80% Experimentalist
79% Rigger
68% Primal (Hunter)
63% Daddy/Mommy
48% Degrader
39% Brat tamer
35% Vanilla
26% Ageplayer
10% Switch
5% Masochist
3% Brat
3% Primal (Prey)
3% Submissive
2% Girl/Boy
1% Pet
1% Rope bunny
1% Slave
0% Degradee

8/18/2016 10:40:36 AM
Slaves under consideration must agree to real time trial periods. This can be a series of weekends or longer periods of three weeks or less. They will not be allowed to stay longer unless they have been awarded a temporary full time position.

Slaves who have shown themselves to be compatible to me, my partner, and my other submissives and slaves will be granted a temporary full time position until which time they become permanent.

During this period, they will agree to sign an eviction notice at the beginning of each month, thus voiding any long term tenant rights, until it is clear that they show long term compatibility with the household.

It is unfortunate that such an agreement should have to be made, but this stems from a difficult experience in removing someone who was incompatible with the house.

8/1/2016 7:50:21 AM
The big issues are:

A) My partner comes first and my established subs and slaves come next. I have little tolerance of someone coming in and trying to undermine those relationships.

B) I don't like subs trying to top from the bottom. It doesn't matter whether in or out of the bedroom, if a boi/sub/slave wants to argue about what's best for me or my life, they will not be well received.

C) Absolutely no hard drugs or alcohol abuse! I've had to deal with enough of this BS and have found that if I attempt to be supportive then I get screwed. If you're an addict who wants support, then go get treatment.

Most things are negotiable, but these are not.

7/5/2014 4:25:27 PM
I just love sitting here checking profiles, while MY good slave monzon (boimonzon here) sucks my cock.  It is a truly wonderful slave of great value to ME.

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