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Hetero Female Switch,  Washington
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Greetings! Please do us both a favor and read this profile fully before sending me a message. You'd be wise to read my journal entries as well... carry on. I'm Te. Yes I have a name, but my friends all call me Te. I am a single, kind and engaging woman. I work more than full time and have social as well as family obligations. If you met me on the street, you'd never know the delightful things I enjoy doing in private. I am a switch -- I have learned, especially recently that what I want, what I desire is simply undecided until I look into your eyes. I am a service masochist when I want to be and a sadist when I want to be. It's impossible to predict and sweet to discover. You should be single and unattached. You should be patient as we navigate our busy lives and willing to invest time in creating a safe space. I'm looking for men or women for short term and long term relationships, depending upon our desires and alignment. I am not seeking, nor do I desire a long distance or online relationship at this time. If you're traveling in the area and would like to meet up, I'm happy to have coffee with you. If you are more than 100 miles from me, I want to know if you're willing to travel and how often. I am not interested in people looking to relocate for a relationship, I don't have the capacity or desire at this time for ANY reason. I will NOT meet married or attached people. It's not a judgement, simply not my thing. I find it bad ju ju and don't want to go there karmic-ally. Be honest, have integrity and we'll do just fine. If you'd like a response from me, send me an email with a deion of you, your desires, what your ideal is and a photo, if there isn't one on your profile. Current Wishlist:
*service submissive with touch of masochism; no age or gender restriction; must be open sexually and willing to be public.
*hiking companion who is available weekend daytime; I'm currently doing 3-8 mile EASY hikes. I'm slow and stop (literally) to smell the flowers often. I always bring my dog.
*male lover (this really is as easy as it sounds) disease free and willing to prove it. Condoms required. If you're married or attached, I'm not the girl for you.
*Foot fetishist - any age/gender that has a serious foot fetish. Weeknights for good conversation, glass of wine and my feet.
^^^this is a good start, I'd say. Yes. Love and Light.... Te









 Female Switch


 5' 0"





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Switch Men

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Journal Entries:
3/21/2013 7:02:47 PM

Thank You Washington.....

I've been here six months.  I'm learning a lot about myself, my dreams and my desires.   I know what I want. 

Life is good.

Love and Light....Te

1/18/2013 9:02:00 PM

While I'm Wishing....

I want it all. 

I want a man who can be a man,

yet...bend over my knee.

I want a man who can watch me.

Know my desires.

yet... take what he wants.

I want a man who can be

a woman, yet not loose himself.

I want a man who can be...

my best friend

my lover

my slave

my champion

my daddy

my protector

my love.

Hmmmm.. maybe I'll get a cat...


12/2/2012 12:40:15 PM

It's easy to get jaded here on CollarMe.  It's easy to get frustrated with the spammers, fakes and people who try to force their desires onto you.  That level of desperation is sad and I take pity on those people.  But.  They're not me.  I have hope -- I know that if I'm open and not let the need to wade through the frogs get me down or make me bitter,  I'll find a darling prince or princess that fits perfectly.  

Perhaps I'm posting this because I've kissed too many frogs lately.  

Love and Light,


11/4/2012 9:48:51 AM

Good Morning People of The Collar Me Pages! 

Since updating my profile location and picture, I've had quite a bit of email.  I really enjoy getting to know people and have loved the interaction and fun!  And if you're looking for idle chat or discussion, then you've got it.  However, if you want to get from point A (someone sitting behind a computer) to point B (someone kneeling in front of me, tied to my bed... well you get the picture) you're going to have to read my profile and respond accordingly.   

Look at my page people.. I've been here a while.  I have friends who can vouch for me that have known me for years, live and in person.  If you are not at a place in your life that you can step out of your fear and send a nice introductory letter and photo, then you don't have the strength and capacity to be my boy or girl.  It is about willingness to please, willingness to follow through with direction.  Don't ask me to change my requirements.  If you need a reference, that I can do, but otherwise?  Move on.   

Get what you want.  Get what you need.  That is what this site is about.




11/3/2012 12:33:58 AM

Finally settled and feeling restless.  I find myself needing and craving a cute ass to spank and watch get off.  Yummy.

2/20/2012 9:06:08 PM

I adore watching... the visual and auditory stimulation tickles every party of my body sending shock waves of excitement from my head to my toes.  I find as the excitement builds  I lean in, straining a bit to feel more of what she/he/they feel.  Always a little sigh and sweet smile for those that tantalize...  maybe more.  maybe.

1/18/2012 9:36:32 PM

Watched an amazing video today.... it was a darling man tied to a ladder.  A woman entered and gave him a hand job then continued to stimulate after orgasm.  Who wants to try it?

11/25/2011 9:17:10 AM

I am feeling very much the little girl today.  I need to be held, to be pet and pampered, to be tied down, beaten and brought back to good.  I need release, physical pushing of my bodies boundaries and then, tenderly brought to orgasm.... <sigh>

9/19/2011 10:42:26 PM

Personal growth is always a bit painful.  Not the good kind of pain, either.  However when the sun shines again it's stellar.  Has anyone seen my sun?

2/21/2011 8:37:11 PM

Isn't life grand?  Throws at you some of the most twisted and lovely of things.  Spring is almost here and I crave the desert... naked by moonlight - is there any other way to be?

8/8/2010 9:52:02 AM
Here's a tip:  to get from point A to point B you need to dance.  Subtle, gentle touches provoke the most delightful responses in most people.  Does that make you less of a Dom?  Not in any way.  In fact, it makes you ohhhh so much more.  Those that demand, demean and are cruel without permission are NOT anything other than abusers.

This is not a safe place to allow someone to approach you in any other way.  Stay safe. 

Just some thoughts. 


8/7/2010 9:53:59 AM
Everyone has a story and I love to hear them.  So fascinating where people have been and where they are going.  The very best stories are the ones of transformation, growth and acceptance of who they are. 

Tell me yours!


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