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The misanthrope, as an essentially solitaryman, is not a man at all he must be a beast or a god. Aristotle There is nothing that empowers us more emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically than the confidence to express ourselves sexually without any fear of judgement or rejection. snorkle 519 Im a Deviant Old Man. However, Im anything except your stereo-typicalperverted wrinkled old grandpa sitting, with hand in pants, drooling while watching as the frilly panties run. Im rough, forceful and kinky, from mild all the way to wild, with a voraciously obsessive sexual appetite, accompanied by a uniquely perceptive interpretation of human sexual behavior with the stamina, endurance and power of the boys much, much younger. Im cognizant of who and what I am, and more self-aware than most. I know what I want but, just as importantly, I know what to do with once I have it ... otherwise, what purpose is there in just the desire. Im tolerant and patient, yet wise and forceful enough to know how to get My point across. I am the epitome of order from chaos and making the most of the least. And, just because Im in small town Washington, that doesnt mean Im a backwards backwoods trumpster. Believe me, Im the furthest thing from that. But, Im even more ,,, much, much more. Im a BEAST with an intellect. Im transparent in my ob jective. I have no hidden agenda nor will I disguise myself with pretense. But, initially, my expression of self confidence is often misinterpreted as arrogance, though it only takes a little while to discover that I dont take myself serious enough to be arrogant. If, after discovering we have common interests and a mutual pursuit, I will move forward to a face to face meeting as quickly as everyone is com4table with, so that we can see each other past our two dimensional profiles. Though Im not opposed to any age, as long as there is desire, my search is typically for a 40 year old, or older, female wanting to explore and develop her full sexual potential, mentally as well as physically. She should be open, receptive and willing to cast aside all of her sexual enculturation and embrace the values of trust and respect that are the cornerstone of my philosophy. And, although Im not a traditional Daddy Dom, I wont dote on you, shower you with precious gifts, fill my desk top with cute photos of you or baby talk with you while youre swaddled, you can expect the guidance and nurturing commonly associated with someone older, wiser, more mature and responsible, regardless of your age. But, if youre seeking a Daddy to lavish you with temporarily amusing trinkets and shiney bobbles that make you feel like a baby princess, you will discover immediately that my expectations of you will be much greater than this. If you have a kidnap or sex captive fantasy, we should talk ,,, but not too much. I have the experience and facility to fulfill your dream. The less you know about me, other than what youve read here, and the more I know about you, the more realistic the experience will be for you, understanding that theres never a reason not to be safe and sane. I dont need a maid, cook or someone to do my laundry. I was taught at an early age to pick up after myself. I had learned, and had practice for several years before leaving my parents house, the essentials of taking care of myself ,,, working, washing, cleaning, shopping and cooking ... I even know how to dress myself. If youre willing to clean my house and wash my clothes for me, then you should also be willing to work at a motel as a maid for me, and Ill be the big boy I was raised to be and clean-up after myself. So, if you’re here seriously wanting a relationship based in BDSM, I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss the possibility of us having a mutual pursuit.

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3/13/2023 11:15:11 PM

I accept that transgender is a identification. But unless you've menstruated you're not female.

8/17/2011 7:27:06 AM

THERE IS A DIRECT CORRELATION TO; THE LONGER THINGS HAPPEN IN CYBERSPACE, THE MORE LIKELY THAT THERE WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING IN REAL TIME. IF MEETING FACE-TO-FACE ISN'T ARRANGED IN SEVEN TO TEN eMAILS, AFTER THE 6th eMAIL THE CHANCES OF MEETING DROP TO LESS THAN .01% (1:10,000) AND EXPONENTIALLY GROW SMALLER THE LONGER THE PROFILE HAS BEEN ON THIS SITE (i.e. - seven emails to someone who has been a member for over a year, the chances of them not being a voyeur, poseur or wanna bee, and meeting face-to-face 1:1,000,000 - seven emails and two years as member 1:1,000,000,000).

If in My initial contact with others, I'm always being honest and true to Myself, how is it possible for Me to be unique with each individual. (rhetorical)

you want to be fucked. you need to be used.
you want to be used. you need to be nasty.
you want to be nasty. you need to be a slut.
you want to be a slut. you need to be fucked.
Beg me for what you want, and I will give you all of your needs.

Being a human Male heterosexual, I'm sexually attracted to females of all skin tones and hair colors, and most ages and shapes, but I find that those who appeal to me are no longer interested in a "vanilla" sex life. Despite My fetish for very young very petite females, one of many, I have a preference for middle-aged, full-figured, voluptuously curvaceous redheaded women (typically size 8-12 ages 32-55). My ideal female would be forever 32-55 years old, 5"0" tall and 125 lbs. with the measurements 36DD-28-40. But hey, everyone's entitled to imagine their own version of perfection. However, females that are as big around as they are tall, or their waist measurement is greater than their hip measurement and is more than half their height (typically size 18+), in My opinion, should not be allowed to use the terms "lil", "angel", "pixie", "baby", "kitten" or "girl" in their profile names . However, it seems that nearly every profile with one of these prefixes or suffixes is typically just that, as big around as they are tall. But, that is, just My opinion. I'm dreadfully awaiting the unfortunate profile "lilanglpxybbktngrl". she's hypothetically 5'9" 299 lbs.(yah, like that's a lot different than 300), while the name elicits the image of 4'9" and 75 lbs.
However, I am mature enough to not be judgmental of other's, wrongly assuming them superficial or immature, because they base their initial attraction on physical appearance. Since, unless we were sightless, the human eye is designed to seek symmetry and our brain perceives that as attractive. Being the only one behind our own eyes, we all have our preferences. I also recognize that I am perceived by some to be not as symmetrical as others, and am neither offended nor insulted by their perspective. That being said, I too have My preferences as stated above, and hopefully will neither offend nor insult. 

Newest recent phenomenon. There seems to be an increasingly larger and larger number of new submissive/slave female profiles that have the "White Picket Fence" fantasy disguised as their desire for the alternative sexual lifestyle. These are the profiles that start off with something like, "I want a Dominant to romance me and sweep me off my feet, so that I can become his loving wife." However, this would also include all of those profiles that essentially top from the bottom by listing their demands and expectations within their imagined relationship. Some profiles even list criteria to just be qualify worthy enough to contact them, as though the Dominant must meet their demands first. I guess we have the popularization of BDSM in mass media to thank for that. If you seek Princess Charming, he's only available in those romance novels, because those type of men are already happily married ever after. If your submission is a gift, give it, don't think that any true Dominant is going to beg for it or jump through hoops to get.
I note another phenomenon. Though not as often true, it seems that most females under 30 list themselves as bisexual. While most females over 40 list themselves as straight. And, it appears that far too many bisexual females are opposed to poly relationships. Isn't this somewhat of a contradiction?

Also, I have observed, over a great period of time, an incredible number of same 75 or so very attractive and willing (at least their profile says they're willing), female sub/slave profiles online nearly every day who have never seemed to find who they are on collarme looking for, even after 3 or more years of searching, despite the even more incredible number of Male Dom profiles. Would any of them care to explain why? Personally, I doubt it. I have concluded, with no evidence to suggest otherwise, that they are wanna-be voyeurs. Fuck the fuck'n fuckers!

Now I note that it seems almost every profile with the prefixes "...truth...", "...honest..." , "...loyal..."or "...real..." eventual exposes them self as a scammer. And, though My introductory e-mails are usually deleted unread by these profile posters, I later see that their profiles have been remove within a day or two. Fortunately I have an identic memory and always report profiles with the same picture(s) or same text after they reappear the third time, especially those that give out email address and cell phone number in their profile or want to immediately go offline to chat.

5/17/2011 7:03:15 AM

What a shame so many woman worldwide have been brainwashed by the American culture to believe that they have something magical between their legs which they can trade for goods, services and or money, or even worse, that they can use it to manipulate others. That perspective deprives all of us, including women, of their genuine pleasures. However, the greater shame is that even more men believe it to be true and have yet to recognize that the male orgasm is the same whether it is from masturbation or sexual intercourse that gets them off. All of this would change for the better if men realized that men want sex, but women need sex (when they want it) and, when women understand that what women have that is truly magical is between their ears not their legs. I don't hold out hope though, especially for men.
This alternative sexual behavior, broadly expressed as BDSM, cannot be learned by; reading about it in a book or on the internet, talking with people who are actively involved or knowledgeable nor by watching movies or porn clips devoted to the genre. While certainly providing an introduction, because of the extreme variation in interpretation, the potential for disappointment and disillusionment grow exponentially the longer reading, talking and watching are all that is pursued.


Trust and respect cannot be virtually earned or given. Therefore, trust and respect cannot be part of the virtual world. Trust and respect are earned only when we experience for ourselves, that another's words are supported by their actions.

While I understand that the term “1950’s Lifestyle” has been repackage by the Christian Right, Republicans, advertising/marketing and the television media, to usually be interpreted now as “Happy Days”, man as the bread winner, woman as the home maker and everyone lives everly after happer, there couldn’t be a more contradictory reality. I’ve noted the nostalgic obsession, now being glamorized by pop culture, political conservatives, and the religious right, with the “1950s Lifestyle” amongst women who, for the most part, have never experienced that life, lifestyle, or were even raised by a 1950’s mother. Unfortunately for women mostly, and our society as a whole, our culture collectively practices a disingenuous selective memory, especially when it comes to that era. As a historian (MA in History), these are the multitude of common facts routinely overlooked when speaking of the 1950’s;

Only 23% of married women were "housewives". Working women (more than eight out of ten females) typically, for the same job and experience level, received less than 3/4ths of the wages men earned, and then were still required to do "women's" work at home. Women were profiled into limited employment positions such as waitress, maid, secretary, clerks or school teacher at best, and even then, all of the administration positions were filled by men. While the divorce rate was its lowest during this decade of the 20th century, mostly because there weren't many grounds for divorce granted to women and the social stigma of being a divorcee was a "Scarlet Letter" of the worst kind, 63% of married women were violently (not for pleasure) abused by their husband on a near daily bases either physically, verbally or both. Suicide rates for women where the highest for any group during that era, the highest for women ever and p r e s c r i p t i o n drug addiction was rampant in suburbia among "housewives". PMS was grounds for divorce ... for men, a female orgasm was cause for commitment to a mental health care facility ... for women, and 72% of married men, that includes a lot of "good Christian" men, “cheated" on their wives regularly. As well, let us not forget, that than one out of four girls, and one out of six children overall, were molested, raped or abused before their 13th birthday ... usually by dad, step-dad, grandpa, uncle somebody or the priest/minister/preacher. The average age of a woman giving birth for the first time was 19 years 7 months and, because there was no birth control and courts ruled that a man had conjugal rights, she would have given birth to an average of five children and had one or two miscarriages before she was 30 years old. And, they were EXPECTED to do all of this without daycare or pre-school. The typical suburban 1950s home was a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 car garage (with just one car) no dishwasher or AC, around 900 sq. ft. and sat on a 1/5th of an acre lot. And, the average household income was less than $3,500 (adjusted for inflation today that's $27,500). It would do these women well to read The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan.

4/1/2011 7:09:53 AM

I have observed, that typically, when a female, here on collarme, indicates that she is a slave, what she really means is that she willing submit to almost any sexual use in exchange for her domestic services. Is not slavery the institution where one person profits of the blood, sweat and tears of others? Oh yeah...that's capitalism. Then slavery must be where one person controls other's personal and private lives for their own benefit and gain? No... that too is capitalism. Webster's defines slavery as "the concept of owning people as property", and slave as "a person owned as property, subject to the will of his or her owner". It would seem to Me that if anyone wanted to enter into slavery as a slave that they would not dictate nor have expectations of their own will. For those of the internet generation Wikipedia defines slavery  as "a system under which people are treated as property and are forced to work", and that a slave "can be held against their will...and can be denied the right to leave, refuse to work, or to demand compensation". Here at collarme, way too many who claim to be a slave are the antithesis of these definitions.

If a sub/slave is willing to serve domestically, shouldn't she also be willing to work as a maid for her Dom/Master?

Here are a few of My favorite female submissive/slave profiles. Of course, I have condensed and paraphrased for a clearer understanding:
*Seriously seeking male dom/master. Though I'm willing to go home with a guy I just met at a bar/club within a few hours after meeting him, I want to take months/years to virtually get to know the real you, and for you to know the virtual me.
*Female submissive voyeur wanting to spend late nights talking the talk but, I am not ever interested in walking the walk. I'll never tell you that though...
*I am a slave and am willing to do anything without limits. However, if you want to own me these are my conditions....
*Female submissive seeking attractive financially successful male who will provide me with everything in exchange for the occasional kinky sex...
*18 year old female submissive seeking an experienced Dom who is also as young as I am or maybe like 21. Old people are icky and gross...
*Female slave interested in online play only. I have no cam, will send no pics and do not want contact in any way except online...

There are three basic types of female sub/slave profiles here. The first (95%) is the obvious scammer who posts five to ten, or more, profiles a week with hope to rope in a desperate sucker willing to part with some of their cash. Unfortunately, it must be an affective scam for some, because they spend a lot of time replacing profiles. Next (4.9%) is the talker. Their interest is in just talking about their fantasy.These profiles are presented in a wide variety of ways, from the, "I'm experienced and trained", to the open admission that all they're interested in is in talking. Included in this group are the players, the ones just acting it out, and the male poseurs, pretending to be female so the can gather information from a Dom/Master by requesting specific details of what will be done with them, so they too one day can be dominant ... a virtual dom/master. Lastly are those (.1%) who genuinely are wanting to be or are already a part of this lifestyle.

2/8/2011 8:25:56 AM

Sexually, I have observed five different types of female behavior: 
     Slut - willingly, wantonly and shamelessly submits to her need to be sexual.
Prostitute - negotiates upfront a sexual service(s) for money.
     Tease - pretends to be sexual, especially when she has an escape plan in place,
     but physically denies her need to be sexual, rationalizing that her behavior
     is moral.
     Prude - uses subjective morality to judge other's sexual needs and behaviors
     while secretly fantasizing being one of those she judges, but denying her own
     sexual gratification.
     Whore - collects services, goods and or money upfront for the promise of sex,
     with stipulations and conditions, in the future.
I know all these terms have been used by one or another as a references of affection, admiration, purposefully demeaning or degrading. However, of the five behaviors the only two I have respect for are Sluts and Prostitutes. Furthermore, a more common name for a Whore would be the stereotypical 1950's "housewife". But again, I do acknowledge that others use these terms differently.

Statistics and facts to consider when evaluating the term "relationship":
* The purpose of ALL life is to stay alive long enough to reproduce.
* Human reproduction is a sexual process.
* Humans are driven, both physically and mentally, to engage in sex.
* The male's peak sex drive years are between 16-26.
* The typical male will be almost 20 when he loses his virginity.
* 10% of males will lose their sex drive by 32.
* 25% of males will lose their sex drive by 40.
* 50% of males will lose their sex drive by 50.
* 5% of males will still have a sex drive by 65.
* The typical male has 4-6 significant sexual relationships by 45.
* The female's peek sex drives years are between 32-45.
* The typical female will be a little older than 18 when she loses her virginity.
* 63% of females will have given birth to at least one child by 30.
* 92% of females will have given birth to at least one child by 40.
* 15% of females will lose their sex drive before menopause.
* 15% of females will still have a sex drive after menopause.
* 99.5% of women are capable of having a natural sex drive all their life.
* The typical female has 6-9 significant sexual relationships by 60.
* The largest selling genre of literature is romance novels.
* 95% of females admit to having a non-violent rape type fantasy.
* Typically, no one wants a sexless marriage.
* 68% of married men have extra-marital sexual affairs.
* 63% of married women have extra-marital sexual affairs.
* 51% of all marriages end in divorce.
* 65% of marriages with children end in divorce.
* 95% of divorces, not stating irreconcilable differences, site infidelity as the cause.
* "Broken homes" are more typical than not.
* Most children are raised by at least one step-parent.
Is it any wonder that the nuclear child bearing monogamous vanilla relationship is fading from the cultural landscape

1/17/2011 7:06:49 PM

"The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all, to corrupt its citizens ... Henceforth, I shall never serve any government anywhere." Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

Have you ever heard an answer, that is supported by facts, to the following questions?

If World Trade Center Building #1 and World Trade Center Building #2 collapsed (into its own footprint) because of the fire caused from "jet fuel" (typically kerosene or diesel mixed with paraffin wax), weakening the steel frame (from the 80 something floor all the way to the tenth floor basement after only one hour of burning), what caused World Trade Center Building #7 to collapse (into its own footprint), and if it was from fire too (but not "jet fuel"), why did it take eight hours and why didn't World Trade Center Buildings #3, #4, #5 and #6 collapse, even after having World Trade Center Buildings #1 & #2 fall on them ... supposedly still on fire from "jet fuel"? 

The fact, that no public official has ever answered these questions, with supporting scientific evidence, is proof that the American people collectively, are either the most gullible people to walk the face of the Earth, or the stupidest ... possibly both.

Why were there no "black boxes" found at any of the crash sites?
Why were there no significant airplane fuselage, wing or engine parts found at any of the crash sites?
Why were there no bodies, body parts and no cargo found at any of the crash sites?
Why won't the government release the whole surveillance film of the impact at the Pentagon?
Why did the only three steel framed buildings ever to collapse from fire, all collapse on the same day at the same place?
Why was there molten steel in the basements of World Trade Center Buildings #1 & #2 after the collapse?
Why was there no CSI/forensics performed on the crime scenes?

* Here are some unusual, and not too widely known facts and statistics about the American prison system.
- Each state decides the penalty phase of prosecution, except for federal crimes.
- Federal crimes have mandated sentences not subject to state penalties.
- Violent crimes do not have mandated sentences.
- The US has more people in prison than either Russia or China, yet one-half and one-quarter their respective populations.
- The US has more prisoners than all of its "allies" combined.
- In 1975 76% of prisoners were considered violent crime prisoners.
- In 2008 32% of prisoners were considered violent crime prisoners.
- In 1975 100% of prisons were run by the states or the federal government.
- In 2008 64% of the prisons were privately operated by corporations (former Vice-President Chaney was the CEO of a prison-for-profit corporation and is still a major stock holder).
- In 1975 the prison population was about 985,000 (.4% of the 1975 population).
- In 2008 the prison population was 2,875,000 (.9% of the 2008 population).
- In 1975 the false conviction rate was at about 2%.
- In 2008 the false conviction rate was at about 12%.
- In 2008 dollars a 1975 prisoners cost about $19,000/year/prisoner to keep locked up.
- In 2008 dollars a violent prisoner cost $54,000/year/prisoner to keep locked up.
- In 2008 dollars a non-violent prisoner cost $28,000/year/prisoner to keep locked up.
- There have been no significant state prison construction projects in the US since 1975.
- Federal Law mandates maximum prison population at a maximum of 200% of capacity.
- Federal law mandates that when a prison population exceeds its maximum, those without mandated sentences are released first, regardless of their crime.
- In 2008 dollars local, state and federal law enforcement budgets have increased more than 1,200% since 1975.
- All local and state law enforcement agencies are trained and armed by the US military.
- And, as they system has removed the "hard labor" from prisons, the violence in prisons has risen dramatically (the second largest factor in the increased cost to keep violent prisoners ... corporate profit being number one).

Here's another one. Because all private property in the US is taxed, except that owned by the churches, you can never really own your land or get out of capitalism's self-feeding loop. Whichever entity collects the taxes on your private property, be it city, county or state, that taxing is essentially the owner, you just have an exclusive lease. But, if you fail to pay the tax/lease the taxing entity repossesses the property and then sells it for the back taxes and taxing entity fees. The tax is usually used to pay for public schools. Here in Texas, the school districts submit their next year's budgets to the taxing entities, and then the taxing entity decides how much they have to raise in taxes and accesses the property accordingly to the projected need. Thomas Jefferson rolls in his grave.

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