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Hetero Male Master, 64,  ToSeeToDo , Arizona
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Daddi is back and he is looking for toys to play with...

Where have all the betas gone? They work so hard to become what they truly desire to be then vanish from site...

You desire submission, in all it's forms. Let's talk. Establishing trust begins with a hello.












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 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 245 lbs






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Journal Entries:
3/25/2018 4:05:15 AM
I like this enough to steal this from kimberly12601, thank you babe ...

Daily Mantra


I need to be Pretty

I need to be Sexy

I need to wear the highest heels

I need to wear the shortest skirts

I need to wear the sexiest lingerie

I need to be obedient

I need to be enslaved

I need Men & Woman to want me

I need to have a real Man/Woman, Master/Mistress

I need to be addicted to cock & pussy

I need to be a sissy slut

I need to be a girl

3/25/2018 3:58:07 AM
Saw this in another profile and stole it ...  This is something that sissies  will strive to submit to.

Basic training


1. Sexual services. Obedience and focus on cock and pussy. 

2. cunt and anal training. Learn to squeeze a cock. Expansion of holes. 

3. Deep throat training with dildo

4. Be used by other people one on one. Closed sessions

5. To learn to drink cum and urine

6. Masturbation in front of others. fingers, toys

7. Orgasm control. Orgasm denial.

8. Sensuality training. Learn how to move and behave sensually. Positions and stands. Presentation. 

9. Oral Servitude ( cock and cunt). Also use of ring gag or mouth spreader, learning pleasing with just lips, just lips and tongue and deep throat

10. Endurance. To be able to be used for several hours. Not to cum. 

11. Restrictive training. No talk or sound, no matter what is done to the slave. Always eye contact or no eye contact.


Advanced Training


1. Made to use bigger dildos

2. Rough sex training. To be used hard and brutal with a lot of spanking and beating on breast and cunt. (Only for pain sluts)

3. Used in open sessions with multiple partners. 

4. Sensitivity training. Breast and cunt torture. (Only for pain sluts)

5. Be used in public places. Used in discreet but still public places. 

6. Learn to please a stranger.

7. Cock attendant. Wash, suck and care for cock. Focus on pleasing all cocks. Hold cock while owner is peeing, sleep with cock in mouth or in ass. 

9. Orgasm without touch

10. Initiative training. The slave is trained to take initiative for sex and being used. Rewarded every time she get someone to cum from her actions. Punished when she is out of line or fails in her efforts. 



  1. To be able to be used by any man or woman. Regardless of size or force. A three hole slave.


  2. To have the right focus and to eagerly perform her duty without hesitations or dou


 3. Become a fuck doll in look and use. To transform appearance with cloths and attitude. If possible to have body modifications; breast and lips, bleach anus and smaller lab


 4. To be able to use the body in every way to induce pleasure.






To be an eager sex slave with no inhibitions

3/23/2018 2:29:58 AM
Time for something different. 

Some will relate to this, others will find it useful. 

To all sissies, these are good rules to live by.  Learn them, live them and you will find you have a much more enjoyable and useful life.  

I don't know the original author.



A SISSY HAS NO PUBES Pubic hair is a sign of masculinity; thus, a sissy must have hairless genitalia at all times to show her subservience to real men. Hair should preferably be removed through waxing, threading or tweezing as standard shaving techniques leave an unacceptable amount of stubble on the slut. At the first opportunity a sissy should subject herself to a full Brazilian utilizing laser hair removal or  electrolysis.It is best if all hair is removed from the eyebrows down.  Makes life more easier when there is no grass on the playground.

A SISSY WEARS PANTIES A sissy must wear panties all of the time to remind herself of her place in the world. Unless her owner is rewarding her with a special pair of panties, a sissy must purchase her own panties and make it plain to everyone witnessing the purchase that the garment is for her own use. The humiliation the sissy feels in being exposed in this way to complete strangers helps reinforce to the sissy that shame and ridicule are her new ways of life. It is strongly suggested that panites be of a very good quality as few dominants like a cheap sissy.  They may turn their sissy into a cheap slut but they will always have class.

A SISSY SUCKS COCKS Most sissies are not actually gay, but this does not matter. Sucking cock is not for the pleasure of the sissy, it is for the enjoyment of her owner and guests. The humiliation a sissy experiences by being reduced to a cock-sucking whore is priceless, and certainly helps the bitch learn her new place in life. Sissies are expected to suck cock enthusiastically, and like a pro; this means proper guidance, training and a lot of practice. One technique is to only allow a sissy to cum with a dick in her mouth. Eventually, just the sight of a hard cock will get her excited. Brainwashing tapes and videos are also recommended.

A SISSY TAKES IT UP THE ASS The sissy must surrender her ass, accepting the fact that she is just a vessel for the pleasure of others. Every ounce of what was once a man can be fucked out of her silly head if done properly. Both strap-on training and sex with real men will do the trick. For most sissies (especially those who identified themselves as heterosexual) this is the most humiliating stage of training and mentally conditions her to accept her fate as fuck meat to be used and abused.

A SISSY IS KEPT IN CHASTITY A sissy should be put into chastity, her orgasm denied and controlled by her owners. The sissy does not have a penis, she has a sissy clit. Some clits are bigger than others, but they are sissy sticks for the owners to control and train their property. Chastity training makes a sissy very submissive and compliant. Eventually they are willing to do anything in hopes of getting release. Some owners may reward their sissy with a periodic milking (perhaps as often as weekly), while others deny the sissy any orgasm for the rest of her term of service. In extreme cases a sissy may not be allowed to ever have an orgasm for the rest of her life. In addition to chastity devices, genital piercings are also quite popular to control and humiliate a sissy.

A SISSY RIDES A PLUG A butt plug is like a collar around the neck, or a chastity device around a sissy clit. When a sissy’s hole is not being used, it should be plugged. This is another reminder that the sissy has no rights and is property. Plugs may also vibrate or shock for training purpose; some plugs even have an attachment for a leash. Eventually a sissy will feel awkward without something shoved up her ass, re-enforcing her conditioning as a submissive bitch to be used by others.

A SISSY SITS TO PEE A sissy must only sit down when using the bathroom facilities, even when just peeing. Only men stand while taking a pee, and sissies should know better. This rule applies any time the sissy must use the bathroom, regardless of Sissies should wait for a bathroom stall to open even when an empty urinal presents itself.

2/24/2018 1:53:20 AM
Dad's reluctance is Son's favor

It's been about fifteen minutes since I heard the car pull into the driveway. He waited out in the car for a minute, and then I heard the car door open and then close. Then came the faint footsteps along the path in front of the house and up the steps.

He's trying to be quiet, probably for two reasons. One is that he's a considerate man by nature, and since it's late he doesn't want to disturb anyone in the neighborhood. I suspect the second reason is that maybe he's hoping I'm asleep, but there's no way that would happen.

I've been waiting for him, and it's only a little past ten. I would have been awake if he stayed out until 3. He's worth waiting for. I don't know where he goes all evening or what he does. He might have a drink or two at a bar, but he's not much of a drinker. Maybe he just drives around thinking. Maybe we're both thinking the same thing.

It wasn't always like this. Before a couple of weeks ago we were just a couple of guys sharing a home that used to house four. That was then, when my older sister still lived here and Mom was still alive. Now there's just two, a hard working man who just turned fifty and a nerdy college student closer to 19 than 18. The man is my father, and I am his son. We love each other very much, but in different ways now.

It happened, and out of the blue. He's been apologizing for it ever since, but I keep telling him that there's no apology necessary. I was scared that first night while it was happening, and I cried a little, but more because I was confused and had been roused out of a sound sleep.

That time it was Dad coming into my room. It was the only time. Ever since then I've been the one coming to visit him, and tonight will be no different. Just like the last dozen nights he will protest at first, but I think that's more from guilt than anything else. If he didn't want me to come in, there's a lock on the door. It's never been used.

The house is deathly quiet, with only the ticking of the grandfather clock down at the end of the hall breaking the silence. I'm as quiet as a cat. I step lightly because I'm barefoot. I'm also naked. Clothes would only get in the way once I get there. Hopeful Dad will be naked one of these nights too. I've suggested it, but every night he's had his boxer shorts on.

I'm standing at the door and reaching for the knob, turning it ever-so-slowly. What would I do if it was locked? I honestly don't know, and can only hope the knob will turn. It does. I open the door slowly, and my shadow appears on the wall next to the bed. I close the door behind me - it opens and closes silently now since I oiled the hinges - and I stand inside my parents bedroom while my eyes adjust to the near-darkness.

I can see Dad's shape under the sheet, his massive frame taking up most of the mattress. Lucky Mom was a tiny woman, because even in the massive king-size bed there isn't much room when there's a guy that's about 6'5" and over 250 pounds in it. 

Dad was a football player, and a good one in his day. He was a all-conference offensive tackle in college and got invited to an NFL training camp at a free agent. Made the taxi squad one year and was hoping to make the team the following year but he blew out his knee. After that he decided to get a steady job and raise a family with his new bride. 

I tiptoe over to the side of the bed, watching the sheet rise and fall along with Dad's breathing. He's not exactly pretending he's asleep, but when I whisper, "Dad?" he doesn't answer. I reach for the sheet and gently lift it up and down to his thighs but hesitate before climbing into the bed.

What an incredible looking man, I think to myself, and even in the murky light I can see him well enough that my dick is getting hard already. He's got the boxer shorts on, like I suspected, but he's naked to the waist.

Dad might have put a few pounds on since college, but he's still in great shape, probably because while he owns his own construction company he works along with his employees a lot of the time. Those massive shoulders are the result of hard work, and looking at this giant of a man I remember growing up wanting to be just like Dad.

That didn't happen, obviously, and while I'm not as little as Mom was, at 5'7" and 135 pounds I clearly ended up more like her. This allows me to slip into bed alongside Dad easily, and I leave the sheet down as I roll onto my side to face Dad, close enough so I can feel the heat from his body.

"Dad?" I whisper as my hand moves up to his chest, and as my fingers sink into the silver and black mat of fur I hear him sigh.

"Brian," he whispers as my hand moves through the crinkly pelt. "Please."

"It's okay Dad," I whisper back as my fingers find his nipple, and I can feel it get hard as I play with it.

"We can't keep doing this," Dad whispers again, but when I lean down and kiss his nipple he lets out a sigh, I think it's a sigh of resignation because he knows I'm not going to stop.

The tip of my erect dick is poking him in the hip as I suck on his nipple while stroking his other nipple with my fingers. I'd only been with a few guys before Dad, but I've found that I'm pretty good at figuring out what guys like. I've learned what Dad likes - what serves as this Superman's Kryptonite - and this is one of those things.

I suck on Dad's plump left nipple while tweaking and teasing the right one with my fingers. I've learned that I can't be too rough with Dad, or should I say I can't be rough enough for him. What I'm doing to his nipples would have me screaming in pain if it was me on the receiving end, but that's another difference between us.

Dad's breathing heavier now, and for the first time he moves. He's working his left arm out from his side, brushing against my dick as he does, and the incidental and accidental contact makes me shiver. His hand works out around me and he's now rubbing my neck as I nibble his nipple.

I know what he wants next, and it happens to be something I enjoy too, even though it was all new to me when Dad introduced it to me. I think it was something that Mom might have done to him a lot, and picturing that going on between them is erotic to me. 

Dad brought his hand up and placed in under my neck. This makes his bicep bulge even more, which is a turn-on by itself, but the raising of his muscular limb also involves exposing his armpit to me, and as I look over that the thick bush of hair that fills the cavity I feel the heat that emanates from the thicket as well as the manly scent.

The aroma gets stronger as I take my mouth from his chest and kiss my way over to his underarm. It's like an aphrodisiac to me as his pheromones filled my nostrils. Mixed with a lingering soap scent from the morning shower along with a faint residue from deodorant applied long ago, I find the scent intoxicating as I begin kiss the slightly damp tuft of hair.

I hear Dad groan as I start to lick and nibble under his arm, and when that turns into licking and chewing this only makes Dad groan louder. All of this excites me greatly, and one time last week I even came doing it, having been rubbing my dick into his hip all the while without realizing it.

"Oh Brian," I hear Dad whisper as he writhes around a little into the bedding under my now feral attack, and while I hold onto his prominent bicep and squeeze what I can of it with one hand I let the other hand slide down his body.

From outside his boxers, my hand finds his cock, not that one could possibly miss it. Even in its current semi-erect state, that massive organ is almost poking out from the right leg opening of his boxers where it is pinned, and as I stroke his manhood through the fabric I begin to bid farewell to the furry crater my face had been buried in.

I get up to my knees at Dad's hip and unsnap the top of his boxers, and I whisk them down as Dad lifts his bottom up. As the elastic passes the tip of his cock I watch as the huge cock slowly rises before falling back onto his stomach, and after I pull the boxers off his ankles I go up to the source of my creation.

I didn't see my father's penis before it was, let me say, "introduced" to me that night two weeks ago. If I had seen it in my confused state that night, I don't know what I would have done. I had only experienced one man before in that manner, and while his equipment was fine it bore no relation to what Dad was blessed with.

Think of a Ron Jeremy, only a little bigger and without the belly above it. Dad's cock is huge, and I would have given anything to have been able to watch Dad sticking that massive monolith into Mom's tiny body. It probably looked a lot like what he looks like with me.

I knee-walk up to Dad's hip and lift his nearly erect manhood upright, my two hands covering little more than half the shaft while my fingers barely meet around it as I bow my head and let my mouth take in the mushroom head.

My mouth, like the other orifice of mine dad uses, is getting accustomed to his size, and my teeth never make contact as my lips slide down the thick shaft until the tip of his mighty organ hits my throat, at which point my lips slide back up to the tip.

Below, the aroma of his balls hits me, and for whatever reason the musky funk makes me even crazier. I duck down to lick the salty hairy pouch put quickly return to giving him head. Dad gets hard fast, and like most nights, and when he's had enough of my mouth he eases my face up.

It's his call as to how he takes me, and he's had me in four different positions. That first night was with me face down flat on the bedding, and most of the other times he's put me on all fours, but he also took me once with us lying on our hips. That was really good but my favorite position was one Dad said he couldn't do again.

He had my lay on my back facing him with a pillow under the small of my back, and I couldn't believe how deep he got into me like that. He said that it bothered him to look at my face while he pounded into me, and I think the fact that I was crying also got to him.

They weren't tears of pain - well, maybe a little - but mostly they were tears of joy. Getting to watch him slamming his cock deep into my bowels while his face got redder and redder, his sweat raining down on me like a storm, that was heaven.

Dad puts me on all fours, and I present my ass for him, high and open as wide as possible. I'm already lubed up, having spent a lot of time priming myself before he got home, and although the entrance is still a bit of a struggle, once the head of him member pops in, it's easy from there.

Dad rides me in many ways, some nights hard and fast, and other times gently, at least at first, but in the end he's pounding into like a jackhammer while grunting like a bear, and after he fills my bowels with his seed he stays connected with me, hugging me with the chest rubbing my back until his cock slithers out.

It's then that we ease down to the bedding together, with him spooning into me. After a few minutes I feel his hand sliding over my hip and down. By then the anticipation as gotten me hard, and as his meaty hand grabs my cock and his fingers wrap around it, I have to struggle not to cum.

Only the head of my dick is sticking out from his grip, and then his thumb starts rubbing the tip of my organ. This makes me cum right away, but after I ejaculate Dad doesn't let go. He continues to hold my withered dick and then starts to pull on it, stretching it out as far as he can while nuzzling into my neck.

After a while I start to get hard again, and it's then that he rolls me over onto my back and kneels next to me. I cum too fast. I can't help it, and it doesn't matter whether it's his hand or his mouth. My semi-erect dick gets swallowed, with Dad's lips around the base, and his mouth doesn't move. He just sucks - siphons - while his hand squeezes my balls, and then I cry out, "Daddy!" as I cum hard.

I go soft once more and then he rolls up next to me, wrapping his arms around me and he's just like a teddy bear, so comforting that I usually fall asleep. In the morning I'm always in my own bed, and it's Dad that brings me in there during the night, effortlessly carrying me into bed and tucking me in like he did when I was young.

In the morning as we get ready for work and school, Dad has trouble looking me in the eye, but not to the extent he did at first, and when we head our separate ways dad tells me he'll probably be late.

"I'll be waiting," I assure him, and he nods.

"I know," he says with a sigh. "I know."

2/22/2018 2:05:05 AM


2/18/2018 2:46:33 AM
Daddys little cocksucker

When I was a lad, me and a slightly older boy from the neighborhood ended up
in the basement of my house, exploring and playing with each other's bodies.
I remember it just seemed like a perfectly natural thing. It wasn"t for
another few years, however, that I first sucked the cock of a man.

I had been watching TV in the living room and, bored, I started snooping
around through my parents' stuff. In the bottom drawer of my father's desk I
found a few unmarked video tapes. Overcome with curiosity, I put one of the
tapes in the VCR and hit PLAY. It was a dirty movie! I had only heard my
parents and my friends talk about movies like this, but I had never seen one
before. I was completely engrossed in it. On screen sat a naked woman on a
park bench, with two naked men on each side. They were kissing and touching
her all over. Then one of the men stood in front of the woman and she took
his cock in her hand. It was huge, sticking straight out! Mine never looked
like that. Then she slipped it into her mouth and the man started to moan. I
was mesmerized. I never knew people could do stuff like that. First she
sucked the one man's cock, and then she sucked the other. Then she went back
and forth between them until they stood in front of her, pumping their cocks
with their hands and moaning louder and louder. One of the men said "Here
comes my load" and then his cock spurted all over her chest. A second later,
the second man came all over her face. She was moaning and ging the whole
time, obviously loving every minute of it.

As intrigued as I was, I was embarrassed by what I had seen. I knew this was
something my parents didn't want me to see. My father was very strict. He
wasn"t a cruel or sadistic man, but he wasn"t overly affectionate or
friendly ... especially when I did something I wasn"t supposed to. I took
the tape out and returned it to its hiding place. Over the next few days I
kept replaying the movie's images in my mind. Whenever I had the chance, I
would seize the opportunity to watch the secret tape while I was alone in
the house. One day, however, my viewing was interrupted by the sound of my
father's voice. I had been caught red-handed.

I expected the worst, but what happened was something I never would have
anticipated even in my greatest dreams.

"You like what you see on that tape?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied. I felt so ashamed. Dad started to unbuckle his belt, and
as he did I immediately recalled every time he threatened to hit me with it
for punishment for some transgression. I lowered my head, staring into my
lap, hoping this would go quickly.

"Well, son," he said. "Would you like to do that with Daddy?"

I looked up and saw that he was still standing in the doorway, now
completely naked. My dad has a large, masculine frame with muscular arms,
strong legs, and a broad, hairy chest. Between Daddy's legs hung his huge
cock. I had only glimpsed it before ... popping out of his boxer shorts as
he slept on the couch, or as a flash as he passed my bedroom door to take a
shower. I gulped. I didn't know what to say.

"Come over here, son," he said. He moved to the end of the couch and stood
between it and the coffee table. His cock was getting harder and thicker
with each step he took. By the time I convinced my legs to move me towards
Daddy, his cock was rock-hard, proudly standing straight out. I went to sit
down on the couch, but Daddy shook his head and pointed to the floor. "On
your knees, boy," he commanded.

Daddy stepped in closer. My face with level with his crotch and his thick
veiny cock pointed straight towards me. I stared at it, captivated by its
massive, manly beauty. The shaft was bright pink, bulging here and there
with thick ropey veins, tapering slightly at the end before flaring out in a
swollen mushroom head. Encircling the shaft about an inch down was a beige
scar ... unlike me, Daddy was circumcised. Beneath his cock, in their
smooth, silken sac, hung Daddy's fat balls. I leaned towards him, pressing
my nose into his furry bush, and then began to nuzzle his entire pubic area
and thighs. He moaned and said, "That feels nice son," spreading his legs
slightly as I slid up and down, first licking one s

2/12/2018 8:10:48 AM
Becoming Daddy's ...

Gypsy Cure:  Little Red Pill 

The condo was just what Spence was looking for. It was nice and spacious and had all the amenities you could want. The building was nice and exclusive and you had to be approved by the homeowner's association to buy there. Luckily, Frank, who was showing him the condo, was not only the building manager, but also the head of the association. 

"So, do you like what you see?" Frank asked. 

"I really do." Spence responded. 

"Great! Why don't we go next door to my place and talk about specifics." Frank invited. 

"That would be great." Spence answered. 

It was only a short walk down the hall to Frank's condo. His place was tastefully furnished in an ultra-modern motif. It gave the impression of being Spartan and very masculine. That seemed to fit with Frank's personality. He was a big man; over six feet tall and probably two hundred pounds. He seemed to be very fit for a guy who was probably at least sixty and with the exception of a slight beer belly, most of his weight was muscle rather than fat. Unbeknownst to Spence, Frank was also a very dominant gay man. He was a man who was happiest when he had a boy to serve him. He did not have a boy currently and he found Spence to be very attractive material. He liked his boys short and slight and Spence fit the bill nicely. 

"How about something to drink?" Frank offered. 


"I have coffee or tea or soft drinks. But, shit, it's already after five; how about something with a little more kick to it?" Frank asked amiably. 

"That sounds good." Spence answered. 

"Name your poison." Frank smiled. "I have a fully stocked bar." 

"How about a scotch on the rocks? Single malt if you have." 

"Comin' right up!" Frank smiled. 

Frank poured drinks for them and led Spence to the couch in the living room. Frank smiled at Spence as they sat down on opposite ends of the long couch. He intended to question and probe until he could find the key to getting Spence into his bed and ultimately getting him to totally surrender to him. 

"So, I need to put on my homeowner's association hat." Frank started. "Tell me about you." 

"Well, I'm retired; sixty-one years old." Spence started. 

"You could have fooled me." Frank interrupted. "You could pass for much younger than that." 


"Do you have family that will be moving in with you?" Frank asked. 

"No. It's just me." Spence answered. 

"It says on your application that you're married." Frank stated. 

"Yes, I am. But it's a complicated situation." Spence responded. 

"How so?" 

"My wife and I have grown apart over the years and I finally decided that it was time for me to live alone. The situation has just become unbearable. So I'm moving out of the house; hopefully to this condo. We're only staying married for financial reasons." 

"Sorry to hear that." Frank sympathized. "Does that mean I should expect wild sex orgies next door?" 

"No." Spence laughed. "I'm quiet and fairly conservative and these days it takes a little blue pill to even get it up." 

"My wife had the same problem." Frank laughed. 

"I didn't realize that you were married." Spence responded. 

"Well, no longer married. My wife, Robert, and I were together for over fifteen years. But he was killed in an auto accident about a year ago." 

"I'm so sorry." Spence replied. 

"Thanks." Frank answered. "Anyway, we were talking about your 'problem.' Robert had the same problem. As he got older he had trouble getting it up and finally his dick just went limp on me. That's when I had to give him the cure." 

"The cure?" 

"Yeah. It's an old gypsy thing." Frank said with a twinkle in his eye. 

"You're a gypsy?" Spence asked incredulously. 

"No, no." Frank chuckled. "But my mom came from a long line of gypsies. And my grandma used to dabble in the occult arts. She was a real wildcat. I think she was still fucking when she was in her eighties. My granddad's dick went limp when he hit his sixties, but grandma wasn't having any of that. She concocted her own potion and put it in pill form. She would feed grandpa the pills and he would get stiff as a board. Then grandma would fuck his brains out. And the great thing about grandma's little red pill was that you didn't have to take it forever; after about a month or less, your 'problem' was cured." 

"That's quite a story." Spence said. "You could make a fortune if you actually had a pill like that." 

"But I do." Frank responded. "Grandma passed the formula on to me. When Robert's dick stopped working, I made the pills and fed them to him. After taking them for about a week straight, his ED was totally cured and we fucked and sucked like we were kids again." 

"You should bottle them and sell them." Spence said. "You could compete with Viagra and make a fortune." 

"Nah, let the folks buy their Viagra and shit. I'll keep my pills for my special friends. You could be my special friend." Frank smiled invitingly and moved closer to Spence on the couch. "I'd be happy to give you one of my special pills." Frank said as he placed his hand on Spence's knee. 

"Sorry, but I'm not gay. . .or bi." Spence said as he squirmed out from under Frank's hand. 

"Gay. Bi. They're just labels that we use to try and describe the spectrum of sexual behavior. My Robert was straight when I met him. But it didn't take me long to turn him into my 'Bobbi.' By the end of our 'courtship' I had him nursing on my cock and begging to be fucked like the little slut I had turned him into." 

"Look, I appreciate the offer," Spence said, "but I think I'd better leave now." 

"Don't you want the condo?" Frank asked. 

"Yes, of course, I do. But I'm getting a little uncomfortable with where this conversation is headed." 

"Sorry." Frank smiled. "But you can't fault a guy for trying, can you? You are a really sexy guy and you got my cock twitching and my juices flowing." 

"No, of course not." Spence smiled back. 

"Great! Let me refill our drinks and we'll get down to brass tacks and paperwork." Frank swooped up their glasses and walked to the bar and poured them new drinks. 

Frank liked this boy. He liked his looks and his demeanor. He felt that Spence would make a wonderful slave wife. After Frank poured the drinks, he reached into a drawer in the bar and took out a little container full of grandma's pills. The pills worked exactly the way Frank had described to Spence. Of course, Frank hadn't described the side effects; how the pills weakened your will and gave you the desire to submit. Frank smiled to himself. The boy didn't stand a chance. 

Frank walked back to the couch and handed Spence his drink and sat down next to him. He pulled a small metal pill box from his pocket and, opening it, he removed a little red pill and placed it on the cocktail table in front of Spence. 

"Just to show there's no hard feelings, I want you to have one of my special pills. This way, when you get home tonight, you'll get a nice hard-on and you can feel good." 

"I really shouldn't." Spence said warily. 

"Nonsense! The effects will last for days. You'll have the best sex you've had in years; even if all you do is jerk off!" 

"Well. . .okay, thanks. I'll take it home with me." Spence said reaching for the pill. 

"You really should take it now." Frank urged. "Some people have an allergic reaction to it. If you do, I can help you through it." 

"I don't know." Spence hesitated. 

"Go on. Take it. It can't hurt you. It will only make you feel better than you've ever felt in your life." 

Spence brought the pill to his lips. He hesitated, then popped it into his mouth and swallowed, washing it down with scotch. 

"How soon will it take effect?" Spence asked. 

"It acts pretty quick." Frank smiled. 

"I . . .I'm feeling a little woozy, a little weak." Spence said. 

"That's one of the side effects." Frank said. "It weakens your muscles a bit and makes you feel a bit lethargic, more pliable. But it also heightens your response to sexual stimuli. Here, let me show you." 

Spence sat there helplessly as Frank unbuttoned Spence's shirt, exposing his bare chest. 

"How does this feel, baby?" Frank said as he rubbed his hand across Spence's chest and pinched his nipple. It was as if an electric shock coursed through Spence's body directly from his nipple to his cock. His cock began to grow harder and harder as Frank rubbed his nipple between forefinger and thumb. It was almost as if, Frank was inflating his cock through the nipple. 

"Ohh, please!" Spence moaned as his stiff cock tented his pants. He tried to get up from the couch before this went any further, but his muscles would not respond to his mental commands. 

"Going someplace, honey?" Frank laughed. "You're not going anyplace till I'm finished with you." Frank said as he placed his hand on Spence's throbbing prick and squeezed. 

"Oh, Yesss!" Spence moaned and arched his back to increase the contact of his cock with Frank's hand. 

"That's it. Moan like the little bitch you are." Frank hissed as he unzipped Spence's pants. 

He quickly removed Spence's shoes and socks and stripped him of his pants and briefs. Spence's cock stood hard and throbbing and pointing at the ceiling. 

"Oh, please! Yes, please!" Spence begged as Frank wrapped his hand around his hard rod and slowly jerked him off. 

"That's it, baby. Beg Frank for it. Beg like the little slut you're becoming. " Frank urged as he pulled Spence's foreskin down, exposing the slick, sensitive head of Spence's cock. 

Spence had never been this hard in his life. His heart was pounding madly in his chest as he felt himself losing control. His hips began to shake and buck as Frank pulled his spunk higher and higher towards his cock head. Then Spence cried out, a huge, animal cry of pleasure as the sperm erupted from his cock in long ropes that hit the cocktail table, the couch, Spence's chest and legs. He came and came and came again as Frank expertly milked the juice out his hard, throbbing penis. 

Then it was over. The orgasm subsided. Spence felt spent and used. Frank was still working Spence's cock; slowly, now, with gentle squeezing and stroking. Spence's cock usually went flaccid right after ejaculation, but it was still hard and stiff as a board. Spence was afraid. Something was going on here; something more than just the response of his body to Frank's touch. It was almost as if Frank was assaulting his mental and emotional defenses and making him pliant and helpless. He couldn't surrender to Frank. He must resist and get away! 

"Be my baby." Frank whispered in his ear. "Surrender to Frank and be my little bitch." 

Then Frank's lips covered his. Spence clenched his teeth tightly closed as Frank's tongue licked his lips and teeth seeking entry to his mouth. Spence stubbornly denied him entry. But Frank moved his hand from Spence's throbbing cock to Spence's chest. Spence gasped and his lips and teeth parted as Frank roughly squeezed his nipple. The minute Spence's mouth opened, Frank plunged his tongue inside. New waves of pleasure coursed through Spence's body as Frank's tongue massaged his tongue. Spence opened his mouth wider and Frank plunged his tongue as far as he could into Spence's mouth. Now their tongues were lapping together wildly, saliva dripping down the sides of Spence's mouth. Frank's hand was back on Spence's stiff, pulsing cock. Frank began jacking him wildly as Spence moaned and hungrily licked at Frank's tongue. Then the spasms coursed through Spence's body again. He was cumming and cumming and cumming! Sperm ejaculated wildly onto his torso and the couch and the floor. Spence cried out in ecstasy as Frank's mouth released him. His body was shaking as the orgasm subsided. He clung to Frank for a few moments, until Frank released him. Frank looked down at his new boy and smiled triumphantly. 

"Now I'm going to make you my little pussy-boy." Frank said. He stood up and then swept Spence into his arms and carried him into the bedroom. 


The bedcovers were already drawn back. Frank dropped his naked prey onto the bed and quickly shed his own clothes. Spence's eyes grew wide as he looked at Frank's large, erect cock. It was much bigger than his own, maybe nine inches long and thick with a large mushroom head. It throbbed and pulsed as Frank crawled onto the bed next to Spence. 

"How are you feeling, baby?" Frank cooed as he wrapped his hand around Spence's still-hard cock. 

"Please, no more." Spence pleaded weakly. 

"Don't you like the way I make you feel, honey?" Frank asked as he alternately stroked Spence's cock and fondled his balls. 

"I'm afraid." Spence whimpered as Frank ran his thumb over Spence's moist cock-head. 

"What are you afraid of, honey?" 

"Afraid. . .afraid of what's. . . what's hap. . . happening to me." Spence moaned with pleasure as Frank squeezed and pulled on his throbbing rod. 

"You're surrendering yourself to me, baby." Frank whispered. "You're becoming my pussy-boy. You want to be my pussy-boy, don't you?" Frank urged. 

"I. . .I don't. . .I don't know." Spence moaned as Frank stroked and petted his cock. 

"Of course you do." Frank said. "Say it. Say you want to be my pussy-boy." 

"Oh please, yes, please. I want to be your pussy-boy." Spence begged. 

"That's a good boy." Frank affirmed. "You should call me 'Daddy' from now on; don't you think? Don't you want to be a good pussy-boy and call me Daddy?" Frank urged as he moved his hand down to Spence's ass and began to knead and caress his little ass-cheeks. 

"Yes. Yes. Yes, Daddy." Spence groaned as Frank slipped his fuck-finger into his new boy's ass. Spence squirmed as the finger slowly penetrated him. 

"You want to be Daddy's pussy-boy, don't you, baby?" Frank cajoled as he slowly finger fucked his boy. 

"Yes, Daddy, Yes." Spence moaned. 

"Tell Daddy, honey." Frank urged. 

"I want to be your pussy-boy, Daddy. Please make me your pussy-boy. O." Spence moaned as Daddy's finger pleasured his asshole. 

Frank withdrew his finger and leaned over to the nightstand to grab a jar of lube. He put a generous gob of lube on his fuck finger and reinserted it into Spence's ass. 

"Daddy will make you his pussy-boy, baby. Daddy will fuck your tight little ass and transform it into a tight little pussy. Right boy?" 

"Oh, yes, Daddy. Anything you want." 

"Yes, bitch." Frank chuckled. "You will do anything Daddy wants." 

Frank removed his finger from Spence's lubed ass and dipped back into the jar of lube. He coated his thick, throbbing cock with gobs of lube and then threw Spence's legs over his shoulders. He positioned his mushroom head at Spence's rosebud and gently pushed in. 

"Oh no! Please! It's too big!" Spence begged as Frank took his cherry. 

"Your pussy can take it, bitch!" Frank said as he slid his throbbing rod further into his boy's pliant ass. 

"Please, Daddy, it hurts!" Spence whined. 

"Take more, bitch." 

"Oh, god." Spence groaned. 

"Take more, bitch." Frank urged as he slid the rest of his cock into the boy. "Now Daddy will plow your field and plant his seed in you. Then you will be mine!" 

Frank withdrew almost all of his cock and then slowly slid it back in. Spence could feel it pulse with life as it slid in and out of his tight ass. He began to get used to the big snake sliding in and out of him. The pain began to dissipate. He began to feel something else. Was it pleasure? No! It couldn't be! This man was fucking him. He couldn't like being fucked like some dumb little girl! But he did! He liked it. No. He loved it! He wanted it! His own cock had never lost its hardness. Now he could feel his tool responding to Daddy's fucking. He was losing control again. His mind was going blank and all awareness was transferred to his cock and his ass. 

"Please, please, please, Daddy." Spence began to beg. 

"Please what? bitch?" 

"Please fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me!" Spence breathlessly begged as he squirmed under Frank's huge body. 

"Yes, baby. That's it, baby. Now take Daddy's spunk, baby!" Frank cried out as the spasms began to shake him. 

Spence could feel Frank's cock tense up and then it was spewing its seed into him. Over and over, Frank came, filling Spence's ass with his semen. Spence lost all control of his body and mind. He was senseless with pleasure now. His orgasm shook him violently as he came yet again, his spunk squirting onto his own face and chest. Mewling and gurgling sounds came out of his throat as Frank's cum began to drip out of his ass onto the bed. Spence threw his arms around Frank's neck and held on tightly for dear life as the two rocked back and forth in the throes of passion. Spence wrapped his legs tightly around Daddy's hips as his body shook with the violence of his orgasm. Frank plunged his tongue into Spence's mouth and hungrily lapped at Spence's as another orgasm coursed through his body, depositing another load of hot sperm into his new boy's pussy. Slowly, their spasms subsided and Frank relaxed onto his boy's body. 

"Who do you belong to, baby?" Frank demanded. 

"I belong to you, Daddy." Spence moaned. 

"And what are you now, baby?" 

"I'm your pussy-boy, Daddy." 

"Good boy!" 

Frank slowly withdrew his cock from his new pussy and rolled off of Spence. He lay on his side and perused his new boy's body. Spence was still shaking a little, but he was beginning to calm down a bit. He lay on his back with his eyes shut tight. His cock was still rigid and pointing at the ceiling. Frank knew from prior experience that the little red pill would keep Spence hard for three or four hours. Even though Frank was no longer on the pill regularly, he still stayed hard himself for two hours on average. And his stamina allowed him to go at it again after a short recovery time. It was one of the pleasant after effects of regular usage of the pill. But now, his plan was to keep his new boy existing solely on a plane of pleasure for as long as necessary. Frank intended to keep him on the pill continuously for at least a week. A week of pleasure and the pill would work on the boy's mind and will until the boy surrendered totally to his new Daddy. Frank was going to literally fuck his brains out and destroy his will to resist. 

Frank smiled at the thought and then flipped the boy onto his side like a lifeless little rag doll. Frank snuggled up and spooned him. Lifting the boy's leg slightly, Frank slid his still hard cock into the boy's man-pussy. The boy moaned as Frank entered him. Frank wrapped his hand around the boy's cock and the boy began to fuck Frank's meaty hand. 

Spence was lost in unknowable pleasure. His cock was rubbing against Frank's hand and he could feel Frank's cock moving in and out of his new pussy as he fucked the hand. Animal sounds issued from his throat. Spence thought that cumming again was impossible, but nevertheless he came. He came gently this time, his seed spilling onto the bed and Frank's hand. When Spence had shot his load, Frank placed his cum-soaked hand over Spence's mouth. Spence slurped up his own cum as he felt Frank spasm and deposit another load of spunk into his male-pussy. Spence fell asleep with Frank's cock imbedded inside of him. 


Spence sat on the floor between Daddy's legs, his head resting on Daddy's naked thigh. He had lost track of time and had no idea how long he had been living here with Daddy. He only knew that Frank was his Daddy and his Daddy took care of him. He was Daddy's pussy-boy and he had been fucked frequently the entire time he had been here. He was living on almost a purely sensual level. He craved Daddy's tongue in his mouth. He loved when Daddy licked and bit his nipples and sucked on his little titties. He became ecstatic when Daddy sucked the juice out of his hard little clit. And he lost all control when Daddy plunged his cock into his male pussy and fucked him till he was incoherent with pleasure. 

Frank ran his fingers lovingly through his boy's hair. It had been a successful ten days of seduction and enslavement. The little red Gypsy pill had done its job and rendered Spence utterly helpless to resist Frank. Frank had fed the boy a pill every day for the first week. By the end of that week Spence was totally in Frank's power. Now Frank was the one who took the pills; twice a week. The drug entered Frank's blood stream and was transmitted into Spence's body through Frank's sperm. It bonded Spence to Frank. Spence needed his Daddy and his Daddy's love juice. 

Spence could feel Daddy's cock growing against his cheek. He could smell the pungent odor of its pre-cum. Like Pavlov's dog, Spence began to salivate. It was feeding time. He was filled with lust and need for Frank's cock. Spence petted the hardening cock with his hand and then licked it from balls to head. He sucked the head into his mouth and worshiped it with his tongue. 

"Good boy." Frank moaned as the boy began to hungrily nurse on the now throbbing organ. 

Spence felt his own cock grow and harden. He began to play with himself as he hungrily sucked on Daddy's cock. It wasn't long before the boy was rewarded with Daddy's cum spewing into his mouth. He sucked it all down contentedly as he closed his eyes and came all over his legs and the floor.

1/11/2018 9:12:38 AM

12/26/2017 3:16:26 PM
One of the better Daddy using his gurl videos:

12/22/2017 10:15:11 PM
Tonight a wannabe, alledged domme out of Southern CA., sent a very nasty but funny email. Humorous in that this troglodyte attempted to call me a liar about things her tiny pea brain cannot comprehend. When I tried to sending her a message as to how her microbrain missed some obvious facts, I discovered that she had blocked me. Imagine that. But men hating wannabes that have recently escaped their cages at the nearby zoo tend to things like that to show everyone that their IQ of 12 is twice as large as their shoe size. That being said "barronessD". Put down the tablespoon and step away from the gallon of ice cream you consum nightly while watching Roseanne episodes every night. Try to get a real life. If you cannot find one, check the return goods section at Wal-Mart they may have a bucket of mud that will fit you nicely for that purpose. BTW, Doms and Dommes RULE, wannabes just drool in their morning gruel ... ~DD~

12/14/2017 9:34:09 PM

I think you are more suited to being kept as a submissive fetish sissy. When most people talk about a shemale they mean a girl who has a cock - a girl who uses her cock... A frilly fetish sissy is something else entirely. A fetish sissy is not even allowed to have a cock - we call it her clitty and we treat it like a clitty - keeping it in locked chastity. The more needy (horny) a fetish sissy gets, the more she becomes controlled by her clitty and quite quickly she finds herself doing utterly humiliating things to please her superiors without so much as a whimper - in fact, she often begs for more of the same.  She is overwelmed with the desire to suck cocks or be bent over to be doggie bitch butt fucked to obtain her erotic pleasure.  To become a submisive creature that wants men to subjugate her and use her to satisfy all their sexual desires and perversions.  Using her and objectifying her as a sexual toy for their pleasure and orgasmic release.  Her oral and anal slut holes just cock receptacles to be filled with hot cum.  A sissy sexslave as it were, obediently doing everything she is told no matter how humiliating it might be.  Her desire for utter and total submission and humiliation compels her to obey without question.

If you google 'shemale', you'll be directed to sites of TS girls fucking males. If you google 'sissy', you'll find frilly little creatures, often dressed in extremely fetish feminine attire getting fucked by a strap-on cock or a real mans cock. Often the sissy is on her knees submissively sucking a mans cock like a good sissy cumslut.  I think you are the later. I think you are a submissive fetish sissyslut.

I think what you need is to have every trace of male left in you removed until you are hopelessly feminine in the most exaggerated ways possible.   Totally transformed into a hot sexy slave bitch, then dressed, displayed and used as one.

Willing even to submit to large breast implants. Your clitty needs to be locked away and the only way you would be allowed to find orgasmic relief is by being penetrated with stiff hungry cock or a dildo.  Your libido and lust turned inward, your slutty desires only satisfied by phallic anal insertion or a mouth full of hard cock.  Soon you will find your hips wantonly grinding up to meet your penetrator to attain your orgasmic femme sissy relief.   Soon you will crave the company of dominate horny males seeking to use you as a cock slut for their pleasure and perversions. 

Now picture yourself like that - deliriously horny - tightly corsetted, locked in a chastity belt with large butt plug stretching your rosebud and filling your bottom, dressed in frills, garters, nylons, panties, petticoats, short revealing skirts, fetish leather or rubber, open ass hobble skirts, locked in the steepest stiletto high heels or ballet boots, ribbons, satin, latex and lace, often humiliated even in public. Often kept in some form of restrictive bondage, your will or choice to resist your male suitors completely removed.  Forced to submit to horny men orally and anally on a regular basis, transformed into a willing and wanton cocksucking cumslut sissy and bend over pussy butt bitch... Does that sound like you?  Yes it most certainly does.  You are a fetish sissyslut.

Miss D 

9/20/2017 6:06:47 AM

9/20/2017 6:06:09 AM

9/20/2017 6:05:44 AM

9/20/2017 6:05:15 AM

9/20/2017 5:36:03 AM

9/20/2017 5:28:48 AM

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Sissy Girl Scouts

Once the Supreme Court ruled that girls had to be allowed to play on men's football teams, it wasn't long before the Girl Scouts were forced to establish a special chapter for sissies.

7/7/2017 11:12:40 PM

There Won't Always Be Use Of The Gag

Soon her feminized husband will relish the feeling of her sissy cunt being filled with a cock, fake or otherwise, and she'll mew and beg for it.  But for now, in the beginning, it's best to use the ball gag so that her sissy doesn't disturb the neighbors when she's being broken in.

7/7/2017 11:09:22 PM

Sissies Just Don't Understand

When sissies witness their wives being fucked by big, fat, hard cocks, and see the expressions on their faces, we wrongly interpret what we see as pain.  But it isn't.  Not at all.  The problem is that we've never seen such expressions on their faces when we fuck them.  And that is simply because we never touch them in the places that cause such exquisite visions of pleasure.  And we'll never understand either, because we'll never be the reason they feel that good.

7/7/2017 11:06:32 PM
You clean that mess off of your stockings right now!  I warned you about spilling your little bit of juice!  That will be an extra month in chastity young lady!

7/6/2017 9:23:25 PM

Transgender activist: Straight men should ‘work through’ non-attraction to transgender women

Transgender activist: Straight men should ‘work through’ non-attraction to transgender womenTransgender activist Zinnia Jones insists that straight men who don't desire transgender women simply have an issue they "should try to work through." (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Seems it’s not enough for transgenders to merely push for acceptance and force laws to change so they can use bathrooms that correspond to whatever gender they identify with. Hitting deeper, the new push has been to get people to speak transgenders’ preferred pronouns in conversations — or suffer shaming and backlash.

What could possibly be next, you might ask?

Well, one transgender activist insists that straight men who don’t desire transgender women simply have an issue they “should try to work through.”


In other words — according to Zinnia Jones of Orlando, Florida — straight men should be willing to be romantic with biological men who identify as women. And if not, as Jones gets into soon, they ought to be viewed as holding an odd opinion.

“Nobody has to be with anyone they don’t want,” Jones seems to hedge in Saturday’s Twitter thread

, but then adds “AND it’s okay to have a baseline social norm of treating trans women as the women they are.”

From this point, Jones, a gender researcher, really digs in:

Image source: TwitterImage source: Twitter screenshot Image source: TwitterImage source: Twitter screenshot

“I also don’t believe the blanket claim of ‘straight men don’t want to be with someone who has a d***!'” Jones adds before getting into stats without citing any stats.

Image source: TwitterImage source: Twitter screenshot

Then things get even more “incredible”:

Image source: TwitterImage source: Twitter screenshot Image source: TwitterImage source: Twitter screenshot

“It’s absolutely possible to work through this,” Jones adds with the verve of a motivational speaker. “It’s a d***? Yes — a woman’s. It’s part of her body.”

Image source: TwitterImage source: Twitter screenshot

Time to get with the program, straight guys.

6/26/2017 11:38:59 AM

6/26/2017 11:37:53 AM

6/26/2017 11:31:38 AM

Oct 29, 2015

Before reading: it’s possible for you to find some spelling errors. After all I’m not an english speaker. My apologies. 
I’ve put a lot of effort into this publication. I’d be happy if you could apreciate it.

I don’t own any of the images

 Thank you <3

A) The benefits of sissifying him

· No more “alpha male” bullshit. He’ll be nice, won’t cheat and won’t take advantage of you. Of course he won’t smoke or drink if you don’t let him.

· He’ll pay attention to you. It’s a matter of time of him becoming more sensitive, honest and respectful.

· You could have as many lovers as you want. You don’t want to have sex with him. And you know it because he’s a terrible lover and never satisfies you becaus of his tiny dick.

· Doing the house chores? Never again. He’ll do all the house work, the laundry, cooking, cleaning, serving you and your lovers if you want.

· He’ll satisfy you with his tong. No more penetration for him and he’ll become a great pussy licker while other men have sex with you.

· And essentially he’ll obey you in every possible way

B) Steps (1 to 8)

1. A little introduction

Sissyfication takes its time. Don’t expect to have a sissy boyfriend or husband the next week after reading this guide. All the process is like a psicological battle that you have to -and you will- win as long as you take it easy and you don’t force anything. If everything flows everything will be fine and you’ll end up having an obedient sissy boyfriend. Remember that it’s essential to keep calm and not to raise suspicions.


2. Hairless, but long hair

Nowadays it is perfectly normal to ask your couple to shave his parts, legs, beard and even the arms. On the other hand it’s normal to see men with a long hair.

Tell him to shave any hair of his body and encourage him on letting his hair grow. Explain him that you prefer hairless men over hairy men but you think that men with long hair are sexy. You can even argue that this way is more hygienic.

This phase will last more or less depending on how much resistance he opposes. When it’s a normal thing for him to shave and not going to the hairdresser, it’s time to begin with the next phase.


3. No more male masturbation. Less sex

Tell him what do you think about male masturbation. Explain him that you see it as a selfish act, you don’t feel desired because he prefers to masturbate instead of waiting for you and it ruins the sex. Tell him you won’t masturbate either, even though you’d be lying.

At the same time reduce the times you two have sex per week. Just reduce it, say nothing about it. If he asks tell him you’re very stressed because of the work or anything you can think of.

It is important for him to feel loved or he’ll think you want to dump him. Express your love without having sex. He’ll adapt to this situation eventually.


4. The panties. Breaking his manhood

This phase is crucial and delicate. The goal is to get him into wearing panties, no matter how as long as it works. Find some innocent way like playing a game or just for fun.

Phrases like “I wonder how you’d look wearing my panties. Could you wear them for me, please?” or “I bet you are not capable of wearing my panties” usually work. Of course you have to know the nature of your boyfriend and how he’d react.

After this, encourage him to wear them if he likes it. Tell him that’s not a shame to wear panties and it won’t make him less man, and that you love him more than ever.

When you’re sure that he likes to wear your panties, or at least he’s not refusing it, tell him to wear them while both of you have sex. Explain him that it turns you on. If he loves you, he’ll do it.

At the end of the phase, ask him to wear them every day at home. Depending on how much he’s into wearing panties he won’t refuse wearing them permanently. Until he’s not wearing them permanently, do not try the next phase. Increase the times you two have sex per week.


5. The makeup. Toes painted

After getting him into wearing panties this phase should be easy. Make him to paint your nails -hands and feets-, and to makeup you. Teach him how it’s done. Do this for a few days before trying to makeup him.

In principle he won’t resist. If he refuses to wear makeup and paint his nails, use phrases like “"I’m just wondering how you’d look wearing makeup and you’re already wearing panties. Do it for me, please… ”

Encourage him to wear makeup and paint his nails. If he keeps his toes painted and wears makeup everyday, he’s ready for the next phase.


6. Dressing him

It’s time for him to wear dresses, bra’s, stockings, skirts, tops and even heels. Use the same techniques I’ve teached you on the previous phases. At this point he won’t resist.

Remember to have sex with him and express your love. He has to feel that you love him more than ever.

Make sure that he feels comfortable wearing womens clothing and makeup. Once he’s been feminized, it’s time to move on to the bigger things.


7. The chastity

It’s a matter of convincing him with arguments. Spicing up your sex life with an intimate secret that only the two of you share, powerful and intense orgasms - admittedly less frequent, but far more satisfying, an enhanced, invigorated intimacy that leaves him constantly charged with sexual energy rather than feeling drained and weak…

Essentially, tell him that chastity makes sex better. Explain him that a lot of your girl friends keep their boyfriends locked, that it’s normal.

Before locking him up, agree on how many days he’ll remain locked. After 3 or 4 days release him, make him love, and lock it again. Atfer a week or so, do the same. Gradually, make the gap between unlockings longer.

After two weeks or so, it’s time to try anal.


8. The anal play. The final step

Unlock him and prepare to have sex with him. He’ll be so horny he’ll accept anything you propose, so while you’re having sex introduce your little finger into his anus. See how reacts and if he don’t opposes try introducing another finger.

After having sex, lock him up again. After three weeks or so, release him and do the same. Stimulate his prostate. After having sex again, ask him if he liked it -the anal stimulation-. If he says yes, the next time you’re having sex show him your dildo, and use a lot of lube if he accepts being penetrated. Now the pattern is: “unlock, anal, let him cum, lock, unlock…”

Once he gets used to this way of having sex with you it’s time to keep him in permanent chastity, but don’t stop penetrating him with the strapon you’ve previoysly bought. Try the next phase once he lets you penetrate him almost everyday.

Now you have absolute control over him. You decide when he can cum, when he’s penetrated by you and what he can wear. Essentially he’ll always obey you. It’s time to explain him that he’s not longer a man, but a sissy.


C) Sharing your sissy: the big deal

After a few weeks or months training your sissy, she’ll do anything for you. If you want to, you’ll be able to make her participate into a trio with you and your lover. Before it, teach her the following: “You’ll always do whatever your masters say”. Make her repeat it: “I’ll do whatever my masters say”. Make sure that your sissy swallow and pleases your lover or lovers in any way.





D) The sissy training

Clothes: make him wear panties everyday, to everywhere. At home he can’t wear mens clothing. Make sure that he knows perfectly how to walk on high-heels. Teach him if it’s necessary. Same with the makeup.  

Anal and oral: everyday he’ll fuck and suck a dildo. Apart from this, penetrate him with your strapon, also everyday. It’s no more his ass hole, it’s her pussy. It’s no more his mouth, it’s the hole she uses to give pleasure.

Behavior: teach him to behave like a sissy. That’s on a submissive way, sitting when peeing, never screaming, never protesting or replicating you…

Chastity: you can release your sissy boyfriend sometimes. But it’s not recommended. Instead of releasing him, it’s better if he cums from anal stimulation. Always make him to eat his own cum.


E) Final considerations

There are infinite ways to punish or reward your sissy. I’ll publish a list of them soon.
I can assure that if you follow those steps you’ll end up having a personal sissy.
Don’t forget that after all your sissy is your “boyfriend”. Love her!

With Love, Sasha <3 (Original content)

6/22/2017 11:18:44 PM
Why real men prefer gurls to girls these days: