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Dom/Switch Couple, 58/28,  30622, Georgia
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DeliciouslyDeviant UPDATE: We have found our male submissive; no male subs need apply! We are a highly-experienced, exceptionally uninhibited and age diverse couple who seek those of various genders, identifications, and gender preferences. HOWEVER, we do seek specific things in regards to male/female interaction. PLEASE READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH BEFORE RESPONDING, SO THAT WE MAY DIMINISH TIME AND EFFORT SPENT BY BOTH OF US. We wish to run the gamut of sexual fantasies. If you've ever dreamed of it, we've likely already done it - if not, we want to try it! We like to play at any intensity. If you are new to the scene, are a bit shy, and wish a slow introduction, a learning scenario which allows you a no-pressure experience, we can accord that. If you like to play at an intensity and sexual tempo that far exceeds your basic and boring textbook experience, we can accommodate that as well. We can create sexual scenarios, non-sexual scenarios (pain or bondage exploration, psychological exploration, Dom/sub scenes); we can create pain or non-pain scenarios. We can combine any of the above. Whether your tastes run from Dominance to submission, serious rape play, lying back (or being bound) and having your body explored to discover all its betrayals to pleasure, spending an hour being human furniture, exerting or exploring your dominance or submission, or exploring your pain/pleasure connection, you have just stumbled across a most unique opportunity. Close your eyes, open that locked mental door, and ask yourself “what are those things I desire that no one else knows? What do I REALLY want to explore – with no judgment by others?” The answer is a conundrum in and of itself. Do you have an incredible need to be ravaged, or maybe the desire to ravage? Maybe it's as simple as an overwhelming desire to escape, from time-to-time, into a delicious world of Dominance, submission, control, exploitation, exploration, and mental/physical perversion, with you as the active or passive partner. I have no idea what, or who, that equates to, but we can tell you that giving in to your desires is worth every second spent in splendid wickedness. We might just become the addiction that you cannot deny. Privacy and discretion guaranteed. A little about us: Based between Commerce/Atlanta, we have a relationship based upon mutual respect, but He is the Dominant, and she happily bends to His Will. She is submissive to no one else, unless requested to be so by her Master. She is also exploring a more dominant side with women – with his mentoring. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Do NOT respond to us if you are male and wish female domination; she will NOT do this. We seek only Male subs who wish to please her (and perhaps him) at HIS direction, and his alone. She is bi-sexual; He is straight, but will explore male interaction to some extent. We are diverse in age, so we are not prejudiced in that way, and are thusly open to all ages and levels of experience, from young to “old.” We’ve both had our own set of vast experiences, and now we look to combine those, and nostalgically enjoy them together, as one, but including others. We are D/d free (but 4/20 friendly) and expect you to be the same. We feel no required need to exchange a lot of personal information, but a meeting with He or she, or both, beforehand will be required. There must be a connection, may it be intellectually, sexually, needs-based, etc. Our time is valuable, and we assume that yours is as well. We are fantastically uninhibited, and we are open to couples, groups, and singles of any sex, any sexual orientation (straight, lesbian, bi, gay), any personality orientation (Dom, sub, slave, switch). We do not play without one another unless otherwise arranged. There may be times when one of us may simply sit-out, watch, or give direction. As Sexual Purists, we enjoy that as much as the act itself. Interaction with BOTH of us is not a requirement; one-on-one is fine, as we are both voyeurs as well. There may be times, if you wish to experience it, that we have various friends together – but only with clear delineation of that beforehand – unless you like to be surprised. Insofar as definition of us by “category,” that is impossible. While He is primarily Dominant, He can be gentle and kind also; she is somewhat Switch, and is exploring being Top to other women. We believe in enjoying one another as a peaceful, playful couple and will not tolerate unneeded aggression, cattiness, disrespect, or an attempt to engage in something that hadn't been discussed and creates discomfort for us, or for others involved. Violence or anger will never be tolerated. Lastly, all activity is consensual with anyone and everyone involved. Opting-out, at anytime, by anyone involved, will be amicably understood without questions asked. We seek friendships which will open the door to new opportunities and further exploration, if you are of like mind. If you wish, instead, a “no-names, one time” tryst, we can likely accommodate that as well, although our preference is long-term friends. Please do not hesitate to contact us if interested. PLEASE ALLOW me to make it a bit clearer for everyone: She indicates "switch" as orientation. This is not switch with everyone; she is submissive to men, yet dominant to women. So..If you are female, we have different potential scenarios. First, with you as sub to her - she is in training as Domme (to women only), and performs scenes under my direction - with no other involvement by me. This would involve bondage, pain (if you like pain; paddles, crops, floggers, clamps), many variations added to play such as wax, toys, vibrators, dildos. It would also involve sexual involvement with her - pleasing each other with fingers, tongues, and her use of a strap-on. Another scenario involves the same as above, but with me more involved - utilizing bondage, discipline, spanking, and much more. I might perhaps have her controlling you, or I might be controllling you both. I might have the two of you under my hand at once, creating scenarios - requiring certain things from each of you regarding the other. Another potential would be the same as above, but with full sexual involvement by me, seeking the pleasure centers of you both, requiring full three-way participation. If either of thse intrigue you, please feel free to contact us. If you are male: As delineated, she is NOT domme to men. If that is what you seek, please do not respond to us. If you are a male Dom, and are relaxed and easy going, you would certainly be of interest to us - either bi or straight works for us. If you do not have "Male-Dom couples" in your "seeking" list, you are probably wasting your time. If you are male-sub - great! BUT - We seek males ONLY for service and some sexual uses. While many couples enjoy teasing, playing with, tying, and cbt on male subs to watch and be entertained, that is not our focus. We seek someone whose role would be specifically to serve her, wait on her (and me to some extent), please her sexually (and perhaps me - perhaps others) at my direction. In essence, to be a third for serving, helping with bondage, etcetera - regarding her, and receiving sexual satisfaction from fucking her. You will be disappointed when we didn't wish to make you the center of the scene - she would be the center of the scene. So - please be one who enjoys facilitating me, in regards to her, with bondage, discipline, use of toys, oral sex with her, straight one-on-one sex with her, and DP. LASTLY: If you are not within 75 miles of our location, please do not expend your energy. We do not seek a live-in, nor do we seek someone who wishes to relocate to us. Interests: Abduction, Age Play, Anal, Anal Beads, Anal Sex, Anonymous Encounters, arm-binders, Ball Gags, Bare Bottom Spanking, Bare Handed Spanking, BDSM, begging, belt spanking, belt whippings, Ben Wa Balls, Bimbofication, Blindfolds, blow jobs, blushing, Body Paint, Bondage, bondage art, Bondage Equipment, Bondage Tape, Boss/Secretary, Branding, Breast Bondage, Breast Spanking, breast whipping, Breast/Nipple Torture, breastfeeding, breasts, Breath Play, Business Suits, Butt Plugs, Candle Wax, Caning, Caressing, ,Chains, Chocolate, some choking, Cigars, Clamps and Clips, claws, Cling Film, clit pumping, clit spanking, Clothespins, Clover Clamps, ,Collar and Lead/Leash, Collars, Consensual non-consent, control, Corsets, Costumes/Dressing-up, Covert Bondage, crops, Cunnilingus, cunt torture, D/s, Daddy Daughter role-play, Daddy/girl, Degradation, Dildos, Discipline, Doctor/Nurse Play, Domination, Double Penetration, Duct Tape, Erotic Literature, Erotic Photography, Exhibitionism, Face Fucking, Face Slapping, Fear, Feathers, Female Ejaculation, female humiliation, Fetish Wear, -nights, Figging, fingering, fingernails, Fishnets, Fisting, Flashing, Flirting, Flogging, Food Play, fucking machines, Gagging/Choked by Cock, Gags, Gangbangs, Geisha, Glass Dildos, glory hole, gloves, Golden Showers, group sex, Gun Play, Hair bondage, Hair Pulling, hairbrush spanking, Handcuffs, hand-jobs, Hands, hemp rope, High Heels, Humiliation, Humor, Ice Cubes, impact play, Incest Role Play, Interrogation, Japanese Bondage, kidnapping role-play, Kissing, Knife Play, knives, Lactation, ,Large objects, Leather, legs, Librarians, Light Bondage, Lingerie, Maid, Maid Uniforms, Makeup, Making Home Movies, male authority, Masks, Masochism, Massages, Master/Slave, Masturbation, Medical Play, Medieval Devices, Mental Bondage, military, military interrogation, Military Uniforms, mind control, Mind Fucks, Multiple Orgasms, Mutual Masturbation, Necks, Nipples, Nudity, Nun/Priest Play, Obedience Training, Objectification, Old Guard Slavery, Oral Sex, Orgasm Overload, Orgy, otk spanking, outdoor bondage, Outdoor sex, Paddling, Pain, Panties, Percussion Play, Photography, Piercings, pigtails, Pin-Ups, Pinching, Pirates, Play Rape, polyamory, Porn, Predator/prey, Predicament Bondage, Pressure points, Protocol, pulling hair, Public Humiliation, public play, Pursuit, Take-Down & Capture, Red Heads, Religious Play, Remote-Control Devices, Restraints, Riding Crops, Rimming, Rituals, Role Play, Rope Bondage/Suspension, rough sex, Sadism, Sadomasochism, Saran Wrap, Satin, Scarf bondage, Scent, schoolgirl, schoolgirl uniform, Seduction, ,Sensation Play, sensual domination, sensual play, Sensual/slave dances, sensualism, Service-oriented submission, sex, ,Sex In Public, sex in the cemetery, sex in video-store porn rooms, sex with strangers, sexual objectification, sexual slavery, shaving, Shibari, Silk, Single Tail Whips, Skirts, Slapping, Slave Bells, slavery, sleep assault, sleepy sex, sluts, Spanking, speculums, Spreader Bars, Squirting, Stockings, submission, subspace, suspension, Suspension Bondage, Swallowing, swinging, swords, sybian, Taboo, Talking Dirty, Tattoos, Teacher/Student, tearing off clothing, threesomes, Tit Fucking, tit slapping, tongue sucking, ,Total Power Exchange, Touching, TOY MAKING, Toys, Triple Penetration, Uniforms, Vacuum pumping, Vaginal Stretching, Velvet, Verbal Humiliation and Degradation, Vibrators, Victorian pornography, vintage lingerie, Vintage Porn, Voyeurism, Wartenberg Pinwheels, Water-sports, Wax, webcams, whipping, Whips













Gender Identity:









 5' 11"




Gender Identity:










 5' 7"

 155 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Dominant male

Submissive female

Sub/Sub Couples

Male Dom Couples



 Fine Dining

 Museums (Expert)

 Musical Theater (Expert)





 Amusement Parks (Beginner)

 Antique Shows (Beginner)

 Art Galleries

 Bar Hopping


 Coffee Shops

 Fishing (Beginner)

 Going to the Opera


 Renaissance Faires (Beginner)



 Bird Watching

 Flea Markets (Beginner)

 Garage Sales (Beginner)

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Journal Entries:
7/11/2012 10:53:53 AM

Inundated with responses.  Please be patient; all will be replied to - civility requires responding, correct?

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