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Hetero Male Dominant, 43,  Later Maybe, California
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Life is short - choose carefully whom to spend it with.

INTP in search of a compatible match. Wondering if there's one.

Here’s who I’m hoping to find:

A Woman with a capital W. Someone with mature thinking and a positive outlook on life, to counter-balance my somewhat pessimistic and sarcastic outlook. Someone who’s at least relatively fit and attractive, both on the outside and on the inside, without self-esteem issues, who prizes herself for holding to high standards and ethical values. Someone free from any sort of substance addictions, adhering to reality, holding an appreciation for arts, and the ability to think abstractly, beyond the trifles of daily life. Someone who considers D/s as a way of life in her core, but is perfectly capable of leading a downright vanilla life to the world outside. Someone whose affairs are neat and organized, competent in what you do, honest, loyal and trustworthy. Someone who's turned on by a man who leads with love, rather than a man who rules by fear and force. Someone who's willing to let go and be adventurous in the bedroom, but longs for a lifetime connection. Someone with a great sense of humor and good taste. To sum it up: an "Alpha Female"; not a Domme, but a submissive "Alpha Female". Let the concept sink into you for a moment. Think if that's who you are.

I run my own business, work very hard at it, and crave for a woman who can stand by me, be my life support system, my oasys in a cut-throat work life. I don’t open up easily, but when I let someone in, it stays there. I’m not a social butterfly, I rather enjoy the coziness and the quietness, although when in a group that I feel comfortable with and I find interesting, I quickly become very entertaining. I’m a musician and composer in my free time, and having someone who can appreciate (or even partake) with me in that would be wonderful. I was raised as a strict Christian, but nowadays my views lean heavily towards agnosticism. I’m 43 and usually described as 'handsome'; tall, dark hair, dark green eyes, in rather decent shape. I crave for a companion of adventures. Your level of experience as a submissive matters little to me, as long as you feel inside that's who you really ARE.

However, if you're in it mostly for the fetish kink, the instant gratification, or seek degradation on yourself, then we're not a match. Please be realistic about how you look. I need a physical connection to start off - it's important to me, or it's a no-go. Smoking, body piercings and large tattoos are major turn-offs for me.

Despite my given location on CM's, I’m in the sunny western Europe. I’ll share more with you if you decide to write, which I welcome you to. If you open my profile, I’ll surely open yours in return. If I find your message alluring and if asked politely, I may share my RL pic with you. Thank you for looking.

One final note: If you're under half my age, don't expect me to take you seriously; If you're over 3 years my own age, I'm probably not interested.













 Dominant Male

 Later Maybe 


 6' 0"

 209 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive female

Switch Women


Online Romance


 Fine Dining







 Electronica / EDM

 Rock Music








 Anal Play



 Orgasm Control



 Amusement Parks

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 Classical Music


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