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Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  Mexico
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I have found that there is often an abundance of “what a submissive/slave is suppose to offer” but rarely do I see things about what a Dominant is suppose to offer. So here goes. A Dominant has a responsibility to provide a safe environment, mentally and physically. A Dominant is responsible to nurture and encourage their submissive’s personal growth, help them to see the path around obstacles, encourage them to reach for their goals and assure them that they are capable of achieving them. A Dominant has a good ear for listening and should become a best friend, confidante, mentor and guide to their submissive. A Dominant should base their decisions regarding their submissive on what is in the best interest of that submissive. They should be just as willing to say “no” as they are to say “yes” if that is what is ultimately best for that submissive. A Dominant should understand the need of the submissive to please and they should provide and allow for circumstances for that submissive to meet that need. A Dominant is responsible for providing structure. The rules have to be made clear and concise and it is the responsibility of the Dominant to convey to their submissive; what their expectations of them are.









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