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Hetero Male Dominant, 31,  Portland Area, Oregon
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I am actively seeking a sub/slave. I have researched this lifestyle for a long time now and am ready to dive into it. What I am looking for is a slave to be owned by me who will eventually marry me and bear My children. This is a 24/7 lifestyle that I seek as it will occur in and out of the "bedroom". A contract will be drawn up by both of us and signed. The contract will detail what is expected of her and her consequences if she disobeys. If she is worthy enough, down the road, she will be eventually collared. My slave must be willing to go through body modifications such as piercings and tattoos. Eventually, she will be branded with my name/initials. My slave will work to generate income for us and provide Me with the best service possible. I'm not looking to relocate anyone at this time but might be up to talking with you for a period of time over the phone/via text messaging/or online messaging before I feel like you are trustworthy enough to follow through. My slave must be smaller than Me and preferably in shape. If she is not in shape, then she will become in shape while with me. She will keep her hair and nails done at all times. She will wear make-up. NO EXCEPTIONS If she does not have blonde hair, she will dye it upon becoming my slave. NO EXCEPTIONS Any other questions, feel free to ask. I photos upon request.












 Dominant Male

 Portland Area 


 6' 1"

 225 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

 Lives For:

 Body Worship


 Corner Time





 Eye Contact Restrictions




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