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Hetero Male Dominant, 37,  Iowa
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Currently looking for a submissive partner for a long term relationship.� � Was married for 9 years, and while still friends, found it to be very vanilla.� I've always been very sexual, and had a high sex drive since about grade 4 when I was fantasizing about my math teacher. That said, I'm very well traveled, (have seen over 25% of world), intelligent and reasonably well off.� � Would I relocate the right person, help support them, absolutely.� Will I send money without meeting in person first, NEVER in any shape or form.� Would I meet in person, and I really don't care where, absolutely.� Its amazing how quick supposed "looking" girls disappear the minute you show a willingness to do what you say your going to.� I'm just tired of playing the same broken record over & over, and its actually quite easy to spot, so I'm hoping this will eliminate the "spam" contacts as its just a big waste of time. � As for me, am I real?,, well, after playing this game for a year or so, have managed to actually meet a couple of girls who are actually what they claim.� For various reasons, (usually geographical, tied to family's and can't relocate), it hasn't worked out but they can provide a reference�to the fact I�am not a fake, but I'm not about to subject them to the majority of fakes on this site without at least an initial screening process. � If your interested in learning more, figured I'd start a post about what I'd like, and what I think about.� If the right girl is out there, we will click, if not, will keep looking and look at different ways to meet the right girl. � �












 Dominant Male


 Willing to Relocate

 6' 0"

 160 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

 Lives For:



 Fine Dining


 Scuba Diving



 Wax Play

 Curious About:





 Outdoor Bondage

 Sensory Deprivation


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Journal Entries:
12/7/2012 7:15:55 PM

As I experminent more with this lifestyle, I picked up a remote controlled vibrator last year, that allows me to play music thru it, and have it pulse to the music.  Fun little toy,,,.  That said, I was talking to another member on this website, and given that most are fakes, her attitude was one that really needed adjustment.  I got thinking about what I'd do in person if she gave that attitude face to face, and figured I'd put it down, (and you know who you are read it, consider this, I've already assembled 75% of the equipment to do this and absolutely mean that meet me, this would happen..),,,


Also, that said, if anybody wants to comment, feel free but please keep it real (as I'm not into "what if's", so far everything I think up has come true or I've the current means to make it).  Even though I'm looking now, I really hate repetition, so looking constantly for new idea's to keep life,,, Interesting,,,,,


So given I didn't know much about this member, except her responses to a resonable email were very unrespectfull.  That said, with a display of ass up, head down, got thinking about that position, and what I'd do if I was there live.  I was recently offered the purchase of a taser, but declined given I didn't have a use for it, but figured that this situation would be perfect for that, and suddenly provides me with a incapacitated sub who needs an object lesson in obedience. 


I'm reasonably good with my hands, but given the time, would probably go to the local petshop and buy a large outdoor doghouse.  I'd escort her out to the doghouse (as she woudl be currently tied up), and any resistance met with another tasing.  Then I would suspend her in the same position in the photo, ass up, head down, with a strap around her waist to support her.  Legs / hands chained to the 4 corners, enough slack to preven cramps, but not enought to move from the position. 


Just a little background, I earned a degree in electronics as a kid cause I loved to be able to build whatever I want, rather than rely on what exists, this is where the punishment comes in.


Heartbeat monitors, blood pressure, O2, ect, fairly simple devices to aquire and read as long as you don't have to build them to "lifesaving levels".  Its easy to read, and once a woman has had an orgasm or two, you can build a pattern that a computer can understand.  So, what I'd do is take two of the vibrators, and insert them into both her holes.  To be truely evil, I'd use her Ipod,(ect), and verify a suitable selection of songs, (some long / loud, others quiet, as the vibrators respond to the music), and adjust if nessisary, to gain a nice mix of stimulating songs, and ones that leave her begging for more. 


After making sure she is suitably tied up, I'd one last trick,, I'd picked up a collar that responds to barking to make sure that she doesn't cry out being in the back yard (as well as connecting it to the "system").  After ensuring that it is suitably in place, that she has food / water, (well it is a dog house, so ....),,, would turn the ipod on to shuffle. 


Everything would be fine untill the computer detects that she is close to orgasm, then it would shut down,,, if she continued on her own,,, well, thats where the dog collar comes in,,,, and wait, and repeat.


After a suitable time, (depending on how much attitude existed), I'd quiz her on what she learned, and her attitude.  If the proper respect was shown, then, and only then would she be allowed to cum with her masters cock in her,, and given the previous denial, and my experience with teasing this way,,, well,,, in my experience they usually look for ways to be bad again.





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