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Hetero Male Dominant, 52,  Los Angeles, California
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"Your wetness is your tribute to me... ....your orgasm is MY gift to you."
**I'm a "needle in a haystack".... are you? ** **I'm not here seeking short term sexual validation or gratification.... are you?** **Do you see D/s as a mere doorway to a much deeper world that embraces not just physical or carnal sensation, but that lights every ember of your innermost psychological, spiritual and soulful fire?** I'm looking at a bigger picture... and sure, with 25 years experience as a Dominant, a Master, a Trainer, an Owner, I've surely had lots of excitement and fun along the way, but now I am seeking something much deeper; a real connection... one that goes far beyond the surface of the skin.
A long term relationship of mutual respect, unconditional love and passion... and absolute hierarchy; a complete and intense surrender into the hands of the one you love and trust with every ember in your mind/body/spirit. I am an artist & entrepreneur based in Los Angeles but travel often to many different countries. I'm intelligent, articulate, informed, understanding, passionate, globally and culturally conscious, a gourmet chef, a purveyor of the best food & wine, tech savvy, spiritually balanced and I seek the highest forms of energy on the planet. All boldness aside, I am also incredibly humbled by the awesome beauty, glory and omnipotence of mother nature, the insane achievements of the best of human creation, and the indescribable beauty of the female energy and form. Why am I on a site like CM? The answer to that is met with both a smile and a sigh..... Well.. for me the vanilla world is vast and fertile, but it's a far more time-consuming journey in the search for my soulmate, of whom we will connect on the most beautiful and powerful level of D/s. The weeding process can be easier within the D/s networks. 99.999% is a NO. I'm looking for that very special needle in the haystack.. and when I find her, it will be unmistakable.
You are in your 20's or 30's, but feel most complete with an older Dominant/Daddy, who lets you fall into a blissful safe surrender to your deepest youth and submission.... and who has the maturity to be RESPONSIBLE for the sacred opening of your deepest vulnerability.
Rather than the usual sex-obsessed motivation, I'm inspired by the more historic accounts of submission and slavery, i.e., the Chinese courtesans, the Odalesques of the Ottoman Empire, the Victorian slaves, Carriage & Deportment... I read The Story of O when I was a teenager (yikes!)... and my life changed from that moment forth. Admittedly, I believe I am a bit odd here... and many of you won't be interested in someone like me. You won't find me out "clubbing" or partying... or "chillin" on the couch drinking a beer and watching TV... or posing as the stereotype alpha leather biker dude... spewing forth a carefully measured statue of testosterone... bald, beefy, surly & tattooed, perhaps looking like I just walked off-stage from the "Village People" reunion tour... and broadcasting the essence of a self-bubbled Dominant seeking power from "innocent" victims who happen to inhabit the appropriate female body. In other words, I am not hard up, horny, or one of the many drooling male creatures here looking to acquire instant reverence from an easy and passive girl he would never otherwise have a chance of hooking up with. Instead... I am an artist. I breathe from the creative source. Are you running yet? Run, Forest, run!. Aah.. sometimes caught between OCD and ADD, but I am driven to the highest forms of life experience. Although it may not seem like it from this profile, I'm actually quite humble, caring/giving/benevolent.. and will seek to empower the 'other' before boasting about myself. I do this - quite simply because I am a man who is very, very confident with a high level of intelligence in the physical, mental and spiritual practices that encompass the perfectly natural realm of Dominance and Submission. Notice I said "perfectly natural"... unlike what modern society has been preaching for the last 20 years. I am also a sensual sadist. As is the thread of many historic religious doctrines, I believe suffering is essential part of your powerful sacrifice. There is transformation in sacrifice. And your surrender to it is powerful beyond words. If you are someone who appreciates the need for contrition, punishment and admonishment as part of your honor and devotion, then you are someone I am interested in talking with. I have a penchant for obedience training, intense discipline, and even formal slavery. but not as a shallow seeker of power, but instead as a path to a higher place of mutual empowerment. A place that is intense, yet showered in compassion and responsibility.
Mutual Empowerment! Synergy! Agreements! You will be most happy when making ME happy, and helping me to stand a bit taller, so that I can - in turn - return the power back to you with a higher level of confidence and strength. Hmm... am I getting too deep?? **smiles** And now with unwavering patience, I am carefully seeking out a soul connection... to that special girl out there... who needs eternal love, acceptance, validation, guidance and protection, through the extreme paradox of trust and profound vulnerability. A girl who seeks to both give and lose herself, totally, helplessly with complete abandon, into the strong hands of discipline, honor, trust and love. I seek to be the one you trust with every cell in your body... who walks the world with both passion and experience, and who is mature and responsible enough to hold in his hand, your deepest vulnerability. SEX? Absolutely. But sooooooo much deeeper. The most powerful D/s relationship cannot be driven by sex alone. It will never sustain that way. It never does. Yes, the sexual energy is great.. tantric and extraordinarily powerful... and serves as a poignant part of your deepest submission... yet it's not only about sex. Just behind the doorway to your sexuality lies your deepest vulnerability. That - to me - is sacred. Of course I will own - entirely & infinitely - your sexuality. I will own it with responsibility, and I will use it to condition you and cultivate your deepest respect and obedience, but also to increase the flow of your yearning, and put you precisely where I want you... desperate for my presence, my energy, my touch... my love.
Here is your mantra: Your wetness is your tribute to me. Your orgasm is my gift to you.
What I am seeking: I'm seeking a relationship that it is a holistic exchange of life, love, and expression... both vanilla and kink.. but within natural and organic roles... it's the whole package.

A girl.. a woman.. evolved.. with a grip of understanding and acknowledgment of her deepest purpose... she is driven by the voice within that directs her to seek her most powerful destiny, despite society's pressures otherwise. It is not meant to be such a struggle... it is meant to be natural. Are you service-oriented? Does your highest pleasure come from pleasing others? Do you possess a gift in this way? Are you young in body but evolved in spirit? Are you healthy, both physically and mentally? Is your deepest desire to engage in a 'synergy', rather than go it alone? Does it feel right to surrender yourself to a masterful Dominant man? To surrender so completely to your deepest vulnerability, that you do it first with trust and then complete abandon?...literally turning yourself inside out for him? The girl I seek is especially sexy, but not in the way our media and shallow culture has presented it. She is beyond the shallow validations so many girls elicit from forced and pretentious 'sexiness'. The girl I seek is most sexy to me in clothes... glasses... perhaps she even wears her long sweater sleeves over her hands.. but she fully embraces her most powerful trait: her beautiful, precious and sacred vulnerability. If this is you... and you resonate with the above words..... I ask that you contact me. Your/Our future may be waiting....












 Dominant Male

 Los Angeles 


 5' 10"

 165 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

 Lives For:

 Travel (Expert)

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