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Hetero Male Dominant, 61,  United Kingdom
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LADIES PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER AS THE TERM DOC IN MY TITLE MIGHT SUGGEST A MEDICAL PRACTITIONER RATHER THAN MY OWN QUALIFICATIONS AS A DOCTORATE IN ''DEEP ORIFICE CHALLENGES'' I COULD GO ON WITH SIMILAR NONSENSE BUT WE BOTH KNOW WHY YOU ARE HERE I HAVE THE GENTLE PLIABLE HANDS OF A SURGEON NOT A BUILDER AND I KNOW THAT THIS IS MORE OF A GIRL TO GIRL PLAY AND IN GENERAL FOR OBVIOUS REASONS GIRLS ARE MORE PROFICIENT BUT IF YOU FANCY A CHANGE, READ ON If you want to experience or re-experience vaginal or even anal fisting / probing or enjoy some of the sensation of being vulnerable, spread and then gently, progressively but unremittingly violated by a surgeon's like hand easing within you. A previous play partner used to say, shave it, suck it, oil it and crawl back in. It is OK if you want just finger play in one or either but nothing will be forced or rushed. My interest is not in pain giving but a sense of control and giving pleasure over hours not minutes with my words of encouragement and your soft moans For Girls who wish enjoy a submissive sexual relationship yet for domestic reasons and total discretion fear being marked or become pregnant, this might be ideal. Naturally whilst you are being intrusively examined and 'worked-on' I will do my very best to ensure that your orgasms are a worthwhile distraction and also because I want us to feel that this is a good experience and want more. If you are less embarrassed by loss of bladder control with another woman than a man, don't be. It simply is a sign of me providing a job well done and towels are there to be used. I offer sexual fun not torture and I respond immediately to the word STOP For girls who have submissive needs or just want to test it out, I will gladly spank, cane put into restraint & bondage etc but THIS IS PURELY OPTIONAL I am very discrete and this condition is also your protection and just like the NHS '' National Hand Service'' is transaction free. Many men would like to be 'hung' like a donkey and so probably would more of their womenfolk and now even that fine eqine animal can only be found at the sea-side, a sancutary or salami, so why not consider this civilised alternative. So enough of this Seasonal Jollity, if you are in any way interested, please allow me access to mankind's most precious gift.   











 Dominant Male

 United Kingdom

 6' 1"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Switch Women

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