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Pan Male Slave, 50,  Prosperity, South Carolina
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OWNERSHIP CONTRACT This statement may be copied and presented to me for signing , as proof that i am the owned property of the couple who takes possession of me as their personal property , and has formally sentenced me to lifetime servitude , and sexual service . i am here for those masters , white couples or singles , that not only want a slave , but need a slave . Perhaps you are handicapped , over wt , or just want to take life easy , and indulge yourself , and exp the kind of intense pleasure you know you deserve . i have no diseases . Will serve abusive , heavy smokers , and drinkers ,

i am not seeking anyone athletically inclined , or interested in feminizaton of male slaves . or cbt . Plenty of those out there already . Prefer short overwt masters , Those who's sexual \sadistic needs get ignored by others . Or those with such intense sexual drives , they cannot be satisfied by "normal " means .

Here is what i can offer you Sir , Mistress :

1.Income : i will work any local job ,for i blv a slave should support his master, as much as possible , as an act of respect .

2."Sex" will never be a consideration for me , i exist for the sexual satisfaction of my owners .

3.Full ownership . You owe me nothing , i alone am responsible for my health , expenses etc (which will be quite small) , once i become your property) . i will be cheaper than a dog to keep , so that my income can go for your needs .

3.Surrender : i forfeit all rights , possessions etc , liberties and freedoms to my master . i accept that as your slave i have no "rights" only responsibilities , that can only be carried out thru dedicated 24\7 service . Once you have made the decision to own me , and have imprisoned me in your house , i accept that my life is over , and must be surrendered to your full control. i will also surrender any possessions , money , etc to you .

4.Submissive obedience : Though i do not like "pain"more than anyone else , i realize that my master's sadistic\sexual impulses , must always take priority over any other considerations . And it is my responsibility to insure my master always achieves full sexual satisfaction for any sadistic act carried out on me , no matter how painful .

6.No interference : i have abs NO "contacts " family , or anythng else to interfere with your full complete ownership . No one will ever Q you , sir , about any marks , belt welts , etc etc left by your sadistic acts . i owe it to you , as your dedicated slave , to insure that you can carry out these acts with the complete peace of mind , that there will never be any "consequences " , no matter how severe my suffering .












 Male Slave


 South Carolina

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Domme/Dom Couples

Femdom Couples

Male Dom Couples

A Poly Household

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