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High caliber Dom/Mas I am no longer looking for that one true submissive/slave, I now own her.
Hetero Dominant Couple, 40,  Westchester, New York
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 Dominant Couple


 New York

 5' 10"

 190 lbs





High caliber Dom/Mas I am no longer looking for that one true submissive/slave, I now own her. she is dianna and here under "saintsseraph". We/we should be considered a couple and live in and support a 24/7 M/s relationship. As a M/s couple there is a possibility of play and or session with some extremely select female subs; However, We/we are both quite exclusive and demanding in these selections (as people of Our/our caliber should be). Any applicants to this must meet the approval of both, must comply to the complete and total usage of Myself and My dianna. Separate play and or session is strictly forbidden. My one true treasure dianna is alpha sub and deserves the respect and honor as such.
My experience is vast, 20 plus years in all aspects of D/s. 
 Though a believer in proper protocol, also follow no standard guidelines (this not saying I don't believe in safewords, just titles). I have studied and practiced extensively all cultures with that of a D/s influence from ancient to modern times. I prefer a mixture of all. I consider myself to be very much self created and was born the way I am. I am a most firm and assertive Master yet very sensual. To go ahead and answer the first question that seems to always be asked; My most profound view of the D/s revolves around Power Exchange, without this base all else is simply a game. Though that of a very talented hand, also a very talented heart and most wicked mind. Highly intelligent and educated, professional career and quite prosperous. Though I have to maintain a certain balance and outward appeal to the daytime world, still very wild and at heart. I'm an avid biker and love rallies and rides. Just another vast part of who I am.


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