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Hetero Female Dominant, 19,  New York City, New York
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I'm an attractive, intelligent young girl. I have men lining up for me every day, as so many women do. You need to understand that women are a commodity. Men are not.
If you choose to message me, your message must abide by my rules.
- Do not refer to me as Mistress or Goddess or anything else. Honorifics are a right that is earned. You may call me Miss Ruby.
- Do not offer me payment. I am not your whore. I am not for sale. The subs I choose will have their income controlled, but I am not a findom.
- State your name, age, role, income, relationship status, level of education, and occupation.












 Dominant Female

 New York City 

 New York

 5' 4"

 120 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Sub / Slave Male

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Journal Entries:
11/20/2017 10:49:17 AM
Many have asked me what I seek here on Collarspace. It's quite simple, really.

What I want is a basement filled with slaves. I want to pack men in my basement to the point where none of them can even move. No chains needed! Isn't that clever?

If you live in the home of Mistress Ruby, your life will be unpleasant indeed.

If you want sexual gratification, though, I'd be more than willing to help. I love sex with little slave boys... well, watching it, at least. I'd have to call over a boyfriend or a craigslist hookup with a substantial cock for you. Maybe I'll have to use tribute money to install a one way mirror so I can watch him dump cum in you and play with myself while I'm at it. I would never want a sub to see me orgasm. How embarrassing! Only alphas can watch Mistress Ruby touch her perfect cunt.

11/6/2017 8:13:14 PM
It's so sad when sub "males" have self-esteem. Some even think they're prizes! They're nothing but little freaks, if you ask me.

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