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Pan Female Slave, 30,  Alaska
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i do not live in Alaska. i live in Tennessee.

i am taking a reprieve from seeking, at this time in my journey. Please respect where i am in my life. Before You ask, or condemn, i reserve the right to maintain a profile on CS. Aside from its tools to meet and hook-up, it is also a community of like-minded individuals, and i enjoy keeping in touch with my contacts.

Yes, i have experience. Yes, said experience has been in real-time, live-in conditions. In my bdsm pursuits, i have been with a few male Dominants and 1 female Dominant. i have a slave-heart. What this means, is that i believe in no-limits, absolute control, micromanagement, non-consent, and even abuse. Bdsm is not just a way of life, but it is my religion. i practice subservience, surrender, adaption, and resilience in my mindset and behavior. i believe that men are superior, and that women are beautiful creatures whose purpose is to be an asset to the possession of a man. Above all, i practice being true to my slave-heart. This means that i can stand on my own two feet, preserve my dignity, not throw my pearls before swine, speak my mind respectfully, and be cautious and keen to who i associate with. You will find that i am an intelligent person who knows what it feels like to be made mindless and stupefied. You will find that i am a modest and clean individual who knows how to be slutty and dirty, and enjoy doing so. You will discover that my surrender runs deep, and that i have learned how to guard my surrender every step of the way. i am doormat material, but only for the trusted Few. i dont need to be happy, or kept happy, because the relationship does not revolve around me, but revolves around the Dominant. i relate to the God and slave dynamic, but very Few can connect with me in this manner. If You do, know that You tread upon my soul.

Please note, that while i have been around the block i have learned what works for me and what does not. i state what i know, and i know my place. i know that Someone can turn what i know upside down. So while the following are guidelines to what i know, i do not presume to state them as requirements or facts.









 Female Slave







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