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Pan Female Dominant,  Chicago, Illinois
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As long as man has had problems, man has needed advice.

And for the past ten years, they have come to me.

I am Elaine, and I have been writing an advice column for quite a few years.  I have decided to branch outward and turn my attention towards the BDSM community. 

I invite all - Dominant and submissive, male or female, to contact me. 

I am private and confidential.  Nothing will be posted without your prior permission, and any questions that are posted will be anonymous.

Weekly, I will be writing an article on various topics within the BDSM community.  If there is something you would like me to write about, let me know.

My articles will be posted in my journal until I have generated sufficient interest to build a website.  The website will be free.

Many have asked me why I have chosen to devote my time to this.  The answer is simple enough.  There are a lot of confused, nervous, new, or misguided people out there who just want answers.  Maybe you are too shy to post on the message boards, or your problem is personal and you want to share it with only a few people.  That is why I am here.

I have always been the 'go-to' woman for as long as I can remember.  That is what has influenced my career choice.  Even here on CollarMe, I find myself often being asked for advice on an array of different things.

I am not seeking a relationship, a sub, slave, or otherwise.

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Journal Entries:
8/29/2010 7:07:10 AM
This is a valuable resource for those of us in the BDSM lifestyle. 
Until recent years, BDSM/poly/leather lifestyles have been viewed as a form of mental illness.

The medical field is finally up to speed on the beauty of our interactions, practices and lifestyles.  It is important that if you seek help, you find a doctor that is right for you, and that means kink aware and tolerate of your practices.

Do not allow a medical professional to influence you, or convince you that you need medical help because you are a participant in this lifestyle.  Unless you are suffering from homicidal tendencies, you are not sick.

Please note the difference between a *Therapist* and a *Psychiatrist*

I am very anti psychiatrists.  They do not wish to help you, they want to shove pills down your throat that typically are unnecessary. Covering up the problem with a drug induced haze is NOT the answer.

Therapists and councilors alike are willing to help you cope, listen to you and offer advice.  They work with you and teach you techniques for every day life that are realistic and helpful.

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