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Pan Transgender Dominant, 46,  South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am she, the dark lady of love and mercy, of wrath and vengeance, and I am all your desire. To me you stretch forth your arms, and to me you open your lips to drink the heady wine of my mouth. But beware; for once taste the sweetness of that drink, then you shall drown forever in the dark depths of my soul.

I am aglow with sunshine, and the radiance of the moon within; and within my eyes, the stars shine. Lady of love and of victory, bright gate of glory through the darkening skies, queen of love and beauty am I, crowned with all that is light and life and love to you.

I seek you, who shall understand that your soul is mine, to be my plaything and my toy. And in me, shall be all your desire. As my soul calls to you, so shall yours speak with mine, in words, and that which lies beyond words.

I am she for whom you have sought across the long years, for whom you have thirsted in the burning deserts, and ached in the frozen wasteland. For me you have looked in vain in the echoing halls of your own mind. And now I am here, and call to you. Come, and be mine again, as in time long gone. Come, offer yourself; give yourself in all that you are, and you shall not find me ungrateful; the life you have known is ended; a new life awaits. You shall serve and worship me, your goddess; honour me with chastity and obedience, worship upon your knees in the temple of pain, and to me shall all things you have and are be offered. Your heart has long been mine; now give me your soul, your very life, into my gentle keeping. You shall cease to be ought but the slave of our love and desire; and in your servitude shall you find that which you have sought.

About me:

I'm a 47 yr old Transgender-girl – look it up if you don't know what that means – maybe best to look it up if you think you do, as well........

I live in a cottage in a village in Yorkshire, not far from Sheffield. I'm self employed, which is just as well since I have a small menagerie of pet animals here. If you come here, you must be an animal lover – and not in terms of play, these are my pets.

I'm slim and attractive; size 14/16, except when I've been on the chocolate too much.....although I do exercise and watch my diet. Walking, swimming, gym and yoga are my main physical leisure activities. For other interests, see my interest list.

Please don't come to me with a long list of what you want me to do to you.. I am willing for you to tell me your hopes and dreams, and if they do fit with some of the things I enjoy doing, great; we'll do them. But please be aware that I am not your personal fetish delivery system. My fetishes and interests are probably fairly mainstream; see my interest list. If its not on there and I haven't mentioned it here, its likely I won't be interested in doing it to you. If you do come to me, you are coming because we share common interests, and primarily because you want to experience the closeness of serving, and being owned, controlled and disciplined by, a strict, but never sadistic, caring dominant.Unless you are service oriented, you will not fit into my household.

What I'm looking for –

Slaves who can give good, and reasonably frequent and regular service. I'm not really interested in one -off encounters, or seeing you every couple of months, unless we make special arrangmenets for that.

Stephanie is my switch slave/girlfriend, housekeeper and personal assistant. She is responsible for taking much of the burden of interviewing, training and supervising new staff, so although you are welcome to contact me personally, it is likely I shall ask her to talk with you and make any arrangements regarding your potential service to me. Bear in mind that, in anything I describe below, you would be serving alongside and under her direction, and alongside any other slaves within my charge.

Ideally,you'll be height and weight proportionate; although if you're big and can carry it off that would be ok. I'll need to see a face pic at some doesn't mean you have to be stunning; my tastes are broad, and its just you need to be reasonably acceptable to me. I don't mind a certain amount of male body hair, but definitely no beards! Apologies, but we all have our foibles, and this is one of mine.

If you're local, all the better and easier. If you're not, you will need to be able to relocate for 24/7, or have somewhere decent to which I might be willing to relocate; and be able to travel and spend some time being interviewed and trialled. If 24/7 isn't an option, you will need to be able to travel to me. You need to be working or have the ability to find work locally, since I'm neither a charity nor an employment agency, and its not part of my plan to provide free board and lodging, nor bdsm holidays. ... well, on the latter, enquiries are welcome as long as you're willing to pay your way.... I work and pay my way, and you will have to do so, too; although you may be locked in a cage overnight on occasion, if I wish it – and I have the cages – you will still be going to work next day. Well, unless its weekend or something. But whether you're here 24/7 or just for the day, I expect an appropriate, reasonable contribution to my household budget; I'm not providing food, drink, lodging, the opportunity to experience control and service in a female led household, and quite possibly some play too, at my own expense. You are, after all, supposed to be offering yourself in order to make my life more comfortable. I am neither a findomme nor pro-domme, although I do have an Amazon wishlist; I just expect you to pay your way appropriately.

In addition to any work outside my home, you will serve me personally when here with me. You will be performing domestic tasks such as general housework, shopping, cooking, and also helping care for my animals; so some cage cleaning and dog walking, for example. (One of the cages you're cleaning is the one you're quite likely to be spending time locked in....) You will also be helping with my personal care; bathing, manicure, foot and body massage, pedicure, make up. If you don't know much about these things now, you'll learn. Then there are the more personal, recreational services........If you have other useful skills to offer, let me know, and I'll see if I can put them to good use in my service. You never know.

You will normally be clothed in my personally approved working clothes inside the house, possibly as sissy, maid, or as I decide best fits your role, along with slave collar and cuffs. I maintain a strict protocol, so you can expect to be learning a number of rules regarding things like movement and resting positions, eye contact and verbal restrictions. You'll be spending a fair bit of time kneeling respectfully, and won't be on the furniture much. If male or trans you'll be in chastity much of the time, except when it pleases me to release you for my pleasure.

If you are transitioning, or decide you wish to do so, you will find me a very supportive Mistress. Both I and others I know will be glad to give you all the help and support we can, and to aid you to follow the pathway.

I believe that it is the slave's duty to do its best to please its Mistress and to make her life better and easier; in return, it is Mistress's role to help her slaves be the best they can be, in all areas of their lives. A slave which is fulfilling its potential and is happy in life reflects well on its Mistress. So in whatever life role you come to me, male, female, sissy, trans, or whatever, and whatever you most desire to be, serve me well, and I shall do my best to help you become more fulfilled as the person you are.

If not caged at night, you may sleep in my bed, if I want you to serve me sexually, or just fancy a cuddle; I'm human after all. Other times you may sleep chained naked to the bed in the spare room. Or chained pretty much anywhere I feel like chaining you.....

I have numbers of scene friends and entertain frequently at my home, so you will be required to learn silver service for my dinner parties.

I shall use you for bdsm play as I wish when I wish, putting you in bondage, beating you, and applying various inventive and amusing – for me! - techniques to your body and mind. You will attend clubs and other venues with me when I choose, and be used there by me, and possibly by others; although I shall always be present to ensure your safety and well being, if not comfort...

There are also likely to be opportunities for service and play with my friends, but this would always be subject to mutual agreement and normally engaged in under my direct supervision to ensure your safety and well being. In any play activities with me you would always have safewords, and these and your hard limits would always be respected. The same would also apply in any play situations with any of my friends. Any sexual activity, if engaged in, would always be subject to mutual agreement and would always be safe sex.

Your limits will be respected, although you may find under my direction and care some of them will expand over time. I have what I regard as the usual 'sane' limits - no underage, animals, and you will never be asked or expected to engage in anything illegal, or inflicting irreversible damage on you or anyone else.

If the above interests you, please come and talk with me. I'm friendly, until you're gagged and in chains, and the whips and clamps come out.........I enjoy good conversation and am always willing to discuss possibilites with sensible people.

And, although in no way obligatory, just in case you're feeling you'd like to express your devotion and further capture my attention, do feel free to look at my Amazon wishlist...........













 Dominant Transgender

 South Yorkshire 

 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 8"

 167 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Submissive Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

Submissive Female

Sub / Slave Male

Switch Female

Switch Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Female Led Couples

Male Dom Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Female Sovereignty

 Lifestyle BDSM


 Art Galleries


 Coffee Shops

 Going to the Opera







 Horseback Riding

 Martial Arts






 Body Worship


 Breast Play


 Canes and Crops



 Electrical Play

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Genital Punishment

 Being Massaged

 Foot Worship


 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Oral Service

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing


 Speech Restrictions






 Historical Shows

 Romance Novels






 Paranormal Phenomena



 The Occult


 Classical Music


 Opera Music


 Rock Music

 Seventies Music

 Show Tunes





 Auto Racing


 Kick Boxing






 Hard Limits:



 Certified Personal Trainer

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Journal Entries:
1/19/2017 2:31:31 AM

Reading my mags this week, so far I've come actoss this new supposed 'no diet' meal replacement programme from Germany - what's a meal replacement programme if not a diet? - that gets you to replace two meals a day with a yoghurt and soya drink, sweetened with 'enzyme rich' honey. So that would be yoghurt and soya powder with honey added, swirled up in the blender? It actually sounds quite tasty and I fully intend to give it a go, but probably get stephie to knock our own up rather than pay for the proprietary brand they're selling. Watch this space........

In the same mag, an ad for 'flatulence reducing underwear', with a pic of a happy looking woman bouncing about the bed with her boyfriend, both wearing the referred-to garments, which is presumably the reason they're smiling instead of pulling faces at the pong..........

Hopefully, not intended as a warning re the effects of too much yoghurt and soya...............

9/21/2016 2:25:15 PM

I lift the cup, taking in the feel of it, the shape, colour, texture. From whence came the materials of which it is made? Who designed it, made it, painted and fired it?

What of the water with which the tea is made? Whence did it come; on what mountains did the rain fall, in what underground streams and wells did it travel, how was it pumped to my home?

Where did the tea itself grow? Who planted it? Under what skies did it grow; with what rain was it watered, under what suns and moons did it ripen? Who tended and picked it, who packed and transported it, who placed it on what shelves from which I bought it?

I inhale its steamy aroma as I lift it to my lips, observe its colour, feel its warmth on my fingers where I hold the cup. I taste it as it crosses the hedge of my teeth, washes softly across my tongue and around my mouth, before trickling down my throat.

There is so much in drinking a cup of tea.

How much greater complexity with the addition of a chocolate biscuit..........

9/21/2016 2:59:14 AM
'There is nothing to fear, but fear itself'; (FDR Inaugural address, paraphrased)
'There is no way to peace and happiness; peace and happiness is the way'; Sayings of the Buddha. 

9/19/2016 1:53:40 AM
I now have one very good girl in my household in kinkysteffie, and am very happy with her progress. She's quite quickly making herself indispensible! A lovely girl with an excellent attitude to her service. 

I still have space in my household for potential slaves with a good service mentality, who will help and compliment steffie in her service to me and my good friends.  I am happy to train both new and more experienced slaves to my service,  as long as they have the proper desire for genuine service in the home of a dominant woman. It may also be possible to place suitable applicants with one of my dominant friends. 

Steffie is now acting as my Personal assistant and is generally the one to deal with interested enquiries, until she thinks that an applicant might be suitable for my personal consideration. At that point I would usually be looking for an early vanilla meeting to help confirm your potential and avoid wasting my time. 

I am also happy to talk with other Masters and Mistresses who may be interested in chatting, or meeting with me or other members of my family. 

8/25/2016 1:23:27 PM

There's a Zen story of a student going to the Master - they seldom seem to be Mistresses! - to ask the way to enlightenment. The Master asks, 'Have you eaten your meal?'; 'Yes', replies the student. 'Then wash your bowl', the Master says.

We spend so much time recalling the past, worrying about the future, we're seldom fully here, where we live, in the present moment. 'If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him', is another Zen precept. Its not suggesting Buddhacide! But there should be no other Buddha walking the road; just you.

Its fine to remember the past and learn from it, take pleasure in happy memories; its fine to plan for the future. This is all part of being whom we are. But we live here, in this present moment.

I was meditating; it was time to stop, but it began to rain. Through the open window I could hear the patter of the rain drops falling. So I sat on, listening. Being there, in the moment of the rain......

'The moment of the rose and the moment of the yew tree
Are of equal duration'. T.s. Eliot; 'Little Gidding'.

It is all here and now. What you seek, you already are. I suppose an interesting corollary of that is, whatever you bring to the table, that is what you will find there.

8/25/2016 10:53:09 AM
Note 'pour les idiots'.  I am a dominant trans woman. Not a cross dresser, not a transvestite, not a tv. I am not a man who wears frocks. I am not a man who woke up one morning and thought 'I'd like to be a woman'. I am a woman who had the misfortune to be born with a body that did not reflect my inner femininity, and after a lot of years of putting up with that, I'm taking all necessary steps to rectify that birth defect. I do indeed still have male genitalia - my own personal strap-on, which I can enjoy using -  but it takes more than a dick to make a man, and more than tits to make someone a woman. Possibly you disagree, in which case move right on down the bus. I am more feminine than many cis women - that's women born with a vagina to you - and if you wish to  talk with me please ensure you are not confused about that fact.  

1/18/2015 4:29:11 PM
If you're genuinely looking to serve, and you're reading my profile, I suggest you get in touch. I thought I'd have a look at the 'opposition' this evening, so did some trawling through the genetic femdommes. As far as I could see from the first half dozen pages - that's before I got fed up - around 93% are findommes or pro-dommes after your money. I'm not saying if you're into that kind of thing they won't provide a service for you;  if you enjoy 'wallet-rape', or can afford a couple of hundred quid an hour for a pro-domme, you go for it. But if you're genuinely looking to serve a lifestyler,  I'd definitely come and talk to me............

12/31/2014 10:47:24 AM
The food and drink is ready, the animals all fed and bedded down, and I'm gorgeous; just waiting now for my guests to arrive; relaxing with a well deserved sherry to start the evening!  Next year I trust that I shall be able to concentrate just on the being gorgeous and relaxing with the sherry bit; while my new slave/s do the  hard work of preparation. And if well done, maybe they might also get a sherry before providing the evening's service and amusements...........

Happy New Year to all.

12/31/2014 4:46:14 AM
Best wishes to all for a happy new year. Especially to certain people with whom I'm presently talking, and for whom this may be a very happy new year indeed if you continue as you've begun..........Kiss

12/30/2014 11:06:06 AM
If your main profile pic is of you or someone else shoving something up your arse, please don't bother me. Arses are fine, if attractive; regrettably, most in profile pics aren't especially so. They're like cocks and fannies; we all have one, but it doesn't mean to say I want yours shoved in my face. And if I want to shove something up yours, I will do so in my own good time; I do not wish to see it in graphic detail on your profile. So if messaging me, remove such pic first; unless you have an arse to die for......... or don't bother messaging me.

12/24/2014 6:29:43 AM
All best wishes for Christmas to all. If you don't celebrate Christmas,  best wishes for whatever you will be doing.

12/21/2014 10:23:34 AM
A note on what I seek; might be useful, I suppose........

1. A work slave. May be live in 24/7; or could serve on an 'as possible' basis, although I shall want regular service. Duties much as listed in my journal entry below - mainly jobs around the house, cleaning, washing, animal care, cooking and serving meals, and being available to provide such other services as I require, maybe sometimes even of a more personal nature - it just depends how I feel. You will, it goes without saying, be in permanent chastity unless I choose to allow any release, which will always be solely at my discretion and for my amusement rather than yours. You'll chauffer and accompany me on trips out and to clubs, and may be allowed to escort me to events and enjoy (if that's the right word!) me playing with you or loaning you out to others there. You're also likely to accompany me at times on holiday, although at times you will remain behind to care for my animals and home while I'm away. You will be expected to work outside the home and make a sensible contribution to expenses. I work and I'm not looking to support you in the life to which you wish to become accustomed. Obviously if you live closer to me it will make all of this easier; if you're further away you'll need to work something out. I'm not a charity nor job agency, so its your responsibility to sort something suitable. Hence its pretty self explanatory that I'm looking for someone sensible, honest and trustworthy who can combine a desire for lifestyle slavery with the ability to provide good real time service in the daily world. This position is particularly suitable for a more mature male, although also open to others who might wish to apply.

2. A personal body slave. This is also potentially a 24/7 position, although again I may accept someone who can provide regular good service without living in. You will provide those more intimate services, such as running and assisting in my bath and personal care routine; help with hair, make up, waxing and shaving, foot and body massage, manicure, pedicure. You'll be a companion who can keep me interested and amused with conversation if I wish it, and shut up and kneel in the corner quietly if I don't. You'll keep my bed warm when I want, and sleep on the floor beside the bed if I don't, just in case I change my mind and want you during the night. You'll fetch my morning tea and kneel beside the bed while I drink it. You may well drink my personal champagne. You will provide whatever sexual pleasure I require whenever I require it and in the best way you can in order to ensure my complete satisfaction. You will be kept in chastity yourself, since your role is to please me rather than yourself; however, if you do please me you can expect to be allowed opportunity for release as long as this also pleases me.  You will accompany me on trips to clubs, and engage in play with me or whomever else I give you to. You will also accompany me on shopping and other trips and on holiday when I desire. As with the work slave, its likely you will also have some work outside the home and contribute appropriately to my household, although part time would probably fit better with the demands of this position. It is again your responsibility to arrange this.
This position is likely to be suitable for a variety of applicants, since my tastes are varied. Younger men who are in good shape physically, and preferably fairly smooth - definitely no facial hair! Females whom I find attractive; younger t-girls - not guys who expect to arrive hairy arsed and with a beer belly, and  not even a pair of your own knickers, and for me to transform you! Older men who are in reasonable shape, and even with body hair and a bit of a belly can be attractive if they carry it off ok, so don't be put off if that's you....
It is possible that both positions could be filled by a single candidate if someone suitable comes along; or it may be two separate slaves. We shall see.

12/20/2014 5:00:05 PM

A little note to females; the journal entry relating to chastity is intended primarily for the guys! I am being so inundated by applications from men, most of whom graphically tell me what they want to do to me, or for me to do to them, and most of that involving the dangly bits between their legs, that I thought I'd make it clear that is not going to happen! Or at least, if it happens will be if and when I decide it will, and for my pleasure and amusement only.




But girls - now that is a different situation. And pretty young men or t-girls, too, of course.........and sometimes a fit hairy guy might just catch my interest enough to want to let him have his evil way....... Now as your Mistress, yes; I will still be the one calling the shots, and when we are in bed together - or rolling around the lounge floor, or lying halfway across the kitchen worktops, or in the ladies at a club even - you will be required to make sure your focus is on my pleasure. But I rather think you will be getting a lot of pleasure from doing so.




So no worries if you fit the bill, hey?

12/20/2014 4:58:47 PM

I have been asked how a male slave will serve me. So I thought I would write a little in my journal about this.




So; to the male who eventually becomes my slave: an outline of your possible duties. This is of course, subject to change and negotiation, depending on my wants and needs.




On rising in the morning (On release from your night time bondage) you will make my morning tea and see to the morning feed for the animals - I have a small collection of cage animals here, as well as my dogs and cats. You will get yourself a glass of water. You will then join me for our morning yoga and meditation, which lasts about half an hour and is performed naked. Fortunately, your nice strong chastity device will ensure we have no problems of distraction.......or do I mean erection?!  I will then shower while you prepare our breakfast; then you will shower and shave - that is all over by the way, apart from the top of your head - after we eat.




Its then dog walking time; that's 2 - 3 miles across country with my two dogs, morning and night, every day. This will be a 'family' outing, since I enjoy being out with them; although there may be occasions when you walk them without me.




Its then workies! I work; so will you. Your role is to help make my life better and more enjoyable, so you will contribute to me in this way as well as in your service. Your wages/salary will be paid to my account, and I will provide for you housing, food and clothing of my choice - which will probably be a lot better than you normally choose yourself! You are allowed no money of your own. (However, this is a complex issue in terms of property and finances such as savings and investments you have at the time of entering slavery. I am not looking to rip you off financially, and these will all be set aside legally in trust for you if you are ever discharged from my service, as will a proportion of your annual salary. So don't get all worried! )




When you get back from your work you will begin your household duties; basically, you do it all, while I relax.  I am a bit OCD about my home, so a high standard of cleanliness and order is expected; you are also responsible for all household shopping (I get to do the fun shopping! Clothes, shoes, handbags, that kind of Washing, windows, beds, are all up to you and you will have a rota to carry out your duties. You're also responsible for cooking, and if you're not already a good cook you will be sent for lessons. You will serve me, and then eat your own meal in the kitchen. If I choose to allow it, you may on occasion eat with me, if you've been a good boy.  However, on 4 evenings a week you will accompany me to the gym, where we shall be working out; you will serve dinner on our return home. On another evening we shall swim; and every evening there is of course another dog walkies! You get fit with me, boy!




Once you've cleared the table and dealt with the washing up, you will be allowed to kneel at my feet to await any service I may require; that;s mainly fetching drinks or putting batteries in the remote, not what you were hoping! Although you will also be sent on courses to learn how to provide satisfying foot and full body massage, manicure and pedicures, so that you can pamper me when I wish. So on many evenings you will be treating me to your skills in these areas. Another good reason fror a nice strong, secure chastity device; I SO want you to know you won't be distracted from providing an excellent service by any carnal desires..........




You will sleep in a separate room to me, strapped naked, spread, to the single bed. But you will have the comfort and pleasure of being strapped down by me in person, wearing my nightie, and then knowing I am in the next room, out of your reach, as I shall always be................although there may be occasions when I do desire your company in my room; to provide those intimate personal services a lady does need from a man on occasion..........even if he is a slave and securely locked in chastity while providing her with the pleasure she desires.............




A question I am asked at least 10 times a week is: will the slave be allowed any release from chastity, to be milked regularly, or maybe allowed to cum on his birthday? Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is he will rarely be allowed any release of any kind. Once you're mine, and a man, you can forget about the things between your legs; they were put there for me to use to torture you! Because they ain't being used for any sexual purposes for your personal pleasure ever again. If and when they get let out to play, it will be because I want them out for my amusement; so the pleasure will still be all mine. As for milking; I have not heard that chaste priests get milked (Well, maybe by the odd choirboy!); nor have I heard that they have any higher incidence of prostate or other penile problems than any other section of the male populace. Personally, I suspect that milking is an idea put about by guys who want an excuse to get something nice shoved up their arse! I may well be shoving things up inside you from time to time; but it won't be for milking. It'll be because I want to watch you squirm.........




Weekends will tend to include trips out; for days walking in the Peak with the dogs, an art gallery or theatre, shopping, or maybe clubbing, fetish or vanilla. You will normally act as chauffer on these excursions, as long as your other duties are not neglected. Depending on the nature of the trip, you will either accompany me on arrival, or if I choose, wait in the car for our return.




There will also be time spent in my personal cellar 'room'........I call it a 'room', but its scarier than may or may not like Mistress's 'room' probably depends on the reason you're there! I have some lovely - well, I think they're lovely; you may think they're scary - pieces of kit there. For playing with; doing nice, hurty things to people........strong dark wooden things; shiny metal things; hitty things; sharpy things; things that attach electrodes to sensitive parts of the get the idea! You will grow used to your regular visits here, sometimes with me; sometimes maybe with a friend, for I have other dommes under consideration to serve me. Sometimes maybe with both of us. You will come to know what it is like to be forced to accept your chains, your gag and hood, and to kneel and kiss Mistress's feet before she fastens you up or down and begins to amuse herself with your body and mind. And it is in here that you might indeed find all sorts of things getting shoved up and inside all kinds of interesting, sensitive parts of your naked, helpless body....In Mistress's 'room', no one can hear you scream.........




So, boys; are you still wanting to give yourselves to me?

12/20/2014 4:57:21 PM

A late night tonight, and I must be off to bed. But I want to make sure potential slaves are clear on one point.




As my slave,you will be permitted to serve me, to worship me, in many ways. I enviseage this as progressing at the right time to a 24/7, 365 relationship, so that we may both benefit from that. However, sex will not be part of what is expected from, or allowed to, you, unless it is by my wish and for my pleasure.




Now that doesn't mean I won't touch you, maybe at times quite intimately. It doesn't mean that you won't see me naked. It doesn't mean you might not even be allowed to share my bed - on a cold night, where else am I going to warm my feet?! It doesn't mean I don't want you to become sexually aroused and to show your desire for me. But it does mean you won't be allowed any opportunity to physically express your desire, unless I choose to allow that. And I mean, you do have a tongue in your head don't you?! And hands?! What did you think God gave those to you for - just to use for talking and playing with yourself?! They are for MY pleasure; and if I want you to please me with any other portion of your anatomy, I'll let you know - but don't count on it being too often, slave!




Call me a frustration vampire..........I feed from your frustrated sexual energies. I take pleasure in the constant, unending 'itch' of the desire you are never quite allowed to release.




Just in case you thought I sound SO nice............

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