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Selecting female slaves for poly family. This is an ideal situation for slaves with slut t
Hetero Male Dominant, 57,  Federal Way, Washington
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 Dominant Male

 Federal Way 


 5' 11"

 240 lbs





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Submissive Female

A Poly Household


 Metalworking Expert

Selecting female slaves for poly family.
This is an ideal situation for slaves with slut tendencies or slut backgrounds that want to transition into a Doll, Bimbo, or Slut. You will be encouraged to explore your sexuality to its fullest, without the typical shamming or rejection previously known. Hypnotherapy and relife programming will be used to clear blocks and focus your energies to assist in your transition. You will be taught how your slut gene has influenced your life, sexuality, and a natural desire to be submissive and serve. Youll also learn how to find happiness with a natural ethic of obedience and submission within your life.

Youll live the BDSM lifestyle day to day, and different fetishes and kinks and sexual fantasies will be pursued and explored. You will encounter various s of humiliation and degradation. There will be strict protocols, and violations will be punished as will breeches of house rules and procedures.

Ideally seeking live-in, LTR, 247 TPE with no blood or perm body marks or damage. DD free. Total ownership. Short-term stays will be considered.

Im a single, easy going, humorous, dominate alpha male. Ive been in BDSM for around 10 years. I have the patience and desire to instruct and train the inexperienced. My presence typically commands respect, obedience and submission, and a desire to please me. I believe, above all, that I have a responsibility to protect you from serious harm, both emotional or physical. I also have a responsibility to see to it that your primary needs get met.

Im pursuing this type of poly family because I like helping people. The types of women I am seeking have have strong libidos that they have had to suppress. I want to offer a place where they have the sexual freedom to explore their sexuality without the typical censure.

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