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Update, 9/19/2015   We are not on here as well to be someone's College Paper Report.
Dom/Slave Couple, 51/50,  Birmingham, Alabama
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Last Online:


 Dom/Slave Couple





Primary Partner:









 6' 3"

 212 lbs



Secondary Partner:









 5' 2"

 135 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Update, 9/19/2015   We are not on here as well to be someone's College Paper Report...


As well,  after some initial conversation and possible interest from both sides, if you are not willing to skype to prove real,  then Don't Bother Writing Us....



Hello to all,,


Yes the Darker things that you desire are what W/we  are seeking to find in one individual female..


LusciousOne669, and Myself, FantasyProvider seeking to find youthful female seeking a deviant truly taboo life and lifestyle....


This is very real and taken to great depths of such the home offered for the right match for U/us all.....


The one or ones that wish to explore this to the fullest and find themselves living the dark hungers and freedom to explore what they truly wish to live to the fullest and unlimited...


Update:    Found My lil one again LuciousOne669.....



Consider My profile ID to be as "Fantasy2Reality", the Couples Profile is DarkPervyTaboo...


W/we are looking for these two areas,  these are extreme to many depths...


1st.   A younger sub/slave that is very deviant, dark, taboo and into being bred....


2nd.  A sub/slave masochist seeking true captivity, isolation, kept as a true prisoner, gimp doll, abuse doll, long term.      Short term captivity is also available...


 Not here for Online fantasy sharing but to be One that truly will take you where you seek in real life.....   Much Better...


Hello to all you ladies with dark deviant desires that you are afraid to even tell someone that you might find to be of great Interest to you....


Be open to yourself and express what you truly hunger and need, lust and get so wet thinking of ever happening to you no matter how darkly it might be....


Are you a lil one seeking modifications, bimbofication, truly seeking for such re-creation of yourself and direction of use and controlled to great detail and truly Owned property?


Are you one that craves being Lost to the world, disappear, taken, abducted, tortured, raped, put in isolation, kept and daily reminded of the piece of fuck meat you are? Do you hunger even darker areas, deviance and taboo..?


Do you dream to become Ones property, treated as an animal, hucow? Forced lactation thru milking three times daily, owned and controlled to the fullest even if you are the Dominant woman in your workplace? Being a br33ding slave mixed with the milking and continued.......


Just how dark minded and hungry are you, maybe dark Dolcett edge play to the fullest of Limits, truly used to the fullest for periods of time? Taken to the true darkness and isolated even lost to the world....


Are you a animal hungry lil one, enjoying such areas possibly?


Feel free to write, ask what you wish to know, desire and explore what you seek to the fullest of possibilities....


The Only limits are your own......



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