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Im a professional man, a hard worker and I love what I do, I enjoy working and Im very hard on
Hetero Male Submissive, 40,  Miami, Florida
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Im a professional man, a hard worker and I love what I do, I enjoy working and Im very hard on myself. Im a man I do sports, play golf and run in bike racing, plus my passion is traveling and enjoying evenings with the person who is with me at that moment.I live alone since I separated from my ex girlfriend, I have no children and live a very healthy vine in which I have never done drugs, do not smoke and do not drink, my only desire is sex and Im very hot. But since I left it, I have not have sex with anyone, which I already unsustainable.I always like to satisfy my partners, I always like sex give all the power to my partner, so much so that Im in bed and I am very submissive people who understand that in bed anything goes, I My always 101 and let my partner has total control of me.Hence I seek to give my body to a Mistress or couple wanting to take complete control of me. I was always dance for my ex and her friends and to obey when she ordered me give oral sex to her best friend. I love to anal and oral sex, I always look to please my partner on all orders.Ilike toys and I want to feel my ass open new experiences since my ass is still tight and small.Im seeking a dominant women or couple to make me your property and make me experiences different s, positions and sizes of penises as my ass this virgin and I want to give it and be your slave.I am very affection and very obedient, I hope to find to Find That woman or couple and can do all your orders.I hope to find that Mistress or couple to help me get started in this new life and so to discover this great desire to give my virginity and surrender without measures to achieve this new life.I do nothing involving animals, minors, blood, piercing, scat andor harsh and disfiguring BDSM, Thank you for respecting me this. *Im willing to give myself sexually without limits...!!! I prefer the Mistress, Master or Couple speak ish as it is my first language ..!I have yahoo and skype to Prove Im real man on cam, just ask ..!

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