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Hetero Female Submissive, 37,  Supa city NRW, Germany
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no bullshit, enjoying the lifestyle and cant do it without...cautious for i know those freax in here...willing to submit to 1, and only one, someone who knows that submission is later, when sympathy is there.
***NO POLY***










Last Online:


 Submissive Female

 Supa city NRW 


 5' 7"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Archaeology (Expert)

 History (Expert)

 Intellectual Discourse





 Martial Arts (Beginner)


 Liberal Politics





 Seventies Music


 Blue Grass

 Hip Hop Music


 Public Play

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Journal Entries:
10/13/2015 4:43:02 AM
tired of yall racist short cocked jealous motherfuckers 4 real. from now all you land on the block list instantly

8/11/2015 6:23:52 AM

Predators and abusive Dominants are everywhere. I’ve seen them and been subjected to them in a casual relationship. Thankfully I escaped into a kind and loving relationship that I wouldn’t trade for the world. But how do you know the person you are with is an abuser and not just  a strict Dominant?

I’m going to give you 10 Red Flags that can indicate you are with an abusive person. This is no where near an exhaustive list. There are many many more flags out there. See the list of other essays below if you want a more in depth article.

  1. Are you afraid of your Dominant?
  2. Do they threaten to leave or abandon you of you don’t submit?
  3. Do they threaten violence if you don’t submit?
  4. Does the Dominant give you expensive gifts to get you to do something you don’t honestly want to do?
  5. Have you gained or lost a lot of weight while being with the Dominant? (this does not include intended weight loss or gain)
  6. Do they make you feel guilty if you can’t or won’t do something?
  7. Does the Dominant make you feel ugly and unwanted?
  8. Have you ever felt like you have been raped after having sex with the Dominant?
  9. Do they ignore your needs, such as medical treatment, food or clothing?
  10. Have they ever questioned your loyalty when you question their behavior?
  11. (Yup, I could keep going…) Does your Dominant ignore your limits or safe words?

7/9/2015 7:52:03 AM
Sooo interesting of how many negative comments i get on here about my preference.
Whats up with all those short cocked pink nippled frustrated old white "men"?

you fellas are acting like pussies towards a woman who knows what she WANTS. 

User Zzozze just sent me this....

  ***ONLY BLACK MEN*** ***NO POLY*** HA HA HA! the name of this is wishful thinking ;)
 WHAT makes you ugly short white man think you may comment on my preference?

WTF man, live with what you have and stop pissing me off!

10/15/2013 10:07:11 AM

there is some weeeeeeeeird ass motherfuckers out here. not easy to find a decent brother for convo and more

6/2/2013 8:58:18 AM

Whats up with all those butthurt losers on here? didnt you mama tell u that a nice "hello" can open a few more doors for you? TF is wrong with yall?

1/20/2013 4:32:13 AM

if your dumbass is not able to get at a woman with a simple " HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?" you are NOT permitted to approach! its unbelievable how disrespecting some "MEN" on this page are....

1/19/2013 5:04:27 AM

RIDICULOUS how many people ask me if i found a BLACK my experiences are.....a man is a man is a man, so wtf u ppl reducing each other on your skin colour? u fuckin serious? its 2013!!!!!!!!!

1/2/2013 9:50:00 PM

ApolloGM 11......i cant believe this shyt....





You contradict yourself. You can't have both. Choose one only.
Also, enjoy the STD's.

In 2009, African Americans comprised 14% of the US population but accounted for 44% of all new HIV infections.

In 2009, African Americans had 8.7 times the reported chlamydia rates of Whites.

In 2009, African Americans had 20.5 times the reported gonorrhea rates of Whites.

In 2009, African Americans had 9.1 times the reported syphilis rates of Whites.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, GA

NPR's "All Things Considered" on Friday examined a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis showing that roughly 16% of U.S. residents ages 14 through 49 are infected with genital herpes, making it one of the nation's most common sexually transmitted infections.

The analysis shows that 48% of black women between 14 and 49 are infected with the virus, and that blacks have a 39% infection rate, compared with 12% among whites. 

So a Black is 3.25 times more likely to have Herpes than a White of comparable age.



8/9/2011 6:46:08 AM


7/26/2011 6:08:13 AM

bums doch wen du willst, negerficke. Ich sehe dich jetzt schon als vereinsamter single einen zukunfts- und chancenlosen bastard im kinderwagen durch die gegend schieben...

 ...............................sent be StrictGermanDom today.......................................

7/23/2011 2:24:23 PM

this story is still to be told

9/6/2010 5:21:35 PM
ALL YOU DUDES who have a woman in u life- LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!

8/10/2010 5:57:35 PM
submission comes from a true will to serve...why do so many so called Doms in here act like they were actors in a theatre playing some kind of role, instead of just being themselves, believing and trusting into their own dominant ways?? it is a BIG turn off for a mentally strong woman, who is just herself and who understand her submissive side as some natural thing, when she talks with some dude, who is more about those rules of who-has-to-behave-like-what than about the depth of a natural Dom or the understanding of the submissive nature? where is all that friendship you all talk about all the time, from which such a relationship can ONLY rise?? why is there SO many doors to go through instead of just being onself and seeing directly if it fits or not?? NOW IM REALLY CURIOUS ABOUT THOSE ANSWERS!!!

7/29/2010 3:16:54 AM
"TrueDom" wrote THIS today... "There are no black men with mental strength...negger bleibt immer negger" so wha u think about this "man", hm???

7/12/2010 3:44:13 PM
SO sick of talking and writing....i want to LIVE

7/10/2010 7:11:44 AM
i thought this lifestyle is about trust honesty communication and i see i was wrong for same as in vanilla world ppl r only looking for their own shit, abuse that given trust and go over a woman....why is it so hard to understand if a sub is OPEN and seriously saying and meaning where she wanna go and what her goals are? why is this world so full of walls she has to talk to and why is a sub a sex doll first and a character on second sight?

5/16/2010 5:05:14 PM
today a completely confused man left my house LOL!!!

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