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Hetero Male Dominant, 46,  Phoenix, Arizona
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Well hello there my pretty one! I'm very laid back person that will never force a reationship so that means "getting to know some one first" before anything intense happens. Deep down a woman knows whether she wants to have a relationship with someone and will always let a man know so sometimes that takes a little time. I love the kind of relationship where I provide protection and guidlines to improve ones life. It so satisfing to know someone can lean on me for emotional support when they need it most but there is always a price for that kind of relationship. Courtesy, politeness and a mature personality are very important so those rules always follow. Physical attraction is important so lets not kid our self's. I am 5'7'' 171 lbs and of Italian/Mexican decent but I'm most comfortable with the midwest culture. I work out daily so I'm physically fit. I have my own home and business. I'm looking for someone that is giving and caring. As far as looks go I like white women who are between the ages of say 25 and 50ish and a little meat on their bones is very sexy. lean woen are sexy too but too thin just doen't do it for me. After get to know someone through e-mails then dinner out would be nice some place where is can enjoy a nice conversation











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 Dominant Male



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