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Pan Male Dominant, 46,  Nebraska
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Looking for slaves and maybe through a sub in too loll










 Dominant Male


 Willing to Relocate






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Female Led Couples

A Poly Household


 Amusement Parks



 Renaissance Faires


 Art Galleries

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Journal Entries:
4/19/2013 11:23:14 AM
Ok here the deal it seems every one on here is either fake or scammers. or they are looking for there perfect 10 what ever that is. so here the deal I would be happy just talk to people on the phone because i drive a semi truck so i just want too meet some new people and b.s. with them.

2/13/2013 3:16:17 AM
Ok ive been on here for about two years and have different profiles and sofar. ive found scammers fakes and alot of shallow people even the one that are over wrieght and hit by an ugly stick thinks they can get prince dom. well get a grib people its like a guy from the brox is going to get cindy croford or tom cruize as your slave its not going too happend. so here the fucking deal ive have been a master all of my life dont know anything else but if you want a true master and not these wanta bees then you will send me a message. otherwise im going too asume you are a fake or a scammer or very shallow and il let every one too know it its time people start policing this site serious people can find what they are looking for

11/28/2012 6:57:50 PM
So far ivery been on here and all i found are fakes stammer show off and games. i know personally Im not a perfect 10 or filthy rich. and where i live and work is not the exotic place, where prefer too live. but i have something that most people I've found on don't have. at least the one I've met sofar that's honesty. this would be a great site if there where more honest people and no shallow people on here. but i don't see that happening any time soon but ill keep trying for that lottery ticket and maybe ill find my true slave or slaves and maybe if i for they will be happy with me as there master. for other real people on here that's honest i hope you find what you are looking for so you can be happy in this life. and don't let the shallow, fake, scamers, gamers get too you. and any slaves out there i do head the hole profile and i say hello to you that's mean i did read your profile and i know you thousand message mostly fakes but if you read my message all i ask is say high back and we can go from there i will add more later on to this post and if any of you live in the Omaha area send me a message

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