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Hetero Male Dominant, 35,  Traveling , Massachusetts
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So it has been a while since I updated my ination on this profile so to get everyone up to speed... Here you go.

After taking some time off for myself I have decided it is time to come back and find my little again.
I have over 15 years experience as a Dom and a little over 8 as a Daddy where id like to focus my attention from here on out.
I am looking for a little that can be on my level with the things I enjoy from simple cooking and lounging around to the more extreme vanilla things like traveling and spending as much time out doors as possible when the weather permits. I love to go camping above all else and yes I do it in a camper cause F sleeping on the ground.
As I said before I travel a lot mostly for work but that will change when I find a little that is open to traveling as I love to go on adventures that have no destination and we will frequently just pack up and leave for such places. My favorite Zen place so far is the pacific northwest and I will be returning there shortly for another trip through the great redwood forests.
I can already hear littles saying well What about your other needs ?? As for those kinds of needs I am rather flexible but here are some things that are 100 non negotiable 100 honesty ( trust is huge with me ), Must be willing and able to listen and do as told otherwise punishments will be given, being open to traveling, being into nature, NO DRUGS, I am 420 friendly and dont mind natural things but no hard drugs (ex. coke, heroin , Meth, etc...). That being said if you used to use hard drugs and dont anymore I have zero problem with you and just let me say now I am extremely proud of you for getting clean and you deserve all the love in the world for being so brave and committed to your sobriety.

As for things of a sexual nature im open to most anything but im not into Knife play, or body fluids at all. IF you have something that you wish to have be part of our dynamic than ll you have to do is simply ask Daddy and he will tell you if he is okay with it ( which he probably will be). I am not sure what else to write..... Oh I have a things for short people between 410 and 55 your gonna make my knees weak.

I am a very loving caring kind Daddy but I also have a firm hand and expect rules to be followed. I enjoy giving punishments when they are do and also enjoy giving them when you enjoy them and have been good -).

So dont be shy come say hi to me whats the worst that happens you make a friend? -D

If you have any questions my inbox is always open and I am always willing to chat with anyone.

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