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Hetero Male Dominant, 59,  Reisterstown, Maryland
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Do you have a need to give up control and to be looked after and feel safe, protected and cherished? Do you want to come into Daddys bed if you have a bad dream and have special bedtime stories whispered in your ear as you get passionately held in place to take all of Daddy inside of you? Do you sometimes want to be spanked for being naughty and and in between ks get stroked and fingered and be made to taste your own shame? If you are getting fucked really hard and you are struggling, do you yearn to hear a soothing voice tell you to relax, since Daddy is home now, and as soon as you relax, then you come? Its not that uncommon, as I have found over the years and after falling into this from roughdominant sex and it being suggested to me initially. Gradually I came to like it best as a BDSM sub-niche, because the aspects of care, responsibility, mentoring and affectionnurturing are also emphasised on my part, which I actually enjoy quite a lot. I also like the elements of the liberation of my Baby girl both sexual and mental as we explore those dark and secret sides together and with me in a non-judgemental and understanding (as well as intuitive and sensuous) manner, from personal experiences, study and relationships. So, a few months back I split from a longterm Baby girl, so now I am looking for a new one. Im willing to shape this according to both our requirementsneeds, I find that is the best approach, plus I take an active interest in you and what you really like, I mean *really* like and have not dared to ask for before, this is another aspect that I adore about this type of thing. So, we should find all this out over emails, with no rush, or pressure, or demands on either side. Honesty offered and expected, as well as discretion. Your devotion will be returned, in full, but again like trust and respect, this takes time, and as it should be. I am 6 foot , good looking, educated, professional, emotionally intelligent, not given to insecurity. Offers complete responsibility and duty of care, as well a sense of protection and understanding (as well as firm, loving hands and a stern, gentle voice to soothe you to sleep after youve been working so hard serving Daddy).











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 195 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

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