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Gay Female Dominant, 27,  Chicago, Illinois
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I am a young but sophisticated, well-educated, and well-resourced Black butch/stud (100% masculine but born female, preppie and geeky, not at all thuggish).  I'm also a sadistic Leather Daddy with a Master's Heart.  When out and about, I most often emphasize the dapper gentleman suitor in me, but I am always the one to lead and am interested in speaking with those who would like to follow a strong masculine individual, both in the bedroom and outside it.

What I want is someone who fits well with who I am – someone who is an independent but service-oriented and/or slave-hearted individual with a masochistic streak, an old-school femme or new-school boi/boy who can enjoy being "courted" in a gentlemanly fashion, a creative geek type with a strong intellect and an inquisitive nature, a spiritual individual who thinks peace and personal growth are sexy, and so forth.  I recognize that this life is not about the destination so much as the journey, however, so I remain open to the many possibilities and opportunities of the world, regardless of whether or not they fit what I think I want.  I have faith that every step on my path refines who I am and better prepares me to be the kind of Sadist, Daddy, and Master who can best earn the respect and devotion of exactly the sort of individual who'll truly be good for me long-term.

Please note that I am seeking a *primary local partner* (I can assist with relocation if necessary, if we're a good fit), but I am polyamorous and do currently have two other partners whom I love, respect, and am honest with, though neither are local or even live nearby.  Consequently, if you have any partners in your life who you would need to keep this a secret from, then I'm not interested, and if you feel that you can't respect my continued (non-primary/non-power-exchange) relationships with my other partners, then I'm not interested.

In Specs, Respect, & Leather,
~Daddy Orchid











 Dominant Female



 5' 10"



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

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