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Hetero Male Dominant, 38,  Bronx, New York
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I am a down to earth kind of guy that likes to go out to lounges from time to time. I am getting back into the scene after a 5 year layoff and I am eager to get started. I am drama free and I hope to stay that way. I have Masters degree and I am currently working on a second one. I am currently looking to make friends, playmates and possibly a new relationship. fine print: must be sane, not on psychological medication, not involved with a sea faring cult bent on crustacean conquest. Must sleep on the left side of the bed and not be a pillow hog. A new year is about to begin and I am still looking for that special someone. It takes two to build a relationship but when one person is putting forth most of the effort things tilt out of whack. So, here I am looking for someone to help me balance the scales of our lives. (Please be local) Fyi, I am into Daddy/Lg play and I a, a Diaper fetishist. Update: working on 2nd Masters degree in Social Work :)
The most typical question I get asked is what I am looking for in a woman. I am not looking for perfections because perfections does not allow for any errors. I want a woman who can learn to trust, tries to be honest, and is willing to be loyal with her whole heart.
I am looking for a long term relationship. I don't date just to collect marks on my bed post. If your idea of dating is seeing more than one man at a time until you decide which man shoe fits; I may be the wrong size man shoe for you. I am an educated man and I am looking for the same. Educations comes in many shapes and forms but please have a job and be able to take care of yourself. :) I love to baby my women but paying for a date here and then will make me smile :)
I love to have a good time even if I look stupid doing it. I appreciate all life has to offer, especially the small things, but I am very practical and I understand that life just doesn’t happen. You need to work and pay attention to the world around you. I try my best to balance my life between work and play. The time spent with family and friends is priceless. I value open, honest, intelligent, and frequent communication. I love to include my significant other in everything I do, but I also understand that we must spend time apart. Time spent apart, to do our own thing, allows the heart to yearn and gives us a chance to grow as individuals.
I hope to find a woman who is just as messed up as I am so our drama cancels each others out LOL. Truthfully, I am looking for someone to grow old with, travel, and spend our time enjoying what life has to offer.
FYI: Yes I am looking for the one. No, I don't like playing games. If you want an interesting relationship where your partner is laid back, creative and listens very well; drop me a line.











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 Dominant Male


 New York

 5' 7"

 190 lbs






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