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Dom/Sub Couple, 38/30,  Vermont
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I dislike long profiles (I get plenty long winded in my journal) the profile is a simple hook... so what is the most concise and accurate hook for me...

Just changed my profile to "couple" for the sake of not making any allusions about my/our status.

I am a fun, funny, predator, a sadistic playmate monster, filled with wonder and light, but still able to make your spine freeze and your blood run cold in your veins in terror. And I whilst I would have the ego to say that, I don't need to... it was already said to me by a very deliciously submissive kitten whom I keep with me always.

The kitten is just the cutest, naughtiest, most desirable little pervert I've ever met. Seriously.











Gender Identity:










 6' 4"

 180 lbs




Gender Identity:










 5' 5"

 140 lbs



 Lives For:

 Cane / Crop Discipline


 Obedience Training

 Sensation Play


 Anal Play



 Body Worship


 Breast Play



 Corner Time



 BDSM Rituals

 Being Massaged

 Fire Play


 Hair Pulling


 Mental Bondage


 Orgasm Control

 Clothing Selection

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Sensory Deprivation





 Suspension Bondage

 Theatrical Scenes








 Housework Service

 Masks on Partner

 Massage (Giving)

 Speech Restrictions



 Electrical Play

 Foot Worship

 Needle Play

 Wax Play

 Curious About:




 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service

 Pantyhose Fetish



 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Gas Masks

 Masks (Wearing)


 Maid / Butler Service

 Oral Service

 Rubber Fetish

 Vacuum Stimulation

 Hard Limits:

 Genital Punishment

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Journal Entries:
3/12/2011 3:24:36 PM

OK... the entire time we lived in Colorado my profile was still set to our previous home... I only just realized it because now that we're in new england, I was pulling up local results and even though my profile says Vermont... everything was listed as 2000 miles away. The zip code field is in the account screen... not the profile screen. Damnit!


Yes... I AM an all powerful and intelligent Daddy... Really.  I also write web code for a living if that makes this any MORE embarrasing.


Also of note... New England subs are less frequent than previous parts of the country I've lived... but holy hell they appear to all be filthy whores.  I say that with incredible respect, "most" subs I'm used to seeing on here are... very naughty... some of you girls from Boston scare ME.


Ok... thats a lie...


But still... there is an almost "canadian girl" level of freak on these girls... and I love it.


(Yes... that was a horrible nationalist generalization... but seriously... Canadian girls are blessed and wonderful freaks... and I apologize to those who aren't... but then, if I just offended a canadian girl who is not a freak... what the hell are you doing reading my journal on Collar Me?)

10/18/2010 5:45:11 PM

Utterly stagnant.

I need... a fresh canvas... something that I can work on for a while, then paint it over and start again, maybe knock it over when it doesn't give me the results I'm seeking, and then ultimately throw it away or sell it, depending on whether or not I ever find any worth in it.

12/2/2008 6:13:04 AM
I already HAVE a cock, thanks.

Seriously, what kind of message are gay subs trying to put out there by actively soliciting straight Doms?

I'm disrespectful?
I'm desperate?
There is obviously something about me so repugnant that a plethora of Gay Dom man-whores don't want me?

Really not a desirable set of declarations for a sub of any gender or orientation.

9/11/2008 6:01:20 PM
My dear kitten occasionally reminds me why that she knows her place, and moreover, knows mine.

I love voluntary expressions of submission...

Does it hurt?
Yes... you like that.
Do you like it?

She isn't a masochist at all. But she needed and extremely un-gentle reminder of things, and she initiated and truly enjoyed it.  Thats rewarding.

1/9/2007 7:25:33 AM
Its been six months since I posted anything here... got thinking in my head... "why would that be" and then I remembered...

Not that I'm, going to share, but your welcome to chuckle... its pretty amusing.


I've gotten really nice emails recently... which always takes me off guard, I'm SO used to idiots I forget that there are some kinky interesting people that are not idiots.

And masochists... mmm... can't believe I've never played with an honest to goodness masochist... but I occasionally SEE one, so I'm pretty sure they exist.

I haven't pissed off a demographic with one of my rants recently... Transgendered Midgets? Hmmm... well I'll have to think of something...

6/4/2006 10:19:36 AM
You can take the checkmark out of "Actively Seeking" if you do, and say you aren't looking, I'll believe it.  Don't say "I'm happy and not looking" and leave a checkmark in "looking for a sadistic bald man and his deliciously tempting kitten to abuse me regularly" if you DO, I will apply. This is the way.

6/4/2006 10:14:30 AM
The kitten fell apart yesterday when being flirted with by a redhead... This is hilarious. The kitten is the most social and outgoing person I have ever met.  Of course, I stood in the redhead's checkout lane on purpose.  Redhead means "delicious" in kitty speak. I'll have to do that again.

6/1/2006 6:36:07 AM
And so the retard actually says to her... "I don't mean to disrespect your relationship, but does your Daddy loan you out."

Let me count the ways... Holy Mary Mother of Dave... it only says on the top of her profile "Boys aren't allowed to speak to me, contact DaddyHarder"... but that's semantics...

He said, paraphrased: I don't mean to be disrespectful, but are you a whore.

Well... she IS... but she's MY whore. Idiots.  I'm going to have to start setting people on fire.

10/6/2005 6:31:11 PM
Read a very interest DOM's profile today... now that's different... Rare to see smart, compelling GUYS in these parts...

Course if I ever decide I'm gay and submissive (and how I typed that without chuckling bewilders me... to inconceivable to be a good joke I suppose) I'm going after Matt Damon anyway... he's dreamy.

Also flirted with a tasty little kitten and got NOTHING back from what seemed like a great hook... sometimes being forthright AND scary is a bad combination...

Meh.   My new word is meh... which pretty much somes up my whole emotional investment in beautiful angels anymore, lovely... but I have my kitten... which makes me somehow imune to even the demands of even the most angelic...

8/12/2005 7:38:28 PM
I can't say a$$hole... but two entries ago I used FUCK 15 times in one entry.

Maybe fucking isn't "vulgar."  I did say bad things about other users though, namely the fuckholes that harass submissives.  I would LOVE to get banned from this site for defending submissives against the advances of inconsiderate fucks.  That would be a badge of FUCKING honor.

8/12/2005 7:35:17 PM
Someone asked a couple of questions of me recently that I thought were very compelling... so I thought I would horrify you with my answers, as a public service... you know,  the more you know and all that...

 >> The concept of going to war with anyone whose beliefs you deem "stupid" intriguing. Possibly off-putting without more clarification. <<

[I originally missed the quotes on "stupid" which is funny... It would have affected my response, but I'm not sure how.  I don't think "stupid" ever really merits quotes, as they tend to imply "alledgedly," a word which is forever ruined by the media despite being a fairly useful word.  Stupid is pretty generally TRIUMPHANTLY PROUD of itself, and declares itself as such "HI! I'm STUPID!!! WHEEEE!" that would be like saying "Alledged Arsehole* and Loudmouth, Daddy Harder."]

Oh... it’s definitely off-putting for many. I am not pretty, I am not particularly suave, I am however very smart. It isn’t that I am a blatantly superior sort of fellow, I just know where my strengths are. Thinking, deducing, reasoning... these are my strengths, I will defend them against all comers. Add to that that I am distinctly aware of and respectful of Natural Law, to the degree that I seek out understanding on the way the OTHER citizens of the planet deal, and try to mimic that behaviour. Choosing not to be JUST an animal, I try to temper that with a healthy smattering of Bushido. I have only ever found that the Samurai were able to look at poetry and cry, paint beautiful pictures, and slay their enemies with passion... and never be conflicted about it. As an artist/writer/seemingly metro guy... who is UNQUESTIONABLY a male animal... I really appreciate and respect that. Making me something aggressive quasi-intellectual hard ass with an appreciation of beauty and a fierce intolerance of anyone who disrespects any of the above.

I don’t (USUALLY) pick a fight with stupid people. But stupidity tends to walk around looking for a fight, in as much as ignorance doesn’t fight back, it just learns, Stupid assumes it is correct... and that’s usually a bad way to approach ANYTHING...

>>You seem like an interesting and dynamic person. Why haven't I seen you around the scene?<<

[I'm not good with compliments, I appreciate that, but it makes me chuckle:  Feels like one of those horribly written "personal" SPAMs you see:
"Hello    daddyharde   .  Sorry about last night at the club, it was just so busy I couldn't talk.  We thought you an interesting and dynamic person. I am for five us dollars you can download my pictures for FREE. I are seeing your beauty and the bulge in your trousers."]

I despise the scene... erm... clarification, I despise the community in generalities:

Count 1: I find it offensive when a community that exists because we choose to fall outside the “Society at Large’s” rules and guidelines that dictate how we can and can not explore our desires and interests, sees fit to institute rules and guidelines to dictate how we can and can not explore our desires and interests.  Because they are catering to everyone from the earnest BDSMer to the latex boy to the weekend kinkies... they HAVE to sink to the lowest common denominator, so you end up with spoken, written and implied legalistic terms to keep idiot fucktards from hurting themselves... whilst simultaneously hobbling anyone looking to actually EXPERIENCE something.

[and to ostracize myself FURTHER, I'd say based solely on these socialistic sort of rules to keep you from experiencing in a way the hive doesn't like, I would say it is likely I'm also a rare conservative federalist/libertarian/republican amongst a throng of vociferous liberals. (and history shows us that the peace loving open minded types will beat your ass if you disagree with them).]

Count 2: I’m a very open minded person, but I am also a very willfull opinionated person. I will openly say in a group of people that I think GroupX are silly or broken, or leperous, or whatever... whilst remaining adamant that I respect their decision to BE that way... my opinion is not one for subtlety and I try to be honest above tactful... I don’t WANT to hurt peoples feelings... but I really dislike personally be told fuzzy warm half-truths about myself... makes me think I’m ok even when I’m not... a certain level of bullshit I won’t force on others. Others, however, are oft quite fond of living in their false silly worlds... and I don’t particularly respect that, so... well... I don’t see that as a motivator to change my behaviour.

Now... this doesn’t seem problematic until I declare that:

I think people who “Play” bdsm are missing the most critical parts of its meaning, and should not be welcomed as brethren, but students or perhaps peers from a different field of study... which is semantical until you start talking about anything dealing with depth... emotion, power, pain... the core ideals of what we are. If your perspective of bdsm doesn’t leave the bedroom you aren’t really qualified to speak about what goes on outside.

Switches are silly. You can be both simultaneously... yes... neither alpha nor omega. But inside a structured relationship (meaning the partners don’t change) you can’t oscillate your hierarchy (you can EVOLVE in that hierarchy of course, but it isn’t a choice so much as growth). You can be a Switch PLAY submissive or dominant... but you are something, and that doesn’t change at will. Also only relevant if the Switch in question is claiming to “live the lifestyle,” which they really can’t. Again, they may CALL themselves a Switch and actually NOT be, just being ignorant to the nature of Dominance despite earnestly feeling it.

Submissive men are broken, quite possibly genetically, but broken all the same. Hunter gatherer drive. Feed, breed, kill, fuck die... it’s what we do. To be OFF of that track is a sign of failure amongst the OTHER males in the pack. This is not to say a submissive male doesn’t have a place, or, again, the absolute right to FEEL that way. But he’s broken all the same.

Vinyl on guys is repulsive. Vinyl is leather whose masculinity has been stolen. It is eighteen shades of sexy on the right woman, but guys just need to steer clear. This ALONE is a reason to avoid the community.

Speaking of leather, it’s a fabric (in spirit anyway), not a way of life. Denim makes universally superior pants. Do you ride a horse? Then the chaps are accouterments declaring that you’re a freak. Whee. We all are.  You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. I don’t want to see any naked part of a pasty overweight white guy... EVER. Have some respect for the rest of us and save that nonsense for... something else. Again, you have the right to like it, wear it, manufacture it... whatever... but if you’re GOING to wear it, and you look repulsive, you are basically saying you don’t respect anyone who is looking at you.

More than anything else to me, Ds is a biological/sociological truth. Trying to make it more or less than that dishonors it.

Wow... I really AM a dick, aren’t I. I am too old to explain it I guess, it makes me sad when people don’t get me. I am a really nice guy, and I love everyone, but I am quiet and brash, when I speak up people notice, and its usually only remembered when it isn’t good. Generally I just avoid those people rather than hurt their feelings and be thought a dick. When they grow a pair, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.

[The content filter won't let me say a$$hole. Because, really, I can say I want to cut little incisions on your sisters breasts and let my psychotic lesbian slave whom I call Fido lick them off while masterbating with a dildo shaped like a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach and wearing a turban soaked in my urine and made from a U.S. Flag... but damnit, you WILL watch my language, mister.]

7/31/2005 4:11:24 PM
CMe had a growth spurt... Strange that... we can go six months with one or two new faces... then get 10 in a month.

One of them is my delicious little Kittyums... who is a very good girl, despite having some residuals from a life WITHOUT a proper daddy that I'll need to chip off and clean up.

Very happy to have a plaything though... mmmm... and a naughty one at that... AND... well, I got her to an emotional event on our third date, which means she isn't completely terrified of me anymore... and ask her... you HAVE to be paddled into an emotional breakdown once in a while... it's just yummy.

Oi... I'm sounding entirely too enamoured with my pet, bad for my credibility. Heheh.  I'm sure she'll read this eventually... I'll have to make it a point to not let it go to her head... that's what riding crops are FOR after all...

7/26/2005 9:54:33 PM
Fuck every fucking one of you fucktarded fuckholes out fucking there who fucking can't fucking get the simple fucking concept of leaving a fucking woman alone.

Jesus Tittyfucking Christ...

I hate you fuckholes... I hated you when I was a pathetic teenager and couldn't get laid... I STILL hate you when I'm evolved out of that place...

"Hi I have a master, I'm not interested in talking to guys"


God damnit... you probably masterbate into your mother's shoes, you spastastic disrespectful irrelevent buttfucking pipe smoker WHORE.

You make us alll look bad, Doms, Men, human fucking beings, WHATEVER... and given the chance, I will prevent you from breeding... you disgust me, but that doesn't even matter because you disgust THEM... Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you... please tip your waitress.

7/4/2005 3:29:10 PM
A good friend of mine had her first... DEEP experience a few days back... I always just laughed at her excploits, just one of those silly girls who liked to be dominated, but didn't get it... When I got her email I was reminded a lot of why I am here... I love this place, I love being with a woman when she HAS that moment. It doesn't matter that I'm ALSO a wickedly cruel torturer when the need arises, I am HERE for the poetry of it. The beauty and joy.

6/18/2005 8:40:54 PM
ANOTHER absolutely fuckable Canadian messaged me today.

I get more play from that country than I do my own... It sucks.

I love the girls mind you, but the distance is not a nice reminder that I STILL DON'T HAVE A FLYING CAR.

5/28/2005 10:15:54 AM

In terms of my prefered approach, I would call it "internal wholistic validation pursuit"... which basically means, to me, putting a plaything in a position where she has to choose between the hard, the painful, and the devoted.

Take a favorite scenario I thought up for a pet of mine that I sadly never got to try out.  It was simple really, I live in phoenix... it's the begining of may, I took the dog out for a walk at 7:30 this morning and it was 85... it gets fucking hot... so I take the tubby little fuckbag out to the garage and nail her nipples to a 2x4 at say... 6am.  Then I set up a little spot where I can read a book, maybe write something up on the laptop, with a fan.  Finally, about 5 feet away from her I put a tall, icy refreshing pitcher of lemondade.

I wouldn't TELL her this, but if she was a smart little thing, she would put it together (this one wasn't one of the clever ones, which I enjoy torturing MORE and enjoy pleasuring LESS)

The hard:  Wait it out.  I'm going to get bored and hot and I hate both.  I might leave her alone for an hour or so... but I would be uncomfortable about anything longer... eventually I will let her down.  And she will probably spend the rest of the week regretting it.

The painful: Do the obvious, the obvious is always easy, but seldom pleasant. Pull her nips free and get a drink.  She will no doubt get rewarded.

The devoted: Do something more.  A kitten that takes what I give her, and calmly makes it that much more satisfying for her Master, will have my attention and devotion firmly sealed up.  I can't say "this is what would do it" because that's just another command or request from me... and example however, in this case, might be to without hesitation start grinding herself on something, pulling on her nips for pleasure, and building to orgasm.  As she cums she jerks herself off the post, and, forgoing the iced tea, kneels beside me and quitely asks if I would piss in her mouth.

I always point out... while that kind of girl gets to be my devoted and adored princess, she doesn't likely exist...

5/26/2005 8:34:57 PM
Unfucked my glasses... but I'm bored... something along the lines of a nice tender spanking... or some really abusive anal... yeah... that'd do me up right.

5/17/2005 7:15:58 PM

As though life were "The Phantom Menace" or "Reloaded"...

It's all just crap... and to top it all off, I have to wear my horrible horrible poindexter glasses because Lego smashed my sporty ones...

Not his fault entirely, he's quite huge to be as playful as he is...

But more to the relevance of this site... I had to let my vanilla go... BAH! Now I don't get to spank anyone AND I don't get to rub anyone... Which... Oddly, leads to some rubbing and spanking of other things... hmmm...

I just want to sink my teeth into some soft little creature and listen to her howl... or alternately, degrade a dissapointing little leftover until she's reduced to a quivering lump...

I'm in a mood... I feel like taking a page from Vader's book and "crushing someones trachea... with my mind"

5/7/2005 7:42:13 PM
What a severe drag... I found out the vanilla I'm seeing is a freak... I mean "choke her with my belt while I pound her in the ass and tell she's a whore just like her mother" kinda freaky...

Which would be FANTASTIC if she was anyone else... liberal feminists... oi... a special ed TEACHER no less(and it's "special needs" now apparently), gah, maybe... if she was a woman's studies professor in california she could be a more liberal feminist... maybe...

So if she's only a freak because she's trying to balance her unnatural left leaning anti-masculine tendencies by letting a man fuck her into a quivering lump (all in "fun" and "in the bedroom")... then I'm screwed...

I didn't really want to like her ANYWAY... she was a nice friendly easily manipulated rebound girl... [probably be good to note here, so I don't sound like a COMPLETE dick, that I have not and do not intend to sleep with her]...

Now... if I accept her Hillaryism, well, that made me chuckle... like THAT will ever happen... but if I DON'T, then I'm only staying around because she makes that noise when I bite her belly.

It all just sucks. Oh and of course, spending 8to 12 hours a day with kids isn't enough either... she wants one... bleh. Kids are great. I generally have one barbecued with some corn and a baked potato.

5/1/2005 4:59:22 PM
Ok... so today is fantastically ordinary... you couldn't know that unless you had lived my life or one like it for the past decade... but today: I layed around and didn't do anything... and I think after this journal entry I'll do some more of that... Free from any and all possible obligations... Master, for the day, of my own universe.

Of course... that is HARDLY any fun, no challenges, no playmates... relaxing though.

So the "quest" is now tittering around the hole again, threatening to birdie... I have my claws into... I mean, I've grown close with... a vanilla with a tiny vein of kinky and a body that moves like a squirrel... Drives me absolutely mental, but she's easy to be around otherwise... quite the no pressure sort of girl.

Then of course I have my waning, but still poigniant desire for a delicious little minx that found ME on collarme... flirted like crazy, then ran away... one of those "that was a guy" sort of moments, had I not actually dated her...

Now today I discover a new little thing here on CMe I hadn't introduced myself too before... And she's absolutely NOT the one... and she probably already knows it... but... hmmm... something about her tells me we would visit some exciting... and very educational.... places if we got the chance.

We shall see... Hmmm... must be naptime!

4/21/2005 10:02:59 PM
I recieved adulation today! Adulation is what makes the world go round... do I NEED adulation, seriously, I'm a human cockroach, I'll be here after the bomb... I need almost nothing to LESS than nothing my fellow man has to offer (short of the occasional warm place to climb into, I'm not an animal mind you)...

I don't need adulation, but gosh, it sure makes waiting for the FRIKKIN BOMB easier...

Meanwhile... my minx is still playing "I forgot you exist"...

This is what I need to make tonight perfect... having recieved my adulation, and a rather bizarre but not dis-satisfying "fuck you"... I need to smack some pale warm flesh until it is radiating fire and glowing a beautiful purple... and then I need to cum... at least once... and then I need to fall into a pillowy bosom and fall asleep draped in the bodies of various shapes and shades of cheerleader...

Or... you know... a big steaming chewy chocolate chip coookie and a cup of cocoa...

4/20/2005 10:18:20 PM
I've gotten bitten by an evil evil little minx... wouldn't it be easier just to tell someone you're not interested, than to say you are interested and then avoid them until they forget you... it's not even passive aggressive... its passive defensive...

Still... animal like me gets the taste of blood. Mmmm.  Probably best just to put me down, never know when I'll turn and sink my teeth in...

3/29/2005 6:29:53 AM

Damn it all to hell...

Ok... so I skipped the introduction to the latest attempt at a pet... so I'll recap...

She has the most amazing body I have ever had the pleasure of thinking I might end up torturing and pleasuring...

Downside of course being that typically means everything BUT I want to spend any time around them...

But not this one... damned smart, creative, intriguing and wonderful in all the ways that make school boys fall in love... Smart enough to keep me honest WITHOUT calling me on shit... you know, that terribly rare ability a woman has of saying "Are you lying to me?" without actually SAYING it... obviously preferable in a submissive...

Gah... and her hair... mmm... I mean, I would cut it off eventually... I prefer it short... but at the same time... maybe... it was very nice...

I would have been happy and proud to claim that one for my own... but I can't...

I've been cut out... QUITE disrespectfully I might add... but it's more disappointing than annoying... I have no idea why... she made some vague statement about reality and poof... vanished...

If she wasn't as (delicate? frail?) as she is I would pursue her... but if I DO... then I might break her... if I don't she'll let herself convince her heart that it isn't what she wanted... bah...

She was so damned close to the ?right hand? I envision as my slave... gah... I'm not giving up that easy...

1/21/2005 5:54:10 PM
And like all miracles... in the end she turns out to be a series of sunny side up coincidences followed by the resounding thud of reality...

Every day I get a lot closer to accepting that the made up world of play BDSM is all that anyone wants.

Makes me alternately want to swan dive off a building into an overpriced hand made european snooty-mobile... or choke the life out of every person who has ever heard my name... both have their advantages...

So I was talking about the creation of robot women the other day with my associates... I realize "robot woman" is almost a de facto oxymoron... on SEVERAL levels... but the fact remains, an obedient vagina would be a fantastic thing...

I of coursed piped up with an honest (and oft parroted by some shrill woman who doesn't even know what she means) caveat... which is... you can't REPLACE women with obedient sex dolls...

And the newest member of my cabal says, "But it would level the playing field, wouldn't it."

And it was like the dkies broke open and God spoke... FUCK... YES! That's it exactly... I honestly LOVE that women are conniving vindictive catty self destructive and contrarian... it makes them outstandingly unique, each having her own balance of... what are honestly all really horrible traits... and exactly enough intelligence and wisdom to toe the line of complete self recognition... so they ultimately KNOW what they are and lie to themselves... or they have no idea, despite being almost self aware enough to get it...

But you know what? I love that the way I love a friends propensity to burst into song for no fucking reason... or another friends innability to recognize simple logical cause and effect...

I am NOT interested in vesting my emotional or mental security in a relationship with someone with those traits... but life would SUCK without them...

So yeah... stab your best friend in the back, put on your lipstick at the stoplight, condemn a man for not doing something that he never said he wanted to try nor implied he was capable of.... and be BEAUTIFUL in that...

And we'll have a beer with you, before we go back home to the woman we can actually depend on, and make sure her battery is charged...

...or (I'm a fantast... forgive me) BE that woman... and we'll make sure your battery is charged.

Peace and Love kids... I gots to go defend the honor of the Horde against those damned Alliance mother fuckers...

1/12/2005 12:11:13 AM
Oh I want her.
Shaken, stirred, dripping in butter... I want her like I've never wanted a piece of meat before.  There are certainly those who will be quick to point out that she is NOT a piece of meat...

...and they would be wrong.

1/8/2005 9:42:23 PM
A flurry of hellos today... I can't say it was unappreciated... mmm... so many mouths , so few of me... how are these poor kittens to be satisfied... tell me how much of an out of control little whore you are without your daddy... heheh...  and now I go back to the EVER so droll life that awaits me until I find the kitten with the right answer...

12/28/2004 7:18:30 AM
So I haven't been on in a while since I got a message that my last journal entry was NOT approved... censorship makes me want to club baby seals.

Then I see today that it is up... and methinks "what did I write that wasn't"... musta hit submit twice or some such...

And here I was playing the ostracized eccentric sociopath card without a good reason... sigh.

So I saw a sub today who started her profile with her hard limits... which is a strange case of something simultaneously making me groan and cheer... She did it to get any questions out of the way (good thing too, apparently all she is into is being sternly looked at, through 4 inch safety glass, while armed guards stand nearby with Tazers)... and I love that... so nice...

But at the same time, ergh... I already distrust submissives so much not that they do anything actively, but are usually MUCH more restrained and careful than they say... so saying their restrained and careful makes me think they live in a bubble.

Saw a profile for a masochist who doesn't like "daddy" doms... [brow crinkle] what does that MEAN exactly... I would personally find it... irresponsible NOT to be a daddy dom (in that I associate it with defensive, protective, thoughtful and caring of the submissive)... A non-daddy dom ties you up, forgets you're there, and moves to Florida?

Eh... maybe she just meant "masochist" in that she wants to be tied up and beaten without the nescessity of emotional attachment... which is SO not much fun... physical pain(giving) is only half the equation... without the emotional and mental aspects... its like putting 80 octane fuel in a sports car

12/22/2004 7:45:50 PM
It occurs to me someone might actually take offense to my hiding the body micro-mini-rant... To which I say you seriously need to be tied down and spanked until you lose consciousness. Seriously. People annoy the fuck out of me... even when they aren't DOING anything... the POTENTIAL that some fuck-tard out there actually lacks that much humor and or lattitude makes me want take a squirt gun full of tequila, a case of Newcastle, hijack a bus of junior varsity cheerleaders and drive to mexico... burning down or fucking everything in between until I burst into flame or the law takes me down! "Don't cry for me Muffy, or Shania, whatever the hell your names are, I shall be remembered on the internet for ALL ETERNITY! (and hope you all make it to state finals this year) VIVE LE DADDY HARDER!!! DIE IMPERIALIST PIGDOGS!" (gunfire erupts... a martyr for wit and chaos dies brilliantly... kids wear my face on their t-shirts twenty years later, replacing that fucktool communist asspipe they currently idolize, young girls masterbate to my posthumous autobiography, growing up to women who imagine my sweaty face, covered in pink lipstick kisses and powder burns ass they ride their unispiring husbands man handle [which is a a poor, POOR, surrogate for mine, mind you] to a life of unfulfillable fantasy... Shit... none of this works without an anthem. I need an anthem... something powerful and inspiring, but not a downer like the Soviet Hymn... and nothing latin... I never know with the latin dictators themes if I should SALUTE or DANCE... I like Vaders theme... yeah... like that... only... peppy... I mean, think about all those women, packed more than twenty to a room, having memorial girl on girl (^5) lick fests to my soundtrack... seriously... you need a nice rhythm... something that can accompany their oohs and sighs as well as their giddy squeals and lamenting sobs. Cut... print... that's a rant... DH

12/22/2004 7:29:39 PM
Bullox. A flurry of activity followed by a lull. I could -censored- the -censored- out of a -censored- right now without a -censored- regard to -censored-, -censored-, -censored- or any damn state ordinance. Anyone interested in -censored- just give me a holler, I'll be -censored- your -censored- -censored- before your -censored- with -censored- -censored- and a -censored- frying pan can -censored- on my -censored- -censored- parade.

12/3/2004 8:19:29 AM
I love flirting. I truly truly do.
In that place where they haven't yet discovered how serious I am, and when I haven't discovered how much they don't mean it.  A time when 24/7 and a true partnership of dominant and submissive can actually happen.
Then inevitably there is a "No, I am not going to do/think/say/react to that... fuck off" or the ever so popular Me! argument...
Then I have to find a place for the body... sigh... and there AREN'T that many...

12/1/2004 6:25:37 PM
I try not to be TOO much of an egotistical prick.  Ultimately I love everyone, which people don't get, but it's that there is so much beauty and wonder in people that it pisses me off so completely when they squander it being... just... NOT beautiful.

(and if ANY of you #$*&# just decided that means SOMEHOW, that I only like cookie cutter models...  I'm going to throttle you, I swear, until your eyes pop out of your head, and then your pupils pop our of your eyes like you're a damned cartoon)

I just got berated by a lovely young sub for this and that and the other (because, you'll remember, I hate fat girls... [WHERE THE FUCK DOES THAT COME FROM... ] anyway... I just feel uncomfortable when I get emails like that... like "did I get online after a bad date, drunk as fuck, and say something stupid?"

No. No I didn't.

I read through my journal again just now, I do not get it.

I genuinely DESPISE stupid people.
I genuinely DENOUNCE the "lifestyle" as a community outreach, 12 step program, and regulatory commision or whatever the hell it has mutated into this week.
I SEETHE at the nature of womankind, only because I desperately love women.
I am ENTHRALLED by the delivery of pain.
I ADULATE guyness, the nature of guys, our style, our lack of style, and that our primal need to stick our penises in small holes can actually be superceded by our supernatural desire to blow shit up.
I like big boobs.  And small ones.
I CAN'T TOLERATE little yippy dogs, but I could never bring my self to just stomp one... much as I might fantasize.
I QUESTION the nature of a submissive trying to be dominant...
and I ADORE dignity, poise, grace, charm and humility in a sub...


So get the hell over it already, if you have issues with what I say, you SERIOUSLY need to do some introspection.

Good lord... Daddy has left the web page...

9/15/2004 1:08:31 PM
...and she looks MEAN... why would you put up a picture of yourself with an angry scowl on your face... jeeze... she's fairly attractive as far as I can tell, but just looks like that woman thats been waiting in line for too long and shes about to chew the manager a new ass...

...this is not compelling to Doms... lets just be clear there... Who wants to deal with THAT...

9/15/2004 1:05:51 PM
This morning... (staying home for the second day due to a mischevious headcold I picked up whilst camping a week or so ago) I got assaulted by an angry kitten in the midwest who declared me effectively the devil incarnate, pissed all over my philosophy on BDSM (without really having an recognizable understanding of my philosophy on BDSM)....

I suspect it all stems from my rant on the term BBW... which I hate... and always will... but somehow this... (mmmm... I suppose I should be as nice as possible...) this reactionary person... decided that meant I think all subs are obese and I hate fat girls...

er? What?

I have no idea... and here I thought I was going to get to flirt with someone... no... just some self important "sub" putting a black mark on the otherwise pretty beautiful perception of collarme's submissive community...

9/14/2004 10:31:55 AM
I've gotten a rare spanking AND a rough petting session in the last month... hmmm... I don't think there is any such thing as a vanilla girl any more... just women who have yet to be convinced that pain can be yummy, and fear makes you wet...

Sigh... now my prospects are all vanished again... I'm too nice I think... heh... ironic I guess, being a sadist an all...

6/2/2004 6:04:45 PM
I've said it before, I meet so many new and interesting people that aren't my type on Collarme that when that poor unfortunate (and yet, very very lucky)kitten that IS my type comes in from the cold... wooooo... I'll have to vacuum her up and store her in a bucket for a week until she can walk again...

6/2/2004 3:04:38 PM
I always feel compelled to say something after some kitten has commented on my collar-blog... 

I've been frequenting the "vanilla" dating sites, and finding a whole LOT of nothing... fascinating how blatantly shallow women can be... not that we're any different in the barbody camp, but we don't imply otherwise... the Union of Women Who Must Say Something About Everything INSIST that women on the whole are less superficial and visually oriented than guys... now...

I realize I'm not terribly handsome, but the UWWMSSAE has spent 30... 31!! (happy birthday me) years drilling this tripe into my deepest brain tissues, so like any other guy I lead with my song and dance... which is not HANDSOME... but usually AT LEAST AS clever, funny, intelligent (insert "What really matters" here)... as the no-neck ape with a confident smile and a line... and yet...

I put my head out on the block, all right and proper, and WHACK!  And of course, as I see the blade careening for my neck, gleaming almost as brightly as the wicked grin she just developed out of nowhere, that comic strip quote echo through my mind and reminds me that women are evil (occidentally or otherwise) and I am always going to forget that when it matters...

"Come on Charlie Brown, I won't pull the football away THIS TIME, trust me..."

4/8/2004 6:50:26 AM
I'll likely enrage a few "lifestylers" here and hurt the feelings of a few otherwise lovely kittens... but I just want to get this off my chest.

submissives should be proactively unpretentious, hopefully we can all agree on that.  This is why this thing BOTHERS me so damned much.

The term BBW is a grotesque but infinitely prolific declaration of ego, even by Vanilla standards, why does every fat sub have to call herself a BBW.

1)  What can I say?
one of the great things about being self effacing is that it gives dominants an oppurtunity to build your self up a little with contrary arguments.  If you START by saying your beautiful, where can we go.

2) Is that all you could think of?
Come on, BBW is about as universally devoid of emotion as LOL... there are SO many options, Rubenesque, Zaftig, voluptuous... blah blah blah... BBW is like a bumper sticker on your ass... try to be a little classier...

3) And a bag of chips?
Think about how you would feel reading a profile where the person refered to themselves as "gorgeous"... now realize that yours calls you "beautiful" and you'll get it.

4) What about dommes?
I would hope they had more style, BUT, Dommes are the queen bees, baby, they can call themselves whatever they want.

5) But what about your image?
Listen, I love you all, honestly (odd for a sexist? mmmm... not really, another days journal entry perhaps)... WE KNOW! Good lord princess(es), 9 out of 10 sub babies is considerably overweight... it comes with the territory, the psychological release of emotions is nescessary because you're holding them in... what are you holding them in with? FOOD! Anyone with a passing familiarity with psychology and an hour experience looking at profiles knows this. Stop being silly.

Mmmm... that was a long one....

4/1/2004 7:16:35 AM
I absolutely admire successful women, I have exactly the same feeling toward successful sluts... if I had a body I could use as a tool I would... to NOT use it is stupid.  Grossly illogical.  I have a fairly good brain, no one expects me not to use THAT... and thats MUCH worse... because you can't tell I've got a banging set of neurons, and you can tell if she's got a banging set of boobs... If you fall for HERS you deserve it, if you fall for mine, maybe you don't.

3/5/2004 8:59:19 PM
Someone said to me something akin to "the pain he inflicts isn't for his pleasure but for moulding me" ... which is quite respectable and understandable in the mystical journey to find "Perfect Master"...

I however, want to make you cry.
I want to make you because it makes me hard.  I want to see you shivering in anxiety over a looming punishment for a crime you were never particularly clear on, much less ever certain you commited...

I'm a tall glass of OUCH!

And I don't like "traditionalist" BDSM at all.  To me it is art.  To stretch that metaphor; trying to make Dali paint cubist would have been simply wasteful, likewise, all the structure and organization and "community" (oh how I loathe the very SOUND of that word) of BDSM is urine soaked street refuse and blinking-construction-light road barriers piled between my willing victim, and our shared masterpiece...

give me a bucket, and a spoon, a box of matches and a half gallon of milk... and somewhere I will find in that a torture that will make the back of your neck sweat when you absentmindedly remember it on the elevator up to your office on monday...

2/28/2004 6:49:54 AM
It just occured to me that telling a sadist your limits is sort of like saying "Hi, this is the best way to hurt me."

Takes some of the fun out of it, plus, it pretty much guarantees you will either leave, or be very rapidly devolved passed where you want to be.

Of course... no one ever thinks of writing "I will not hold a cockroach in my mouth" so generally, a creative sadist can always find something fun to do.

2/7/2004 7:24:24 PM
I'm fascinated today by servants... it is what I want ultimately... you know that sexy unspoken VIBE between the business man and his secretary... that beautiful unexplored chemistry... when there is a whife involved it goes on to so much higher a level, if cattiness can be avoided, where he owns both their hearts, and neither has to be threatened because he can't live without either of them.  Even armed with that knowledge, neither of them would ever leverage it against him.  It's SO easy to write... why then is it so damned hard to find.  Today I have neither, and I refuse to settle for one that can not accomidate the other...

Naturally, I could solve this if I had several million dollars...

1/8/2004 1:36:53 PM
What a long and crazy couple of weeks to get to this new year...

I moved into my house... my first actually, never figured myself for a homeowner but damned if I don't like it.

Seems to me I need to initiate the house somehow... hmmm... christen it with some whimpers I think...

12/15/2003 8:05:50 AM
I actually exported my whole profile ...  I get NOTHING over there, and all manner of inquiries here...

I actually like this place better... it's subtle... I can actually check it at work (so long as I don't open up the home page, which is all too often a picture of a chubby guy in leather... not exactly the image I would want someone to associate with me)

Really... it's more like a family... B is like a porn site... great looking images and design, but not subtle at all...

12/12/2003 1:10:16 PM
Some interesting people have been met... and I may have yet again) defined in print the perfect sub for me... forgive me for not sharing with the general populace, but I belong to a rare group of people who practice BDSM in a manner that makes virtually all "Bedroom" D/s folks, as well as most of the "Lifestyle" D/s-ite very uncomfortable, if not actively contrarian.

I find that annoying and find it generally reveals my self righteous critics as as "kinky vanillas" and is , hence my not sharing... and it's annoying...

12/3/2003 5:05:05 PM

Deleted Unread...


Argh...  As a writer I have to say "unread" is about my least favorite word in all the English language...

My Japanese isn't good enough that I have a more despised least favorite word... (This doesn't prevent me from declaring my favorite word be "hanashimas" because you almost can't say it without smiling... and it sounds cute when a girl says it)...

But "deleted unread" oi... I'm not easily insulted, and that's toeing the line... deleted unread... grrr...

Makes me just MORE interested, naturally... I HATE that...

Course, in this instance, my being a hard core sadistic devil with a penchant for driving my kittens to self torture, her being a fleshy submissive masochist within driving distance... oh... golly...

Someone is going to have to cry for that... if not her, I'll just have to heap this punishment on the next little stray who wanders into my shadow...

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