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Hetero Female Submissive, 44,  West Yorkshire , United Kingdom
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? I am here to socialise and connect with people who understand the needs and desires of being this way deep inside their soul, and maybe one day to find a man that is honest, decent and who will accept all of me.
I am happy to talk to anyone, but please extend me the courtesy of at least a little respect. I don't respond well to demands from strangers and fake "dominance". I am not here for dirty talk or to help anyone cheat on their partners, so if you are looking for that, you need to find it elsewhere. I am 100% straight, I do not switch, or casually "play", in real life or online, or share/get shared or role play. I have a few things that I will NOT break, when it comes to the man I want to be with. He must be older, taller (I'm 5'8"), non smoking, honest, local to me and strictly monogamous. I have broken my own rules too many times, and I never can again. I am not at all demanding, but those things are my only non negotiables. I am loyal, full of love, effort and affection. My kids have to be my first priority of course, but my man will also be a priority. And a big one. I give all of myself and the right man would have me heart, mind, body and soul. The man I fall in love with will KNOW he is loved, honoured, respected and adored












 Submissive Female

 West Yorkshire  

 United Kingdom

 5' 8"

 145 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

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Journal Entries:
7/4/2016 11:22:23 PM
Now I'm all confused and unsure. Felt ok about one thing, then something got in the way, and I'm totally not feeling ok about the first thing. Grrr! Not fair!

7/4/2016 9:09:24 AM
Oh my gosh, what is it about being wanted by an older man? Like....quite a bit older. Makes my little girl side go a little off the charts! Wanting to dress up real pretty for him, squeeze up against him, let daddy get pleasure from his needy little baby, knowing she wants to kiss him and make him happy. Makes me feel all small and giggly inside. Curling up to him like an innocent little pussycat. Meoooow daddy! Giggles.......

7/3/2016 9:30:35 PM
I hope my future daddy doesn't mind a little girl that wakes up super early wanting kisses and cuddles!! I mean, I will try let him sleep, but what else am I gonna do when I wake up next to my big, handsome daddy, and he's all sleepy and open to a sneaky attack....giggles.

7/3/2016 12:42:10 PM
One of those nights when Mr Wolfie just isn't good enough (sorry Mr Wolfie!) Kinda need big, strong, powerful cuddles. The kind where you can barely breathe, but you don't want to pull away even for a moment. I know I'm a good girl, I just don't know if telling myself that can ever replace having a daddy to tell me. I guess I'm just tired. Lots on this silly little mind.

7/3/2016 8:48:25 AM
Oh my gosh, I just kind of.....oh my gosh! Erm, anyway....pretty good day. Went out for my lovely long bike ride :) a whole hpir! Ok, my sister is reaaaally sloooow so I had to go at her pace, but it was still nice to be out in the fresh air, with the sunshine (occasionally, giggles) in my face. I am so so tired now. Waking up so early is crazy! Little girls need their sleep! This is one reason I need a daddy, to set a proper bedtime. With daddy kisses and cuddles. Get me all nice and ready for sleep.

7/3/2016 12:42:06 AM
Can't wait to one day wake up next to my daddy, to feel his arms wrapped around my body. I need closeness, so often I will have my face pressed in against his strong chest, so I can breathe him in all night, pressed up against him cos I crave his warmth. Looking up into his early morning, sleepy eyes, and smiling at how handsome he is. "Good morning daddy!!" I will gasp, all giddy inside already, but trying not to be loud and annoying. I am equally torn between wanting to rush downstairs to make him his morning coffee in bed, just like a good girl should, and wanting to just stay wrapped in those arms. Eagerly waiting for his return "good morning little one", or whatever his chosen name for me will be. That of course will be up to daddy. I will be anything he wants me to be. Daddy will be the boss, the leader, the one in full control. I will be his loving and eager little girl. There to make him happy and content. He will be loved like no other. He will have all of me, mind, heart, body and soul. I will be his in every single way. His obedient and respectful submissive, his giggly and adoring little girl, his loyal, faithful, honest and loving partner, his willing, passionate and compliant lover. One day......can't wait for one day.

7/2/2016 9:09:19 PM
Coffee in bed at five am. Thinking of the future. Well, calm down little girl, just think of today! Long bike ride to blow away the cobwebs of yesterday. Eat well, no junk. Start looking after myself a little better cos it's important. I've worked hard to get in decent shape, I need to keep working :) We all have lazy phases, but luckily with me now, they never last long enough to do any damage. Just keep plodding gently on til I'm more able to really get moving, the way I used to.

7/2/2016 3:00:06 PM
Fingers crossed. Ever hopeful and optimistic.

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