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Hetero Male Dominant, 34,  New York
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My name is Domino, also respectfully known as Daddy Domino by those who recently have lovingly gave me my new nome de plume. I have been exploring BDSM life since the age of nineteen. I was first exposed to what I now understand to be BDSM at the age of sixteen by a young lady who just had to tie me up and kiss me.

Since my first experience, I learned that I could recreate my desire to control others, inflict pain, and endure pain while hardening my body through the exploration of the martial arts world. Needless to say, I learned many techniques from my exploration that I use this very day. Since then my interest and passion for all that is BDSM has grown, been hidden, celebrated, expunged, and now finally it has now found a balance in my life. It is now a part of the very life blood that flows through my veins and air that fills my lungs.

I am a Dominant, a Sadist, a Master, and a Fetishist, fully integrated without the slightest bit of turmoil. I believe that before you attempt to Master anyone, you should Master and conquer the inner turmoil that boils within. The greatest lesson I have ever learned came from a heartbroken and disheartened submissive. We fought and argued and in a moment of chaos she shouted, “Don’t you think you should get your life in order before you try to dominate me and tell me how to get my life under control.”

Thanks to her, my life took a turn for the better. I hit rock bottom and tried to turn my life around. I joined the military and completed my training only to develop a mild breathing disorder. I happen to be a part of that .001% of people who CS2 triggers a genetic breathing disorder. Well, after being honorably discharged and spending a lot of time in court fighting my discharge. I went back to school and earned my BA and MA degrees.

But back to my time in the military, my time in service taught me a lot about self-mastery and holding yourself to a higher standard. And before believing that you have Mastered anything, you have better made sure that you are Green to go and know your shit! So, when I make demands or expect something from my sub/slave, I make it with confidence because I would not ask something from someone else that I don’t expect from myself.

I enjoy many kinks and my imagination and curiosity keeps me eager to learn about new and exciting kinks. When it comes to a D/s, M/s relationship I use common sense, a desire for balance, to direct the seething beast to drive the evolution of the relationship.

For those who want to peek into my soul, read the

It is the fear of the unknown that I desire to eradicate and not the love of knowledge. The personification of knowledge is expressed through the creativity of my mind, the










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 Dominant Male

 New York

 5' 7"

 180 lbs






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