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Hetero Male Dominant, 65,  Perth, Australia
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I have not been active on this site for a long time because I have two BDSM 'daughters':
  • cassie who was my little one from age 19 (now 23); and
  • dani, who was also 19 when she joined our family, and who is also now 23.
cassie hid her Collarspace account after being bothered by a wannabe dom, but dani has left hers open. If you want a reference for me, you can ask dani what it is like to have me as her lifestyle Daddy by contacting her at LittleAusGirl, here on Collarspace. After a lovely Daddy-daughter relationship for two years, cassie went travelling, as young people do, and is now living in the UK. We keep in touch, but obviously don't see each other. dani is now in fourth year Law at one of our universities, and also living with a delightful young lady, also a 4th year law student, with whom she has partnered in an F-F relationship. I do see dani and her best-friend-partner, 'J', from time to time, just as their real, vanilla parents do, and the girls have made it quite clear that they strongly want to keep in touch and remain a 'family'. However, we have all agreed that maybe it is time for Daddy to find a new foster daughter to mentor and care for, and it is with their blessing that I have re-worded my profile message here. I live in the South West of WA, but go to Perth regularly. I go away from time to time because of my work, and I am otherwise very busy in community, club, and other activities, so I can only offer to be a part-time Dad, but if you would like an experienced Dom as a Mentor, then I would like to meet you. About me: I have been a Dominant in the Lifestyle for around 30 years and there is almost nothing I have not done or experienced, so I am well qualified to be a Mentor to a young or newbie sub. As a young man I started of as a Dom in the general sense, doing what Masters usually do in play sessions with their subs. Later, when overseas, I caught up with an extreme S&M sub I had been communication with for some time, online - really extreme, and that was an education for me. I enjoyed my time with her to the point of becoming an S&M Dom and Master for years after that, with differing subs. Then I met a 19 year old girl, also overseas, and had my first experience as a Daddy Dom. When we met she turned out to be only 17 and I nearly ran away, but in the end made sex a hard limit, and we had a lovely time as a vanilla Daddy-little-girl, father-daughter couple. I had never thought I would be interested in the Daddy Dom scenario, but enjoyed it so much that I was very receptive when I came home and met, first cassie, and later, dani - to the point where, now one is unavailable, and the other very much part, I think I might like another daughter to spend some time with, and look after. I would point out that as a Daddy Dom I enjoy the father-daughter dynamic and have no interest in screwing my daughter - unlike most Daddy Doms on this site. Sure, the limits and boundaries stretch a little in a D/s relationship, compared with the vanilla equivalent, but intercourse is a hard limit of mine. I love the Daddy-daughter dynamic, and also the cuddles, and even some sensual petting, but prefer to keep it pure and not let it degenerate into just another sexual partnership between two persons of vastly different ages. If you would like to talk about your interest in inter-generational, Daddy-daughter relationships, please don't hesitate to write - there will be no obligation to do more than that, unless you want to. Kind regards, Tim












 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 198 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

 Lives For:



 Yachting (Expert)





 Kick Boxing



 Computer Expert

 Professional Chef

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Journal Entries:
1/27/2016 7:04:44 PM
If you scroll down you will see that I have not been active on this site since 2013.  However, I have just rewritten my profile message and I am looking forward to seeing what effect, if any, that has.

10/11/2013 8:30:44 AM

Since writing my last, rather negative journal entry I have met and adopted a BDSM daughter and life is now wonderful again.

5/16/2012 6:11:19 AM

I have decided to give Cm a miss for the time being because it is a distraction - a negative distraction at the moment when I have so many other positive things to apply myself to.

My friends know my e-mail address so they can contact me there if they so wish.

In case any friends do not know my e-mail address, I will check here again in a week or so and answer their messages and then delete this account.

6/3/2011 6:02:55 AM

I had been home from the UK for over a year when, let's call her Lindy, contacted me here on Cm.  We established that we were like minded over a period of time, chatting on Cm and agreed to meet.  One big difference this time was that Lindy was 40, not a 'little girl' physically or in terms of chronological years, but she convinced me that mentally she needed the Daddy Dom / little gurl play scene from time to time to satisfy her inner needs and to balance her life, and I found that I was wanting it too.  We agreed to meet, chat face-to-face, and if we still felt like proceeding then we would experiment with differing variations on the Daddy/gurl scenario and see if it fulfilled our expectations.

5/6/2011 1:59:29 AM

I was watching the news on TV in my hotel room when she came out of the shower in her robe, towelling her hair as she crossed the room.  Satisfied that her hair was about as dry as she was going to get it for the moment, she draped the towel over the back of a kitchen chair and sat on the couch beside me, but not too close.  After a moment she said:

"Daddy, can I lay my head on your lap?"


"Of course, love", I replied, and she lay down with her legs curled up on the couch and her head of tousled hair in my lap.  There was a particularly interesting news segment on at that moment and I distractedly ran my fingers through her damp, sweet smelling hair as I watched it.  She purred and snuggled in as I caressed her.


I should say at this point that she was a virgin and had expressed her desire to stay that way until married and I respected that.  We agreed that any form of D/s play was acceptable as long as we avoided intercourse.  Apart from respecting her wishes, I was quite glad that we had made that commitment because deep down I felt the cheap thrill of a 30 second intra-vaginal orgasm with one so young, legal by a couple of years, but still young, would forever mar this very special  relationship we shared and enjoyed, and I had no desire to fuck her ... but I did enjoy very much the little liberties she allowed me because they showed me that she was genuinely fond of me, trusted me, and was relaxed in my company.  She was much more wary of boys her own age who would undoubtedly want to go further than she was prepared to go.<br><br>


As the news progressed I became aware that the hand under her pretty head was gently massaging the crotch of my pants, and I reciprocated by gently massaging her neck, back and shoulders with my hand on the outside of her robe.  She purred and snuggled in even closer.<br><br>


"Does Daddy like his little girl doing that?", she asked.<br><br>


"Daddy does", I replied, as I could feel stirrings in my loins.<br><br>


"Can I play the lollipop game?", she asked.<br><br>


"And ... what is this lollipop game?", I asked - as if I couldn't guess!  "Is this something you play at school, or with your boyfriends?"<br><br>


"Oh, no!", she exclaimed in mock horror.  "I would never play 'lollipops' with a boy. You would never know where that would lead ... but, with my Daddy, I know I am quite safe and I would love to try it".<br><br>


"Try it?  So, you have never played it before?", I asked.<br><br>


"No.  I told you that already.  I have just heard other girls talk about it and want to try it ... if that's OK with my Daddy Dom?".<br><br>


"OK", I said, "Let's play the lollipop game".<br><br>


With that she deftly unzipped me and fished my half hard member out of my underpants, and then out through the flies of my trousers.<br><br>


"See, this is not a lollipop she said", as she flopped it from side to side.  "What I have to do is to suck it like a lollipop until it goes hard like a lollipop ... and ... then, if I keep licking and sucking my lollipop they tell me that I will eventually suck out the soft white stuff in the centre, which is meant to be yummy".<br><br>


"Really", I said, eyebrows raised in a doubtful query.  So, you have tasted it before?".<br><br>


"No, silly Daddy - of course not.  I told you I have never played the lollipop game, but I reckon that a man's cum is something special and beautiful and must be good to eat.  Some girls say it is yucky;  some say they like the taste;  some say different boys and men taste different. I think I am going to like the taste of my Daddy's lollipop".<br><br>


With that I felt the wonderful warm, moist, tenderness of her lovely lips and tongue close over the end of my member as she started to enthusiastically encourage her lollipop to stiffen into its full splendour.  There was something about this Daddy/girlie D/s play that made this different from any other blow job I had ever experienced.  I looked down on the back of her lovely head as it slowly bobbed up and down, and then I put my head back against the cushions of the couch and blissfully enjoyed the sensation.  At the same time I redoubled my manual exploration of her body, this time under her robe.  I could feel my manhood responding to her oral caresses, as I could also feel her responding to my caresses as I cupped her firm young breasts in my hand, and then tweaked her stiffening nipples.<br><br>


--- enough for now --- maybe more later.

8/12/2009 7:32:16 AM
I did't list any BDSM activities in the "Likes" and "Dislikes" list because I have done them all and if I say I "Love" doing something you hate,or "Hate" doing something you love, it might put you off.  I like it all but am happy to avoid anything you have a problem with - that is not to say we might not try and stretch a limit here and there :o)

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