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Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  Kent, United Kingdom
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Hmm don't we all love profiles, well other people's. ? I have been a dom since I can remember, I am not a follower and never will be, I am naturally in control and like to control. ? I like to strictly control and protect. I enjoy the Daddy / Daughter or girl role both in private and in public. Nothing is sexier than kissing my girl deeply and her calling me daddy. Or have her sit on my lap and cuddle me , men seeing up her skirt and looking at her lith young body. Wishing they were me and wanting her. Cuddles and kisses plus dressing my girl are important. I enjoy pushing a girl to her limits. Both sexually ( if not platonic ) or discipline and task., I like to teach, guide, control but also protect. I can be very strict when needed and will not tolerate poor discipline. But I am not a sadist. Punishment is playful, from spankings and corner time, through to positions it telling off. Punishment levels depend on the girl needs and likes ;) ? I do enjoy making a girl please and serve men. ? I have a lot of experience in training. ? I seek a girl that wants to guided by an older man and feel both owned and used, controlled and taught . I am real and my expectations real, this is not a dream, book or film. ? ?











Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 6' 1"

 222 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:

 Begging (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Body Worship (Expert)

 Bondage (Expert)

 Breast Play (Expert)

 Canes and Crops (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Corner Time (Expert)

 Humiliation (Expert)

 Leashes (Expert)

 Massage (Getting)

 Mental Bondage (Expert)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Objectification (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial (Expert)

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay (Expert)

 Sensory Deprivation (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions (Expert)

 Vibrators (Expert)



 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Eye Contact Restrictions (Expert)

 Gags (Expert)

 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Housework Service (Expert)

 Public Play


 Anal Play (Expert)



 Domestic Service


 Hypnosis (Expert)

 Massage (Giving)

 Role Playing


 Wax play


 Masks (On Partner)

 Curious About:


 Electrical Play

 Local BDSM Community

 Foot Worship


 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap



 Masks (Wearing)

 Hard Limits:




 Fire Play

 Gas Masks

 Knife Play

 Medical Play

 Needle Play

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