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Hetero Male Dominant, 35,  Milwaukee, Michigan
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Dominant man but, that's not why I'm here. I'm seeking something very unique and taboo. The essence of forbidden love.... I'm looking for a babygirl. I seek an adult woman who wants to let that side of her go temporarily and be a little girl for Daddy for a short time. I am not seeking 24/7 relationship. I am nt seeking a Master/slave dynamic. I am looking for a bratty little girl who needs to get spanked, a needy little girl who'll do anything for Daddy...anything











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 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 220 lbs






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Journal Entries:
1/14/2013 11:05:04 PM

Do you like a man's hands around your throat? Squeezing you harder and harder..

1/13/2013 12:05:23 AM

I love how often I run into truly submissive women. I'm discussing a woman's vanilla relationship and she tells me "He doesn't need to change, I just need to understand him better to make him happy..."


What a wonderful babygirl. The world is filled with such delicious little girls. Makes a dirty old man's heart happy.

10/17/2012 5:50:09 AM

Hello holes,

I've always enjoyed fisting because it is such a perverse act that requires patients and skill on the Man's part and you have to find a dirty little whore to do it. I mean, trust me, good girls don't let you shove your big hand up their cunt.

I love playing with whore cunts, teasing the clit, pushing a finger in and finding that g-spot, pushing in two then three fingers and fucking a whore cunt with them until it gets really wet. I prefer not to use lube, so an ideal cunt is one that gets very wet but don't worry I will use lube if that is what it takes to accomplish my very twisted goal of fist fucking your hole, of treating you like my cunt puppet.

I have to compliment myself on that clever turn of phrase 'cunt puppet' not only was it clever but it is very truthful because when My hand is inside you, I will be inside you. Not just My hand but My words too... When My hand is deep inside you fist fucking you, and you hear what a dirty little whore you are, it will ring very true. You will feel like you have no control over yourself, and you wont. I will be controlling when you cum how hard you cum and what you think. You will literally be my cunt puppet.

Because of that, because of how intense this will be, you will need to reply back with an explanation of what sort of aftercare you will need. I don't' break my toys.

- Mister

p.s. if this isn't your thing because you have 'to tight' of a pussy but you got turned on reading this, let me know. I find such praise encouraging.

9/13/2012 6:12:36 AM

Can you do the splits? Are you bigger than a size 10? If you like showing off in front of a man let me know. I am looking for a curvy girl who is very flexible....

9/5/2012 12:03:45 PM

sapiosexuality: A behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use

8/27/2012 7:03:38 AM


[Ad I posted on Craigslist today...]

I just spent the last 10 minutes watching a lesbian porn..... This is very unusual for me because I like to see people fuck. Do you like porn? Do you like watching people fuck....? That's not the point of this ad though.

What captivated my attention about this porn was how sexy the two of them looked kissing and how all of the sex was focused on their mouths....

I love the female mouth. It is by far the sexiest part of a woman. The shape, the wetness, the sounds that escape it, the many uses.... Yes a woman's mouth is very sexy to me. Especially kissing them. I love to kiss, slowly, intently, and with passion. I love peck kisses, kisses on the cheek, french kissing sloppy wet kisses even kisses after oral sex. In fact I consider it rejection if a woman wont kiss me after I've kissed her... well her other lips. If you wont kiss me after I've kissed you down there, well that's just rude. I believe that goes both ways too.

One of my favorite things is watching a woman's lips move as she curses. There's something very erotic about the way a woman's lips shape the word 'fuck'

I am looking for a woman who likes to have her lips enjoyed. Kissing, oral, talking, and moaning... I want a woman who's willing to give me her mouth. You must be willing and accepting of the fact that I am objectifying you. That you are just a life support system for your lips,


If you enjoyed reading this, if you're turned on by it, e-mail me and say 'Thank you Mister" It makes a dirty old man happy to know naughty little girls actually read these.

PS double points if you are into swallowing spit or being spit on.

Change the subject line in your e-mail to something naughty like...'mouth sex

8/25/2012 9:38:27 AM

I'm looking for a woman that wants to be, no needs to be, spanked.

Where I come over, scold and spank you with my firm bare hand. Where I make her lay over my lap or on the bed where you can not move away, pinned down and spanked for a long time. Not a rapid hard beating, at first, but a slow firm swats. Firm swats that slowly build up into the sort of spanking that leaves bruises on a bad girl's ass. I want it so you feel my touch, my affection the next several days. Where you remind yourself to be a good girl because you want to, because you need to be spanked again.

I especially like it if you can cry for me during the spanking.

I enjoy talking while I punish you, making you listen to my voice, being scolded as well as a few gentle words of why I do this...because I want you to become a good girl.

After it's done, I caress you, I give you the aftercare that such an intense experience gives. I will not be undressed at anytime but you will be stripped down to at least your bra and panties, I'd prefer your ass be bare. I want you to feel exposed, weak and humiliated. I want you to feel that intense release of a good long spanking can give.

I want to be addressed only as 'Mister'.

I am tall, 6'1" broad shouldered, very good arms (go to the gym regularly) and I'm solid. Exactly the type of man who gives a good firm demanding spanking....

If you enjoyed reading this but are too shy to act on your needs you may still contact me with a 'thank you Mister' to encourage me to post more ads that make your naughty pussy wet.

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