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Hetero Male Dominant, 45,  DFW, Texas
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Ok Ladies, time for me to lay out some unpalatable facts: I lost my little girl/wife and our daughter in a car accident about 10 months ago. I don't tell you this to shock or gain sympathy from you, I tell you this to put what I'm going to say next in its proper context, and give you a better understanding of my reasoning. Please, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Please read the whole profile before sending me any messages, it'll hopefully cut down on alot of your questions. I am now in the unenviable position of trying to start over by finding another sub / slave / little girl and family, even though im 45 years old. It's only a number and that is how I truly think but it's still harder to find a woman to start a family at that age than if I was say 25. Facts are facts. That being said, I AM looking for someone to do just that. I want kids, if you don't want them, we won't work out. I'm not independently wealthy. I'm an average lower middle class income American. Don't think you can enter my life / home and be just a housewife. My last wife and I both worked to pay the bills and have a semi-comfortable lifestyle. I'm a Master, not just a Dominant, but also identify as a Daddy Dom. I have several vanilla activities that I enjoy including reading, cooking, gaming (computer and tabletop, card games, monopoly, chutes and ladders, etc), and several BDSM activities. I'm fairly strict, but that's tempered with common sense and wisdom. I live my life by a concrete set of moral values and a code of honor without being overtly christian or religious. I've read the Bible, Koran, Book or Mormon, and several other religious texts and doctrines without truly adopting any of them. I'm a Traditionalist, in that I open doors for ladies, always pay the dinner bill, etc. I also fully expect women to act and dress AS women. Be gracias, quiet, unassuming, meek; wear a dress / skirt, hose, heels, lingerie, etc. Cannot stand to see a woman wearing pants----ever. That being said, if work requires you to do that, like wearing scrubs as a nurse, I can tolerate that. While home though, you'd better be wearing that dress, hose and heels. What I'm looking for: A woman who's willing to live her life with me in an ACTIVE BDSM relationship. I've been in the lifestyle for many years, although I'm currently not active in the local community due to the work schedule that I'm working at the moment. I work 2nd shift from 4pm to midnight, mon - fri. Hard to go to munches, or dungeons if I'm working. If you were to be working day shift, we wouldn't see much of each other during the week. That's the major problem I and my now deceased wife had. WeekENDS though I spent as much time with her as I possibly could. A woman who's willing to go that small extra mile, and actually dress as a woman should, allow me to pamper her as I can, time and / or financialy afford, be willing after a proper settling in period to marry me, and be the mother of my children. And don't think for a moment that just because we have kids that our BDSM activities / lifestyle will end. Because it definately won't. My wife and I had a very fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable BDSM life despite our daughter and that would continue with our own children. Would prefer someone 25-37 simply because you'll probably have a better understanding of life in general, be more willing to "settle down", and be more mature. That being said, in willing to entertain someone younger, you'll just have to prove yourself a little more. If you've actually read all this, and I haven't totally scared you off by now, please send me a response, let's chat, get to know each other a little better, and see what happens. Please don't waste my time though if you're not serious about this, because I definately am. Hope to hear from you.... I'll add more as it comes to me =) Oh, and yes, I obviously have pics, will forward them upon request after we've chatted once or twice.











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