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Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  Florida
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My little one where are you? Alone and lost without that special purpose you were meant to fill.....How I long to lead you, guide you, protect you, enjoy you, love you, and watch you grow as a sub and a all ways. Just as you miss having that strength, respect, discipline, guidance, and someone to look up to and respect. My special little one will be first and foremost to I will be to her. I am not here to play, but to find her. My little one. I love watching her grow and with each day her submission comes so naturally to her and for me....growing to be the best of friends, lovers, Dom/sub....having so much fun along the way.....and building that special special bond that only we can share together.....How I love to challenge your mind and body daily...never knowing what I will have planned next. But knowing that it will be fun and adventurous! Quit wandering my little one......lets cuddle and talk.....











 Dominant Male


 Willing to Relocate

 6' 1"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:

 Travel (Expert)

 Being Massaged

 Spanking you (Expert)


 Amusement Parks


 Fine Dining



 Horseback Riding


 Blindfolding you (Expert)

 Body Worship

 Bondage (Expert)

 Breast Play

 You wearing my collar (Expert)


 Massage (Giving) (Expert)

 Orgasm Control (Expert)

 Public Play (Expert)

 Role Playing (Expert)

 Comedy Shows

 Historical Shows

 True Crime



 1950s Lifestyle (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)










 Local BDSM Community

 Rear End Play

 Masks (Wearing)

 TV Sports


 Old Guard


 Auto Racing



 Curious About:

 Musical Theater


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Journal Entries:
5/18/2014 8:16:59 AM

                                               MY LIL'


She is lost without a Daddy.....A strong Dominant Daddy that will always be there for her! She needs a Daddy that wants to understand her: her desires, who she is as a woman, and who she is as a sub lil. She lives for that special Daddy time. When she is all curled up/snuggled up with her strong Daddy. Knowing that there could never be a more special relationship than that of a Daddy and his lil one. Her heart flutters and her body tingles when she is so close to Daddy. Hoping that Daddy wants more.....But that anticipation forever keeps her happy, wanting, and needing her Daddy. Her submission comes out of respect, love, and by the way her Daddy leads by example....not out of words. She loves it when Daddy suprises her with a weekend roadtrip with no destination but pleasure....or when Daddy sends her to the spa to get all freshened up for a special night out/in.....I do love to reward her when she is very you enjoy very very loooong slow sensual massages by your Daddy?! I love to have my hands on my lil one....And have found that one of my best rewards to my lil one is a nice massage, some flavored oil, a blindfold, a few toys, some soft music,  and allot of immagination!! But I do warn you I am a believer in orgasm control....the greatest teaching tool of all...especially when you are creative and adventurous! Yes, I treasure my lil one and ALL that she is......where are you my dear? 

5/16/2013 3:23:08 PM

I watch down over her as she sleeps, my little one.....So peaceful and angelic. So innocent and cute.....I am proud of her and who she has become, as a sub and as a woman. She will be so strong inside and in all that she does...but she is most happiest using her natural ability to please and serve...out of love, respect, friendship, and that bond that can only come from a strong DaddyDom and his little one.

     She is lost without guidance, structure, discipline, direction, and a true men, our purpose is to lead and teach. To show the little one that her trust and submission will never be taken for granted or forgotten. And to always show her the respect she deserves for who she is and all that she does....

     I hope, as she sleeps, her thoughts are filled with the fun we have had and will have together.....How I love to keep her always guessing what I will have planned next for her.....I do love the mental side and filling my little ones thoughts with all of our adventures together.....

     So sleep little one...and know that you could never be safer with someone or more aprecciated and loved.......

4/15/2013 5:28:40 PM

I envision some of the special moments when I find her.......

     That first look.....looking in her eyes and knowing she is a special sub

     That first touch.....feeling the electricity, physically.

     Very looooong and receiving. Feeling her body. Her softness and her energy. Getting her relaxed and her mind clear of thought. Making sure she feels my strength, power, and gentleness.

     The teasing! Endless and home and out. Flirting, touching, kissing, whispering in your ear what I am going to do to you when you least expect it, and doing it. Very fond of Tantra and the erotic side of the lifestyle....seeing how hot I can get you. And my how the teasing keeps my sub guessing what I will do next. Adds so much fun, excitement, and always keeps her on her toes. Oh, I am very very creative!

     Taking her, at times, and making sure she knows how hot she makes me....Ripping of clothes.....picking her up and throwing her on the bed.....and having my way with her.....Yes, I am Dr.Jekly and Mr. Hyde.....LOL. Will you bring out the badboy side....or the teasing, make you beg, side? LOL. Both I hope....Oh, You think I cant make you beg? Try me!

     Spending the night talking, forgetting about time, and realizing the sun is coming up.....Love to know you better than you know yourself. I enjoy spending the time to know my special one. And we both know it takes allot of time for her to trust enough to fully show her submission.

     Cooking a nice dinner together....But watch out. Something about a woman cooking that really is sexy to me! No I am not fat! LOL. I have always believed in the 50's HOH concept. The women fixing the meals and we all know that food is the greatest aphrodisiac, right?! Just watch out in the kitchen. Wink!

     Walking the beach and just talking. I am very hands on....Love holding hands. Pulling you to me as we walk in the water and giving you a very very hot sexy kiss as the sun sets....

     LOVE my little one to curl up on my lap in the evenings. One of my greatest feelings is knowing she knows that I will always keep her as safe as she feels when she is curled up with me. That is something that I would believe a sub would need more than know that the one she trusts most will never betray that special trust and will always take care of her, keep her safe, and will always do what is best for her and us....

     Our first trip...maybe a cruise. I love to travel and have found cruises to be allot of fun! Love to dance!!!! Love to look good for her and her for me. Love to smell good for her....want people to be jealous of us. Seeing that what we have is special and wishing that they have what we share......going to exotic places is something I could do forever. Love to explore some new places together....making our bond that much stronger...creating memories that will last forever......


          Where are you my dear????

4/6/2013 7:25:27 PM

We had been out dancing at this place right on the beach. It was a warm night and she had on a very thin short summer dress. She was only 5'2/102lbs and her name was Jenny. She was my first little one. A tiny little one at that.We had met through a Dom friend of mine. She was a total flirt and she knew the effect her tight tiny body had on me.....We drank, danced, flirted, kissed..... Twice, as we sat at our table, I had let a hand wander its way between her tiny legs, without anyone knowing.....The second time she gave me a look that I will always remember. She whispered in my ear, "Should I let you have some tonight?" And kissed my neck....SHE asked me. Ok I thought and laughed it off. I was aroused the rest of the night dancing. Which also led to more teasing. I got her to the car, which was parked off the side of the buidling.....I got her from behind tight and made sure she felt how hot I was for her as I ground against her....I gently pulled her head back with that long blonde hair, like she liked....I kissed her neck hard and asked if she wanted to play teasing games....still making sure she felt what she does to me. She said she was very sorry as I lifted her and set her on the edge of the car. My strong hands parted her thighs as a couple walked by us....I grabbed her ass as she sat and pulled her to the very edge...I then told her I needed to taste her and bent down. As I looked deep in her eyes I  ran my tongue over her wetness....mmm.....She gasped and a did it again....She didnt wear any underwear as she knew I wouldnt allow it when we were out. I then stood up and round against her wetness as we kissed...making sure she tasted the sweetness.....We drove home and I told her to meet me in bed naked as I went in the bathroom. I knew she was ready to go and so was I. I grabbed what I needed and told her to cut the big light out and close her eyes. The small lamp was on as I walked out. She always looked great. So small and tiny. But so sexy and all woman....Her eyes were closed tight as I slid the blindfold on her tight. We talkes as I ran a hand over the front of her body....circling her very hard nipples, but not touching them. I had her lay bay and put her hands at the bedposts.....My finger now traced its way all along her tiny the inside of her soft thighs...and I mean very light and slow! I could see the moisture. I could smell the sex! And god knows I could see and feel how hard she had made me by now.....So sexy with her hands bound....not able to see what I was doing next.  I kept talking to her as I playded with and enjoyed my little ones body.....I slid between her legs and kissed her thighs...feeling her heat. Hearing her moans.....My strong hands sliding their way up to those nipples...but still just teasing them. I let my tongue find its target hard! Running up and down....lightly pinching her nipples now...her moans were like music. I savored her as my tongue teased her wetness.....Her back arched...the juices now flowing harder....I eased above her as I talked to her....She JUMPED when I ran the head up and down the river that flowed from her.....Rub it a few stroked then stop and see if she was ready yet...each time I asked she said, "Yes Daddy Please!".....Fifteen minutes this went on til she begged for it. I eased just the head in and the heat was incredible...and wet. I asked her whos it was and she said "DADDYS!" I kissed her very long with the head in....then got up and told er I would be back.......I knew how bad she NEEDED it. But I also knew by not giving her release just yet that it would sharpen her mentally and let her know it WAS Daddys.....Yes, I did go back aafter an hour and she always thanked me after that for how it changed her.....

3/26/2013 7:28:00 PM

I watched her walk out of the room knowing she was in trouble. He had caught us passing notes again. Shelly was hot and we had been best friends since 2nd grade. All of my early memories are with her, as kids, in some kind of trouble. We were teenagers now and Shelly was about to get 5 licks with MR. Baileys paddle with the holes in it.....I saw Mr. Bailey get the teacher out of the next room and go into the stairwell. I look back now and think of how smart the teachers were to paddle us bad kids in the stairwell so that all the kids on that wing would hear it.....Anyway, SMACK-ouch.....Smack-ouch 5x over.....A few minutes later Shelly came walking in ahead of Mr. Bailey. She was rubbing her sexy tight ass....her face was red. But she was smiling! She sat down beside me in her desk and  just kept grinning with this silly look on her face.....Soon after, the bell rang and she grabbed my hand and we took off out the back of the building to the woods. There was an old shedlike bldg all the kids used to hang out in and skip class sometimes....As we got through the door Shelly grabbed me and strated stripping my shirt off. She scrathed my chest hard with her nails that tore skin and I grabbed her and threw her on the cot. She was like mad scrambling about to get her jeans off....She jumped off the bed as I was getting my pants off and leans over the little table and sticks that gorgeous ass out with that look in her eyes..... I got behind her and ground against that sexy ass...I asked her why she was so worked up. She told me that the more she got spanked by that paddle the wetter she got. She took my hand and put it between her legs. My god she was soaked! Her ass was still cherry red from the paddle and I could feel the heat in her ass as I squeezed it. She told me to spank her some more. I did slowly at first and light. My cock was stirring.....I let go and gave that ass all I had as I swung so hard on her ass! She SQUEALED and came like a fountain!!!! And I was so jard my cock hurt.....I then took it out on her!

     We repeated this scene many times after...always trying new spanking weapons...But me-I always have just enjoyed my strong rough natural OTK spankings! Got to feel her skin.....After that first episode with Shelly I always knew that I LOVED spanking women! And also learned that you naughty women love a manly man spanking honest! LOL!

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