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Hetero Male Dominant, 46,  Australia
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  A short explanation for the lack of details and pics in this profile...
At a place in life of healing at the moment after a monumental let down that left me extremely weary and cautious... A word of advice I can offer is *confirm* in every way possible that the person you are considering investing your emotional attachment to is indeed who you believe them to be!!
Trust is a very valuable gift that we give to those *worthy* of it...
We are all vulnerable of making mistakes where trust is concerned and deserve all that we give of ourselves returned...
Be real and be happy, life is way too short to just spectate...










Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 6' 0"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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Journal Entries:
1/20/2011 7:04:11 PM

Ok its been awhile since my last rantings but something finally annoyed me enough to warrant another scribbling lol..

I am really SO over aussies becoming so americanized.. It seems every kid in aus has this stupid wannabe homie gangsta slang bullshit.. Grrr and the oversized pants hanging off their hips and arse sometimes hanging just above the knee,s lol Makes me subconsciously grab the waistband of my strides and yank em up laughs..

Oh and if thats not enough it seems to also be creeping into the *lifestyle* and kink community as well.. We all seem to be becoming americanized, ffs people have some pride and be who and what you are!! Its a sad day when aussies lose that larrikin fun loving familiar personality that seems to make the rest of the world love us...


Shrugs thats my sook for the week anyway lol

11/19/2010 10:25:13 PM

Ok breathe! remember its just a website! lol  Sometimes I think its a good idea to just laugh not take things too seriously and if nothing else just think of it as entertainment hehe..

11/9/2010 7:59:15 PM

GAWD!!  There are some friggin wierdo,s on here! Not that you all dont already know that.. But sometimes Im just left dumbfounded and shaking my head and thinking why the fuck do I even bother! lol

Being nice and polite and thoughtful only invites misery it seems... shrugs and growls a bit... !@$%^)

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