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Pan Male Dominant, 45,  Keswick/Toronto, Canada
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I am a lover of women, not a hater in disguise. I seek the black sheep in the crowd. The outcast in the group or family. A wild-eyed, dyed haired, pierced, and tattooed, psycho looking calm beauty, w/a heart of silver, and an ass to stop traffic. Body shape doesn't matter to me, but you should be comfortable in your own skin, and look rockin' in your favourite pair of jeans.
A lover of loud wet sex and louder alternative R&R. Maybe you're a woman who's been kept in the closet far too long and is just dying to get out.
 I'd love to have a bad grrrl to eat-beat-and mistreat--In the nicest possible ways...or in the worst ways!!!
I am constantly aware of state , or condition my subject is in, when we are in play. I have my own spanking bench that I built, and my own toys and tools to go along with it!

 My biggest peeve is the wolf in sheep's clothing, who's only challenge is getting a woman to succumb to his wishes and once she's bound and gagged, he's merciless in his beating. No warming up, no calming down...just the conquest. Just the win, and if he draws blood, or the "safe-word" is used, his ego is intact, and his reward is met.

I'm not the kind of guy that can just sit back and watch while injustice is happening in-front of me.
To hear the women, or subs, speak on here, the Doms sound quite rude , and very ego, and self-sexually driven men. Whereas, I believe that in this society, in this sexual dogma, it's the woman, and/or the sub, who ultimately controls the situation. The play. The boundaries.
 Now, the games may be up to the Dom/mes, and the better, more experienced they are at what they do, the more relaxed the sub will be. The slower they go at the beginning, the longer and further the sub will "let" the Dom go, and the further her boundaries will be pushed...not forced, not cohersed. And when the sub has gone as far as she can that time, the Dom will stop and congratulate her on how far she's come and how proud he is of her. And he will undo her binds and comfort her, and keep her warm if needed, for as long as needed. Never comparing her to others. Never chastising her for not going as far as she could have , or had wanted to, or anything negative at all.
Women are an enigma at the best of times  and for us as men or Dom's to try to force our "total control" over them at all times is a sure way to lose them. Even if their want and dream is to be "enslaved, or have their Master take total control over them, at first, too much, too fast, can be, I believe, seen as too selfish and mysogonist. Pain w/o temperance is just abuse.

Did I mention that I am Bisexual? No? Well, I am. But I am also as monogamous as one can be, while being bi. I am a one woman man. I am also a one man's man. I Don't, Won't lie about it. So if, and when I ever find a guy that I'm attracted to, which isn't very often, either I bring him home for the both of us to share, or, if it's alright with my gf at the time, I have a boy's night out, or I pass on him that time. I try very hard to be "An Ethical Slut." But As much as I've tried, I'm just too much of a jealous guy to be completely poly. I practise safe sex as much as possible and am tested and never topped. I am a Master at oral and anal sex, with an average-sized, beautiful cock that I can make stay hard for hours at times. And many times over the years people have commented on the sweet taste and flavour of my come. So, naturally, I am also seeking a lover of giving head. But a willingness to try and to want to please is really whats important here and in life as well. I am seeking someone submissive, who has most of their weekends free to play. I like to get high and stay in bed as much as possible, going out to eat and going to the clubs and play-parties at night is about all I want to do. Playing in the bedroom, teaching and learning from each-other, is as about as much fun as I could imagine, but if you know more, and are willing to teach this old dog some new tricks...then really, by all means, write back to me and see if we should meet. I'm not into cyber, or phone sex, but I would like to see with whom it is I am speaking with, OK? There's other stuff I like to do too, but at this time in my life, finding someone to play with, to be friends with, to get high, happy, horny, and to lie with...that's all I want... So let me hear some feedback please, this is my first ad. My first profile, and although I said a lot, I've left out so much as well... So..Let the games begin...












 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 230 lbs






Actively Seeking:

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 Munches (Beginner)

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 Latter-day Saints




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Journal Entries:
2/21/2008 2:15:31 AM
 To anyone interested enough to be reading this....

   My youngest son and I are leaving our basement apt. for bigger and finer digs in town, instead of being stuck in someone's basement, waaay out in the boonies, where it's too far to walk to go anywhere. And with winter in full swing, even a walk to the closest bus stop is a solid 15min. trek through frozen conditions.
  So, it's in town we go. Into a real apartment building! With real neighbours, and real...everything! I know you must be scratching your heads' going wtf? It's only an apt. But you don't understand. First off, It's just me and the boy- no women! No girlfriend, wife, roomie...nothing. I've rented cabins, out in the bush before, many times. But in the City? Town-actually, but in this get my point.
  So, yeah, this is very exciting for he,and I.  And I've been saving up, and I've have enough to get my liciense back. Well, my plates, anyway. And the new sticker for them, and so , this month...we can go car shopping!!! Yea!!!
  And being in town means we will be so close to everything, and all this winter weight I've put on, will hopefully come off just as easily! Yeah Right! But now, I can drive to the gym!, Or take the bus even, whereas now, that is even to hard to do.
 So the main reason for writing this is that if I don't get back to some of you folks as soon as is customary, please don't lose hope, or think I'm being too rude okay...I'm either packing-unpacking...or visiting my ill Mother, whose been in and out of the hospital lately due to some infections she been getting from an operation a few weeks ago...But she should- No! She will be just fine in a few more days, and back at home.
  So please have some extra patience with me, and all's well that will end well. thank you, and good night.

2/17/2008 1:15:52 AM
Not all of my play encounters have to be sexual, but to be honest, up to this point, they all have either been that way, or turned out that way.
I respect all limits, and although I enjoy pushing those boundries, I would never go into unwelcomed waters. From reading on here though, forced bisexuality is a different kettle of fish altogether, and one that is(depending on the sub), likened to forced strap-on, simulated oral, etc...

  My ex-sub was always dressed, or undressed early on in the evening, when we went clubbing.  She liked to be naked in public, And in Toronto, it's legal!!!
 I often tied her to either a "work-horse", or to a "bench", and because I walk with a cane, I would often either pull up a stool or a chair, to give me a better angle, and more stability for a long bout of flogging, and caneing, and as I recall, I don't remember any other's with canes sitting to beat their sub's.   

We often went to The Vatican, The Reverb, The Fun Haus, The Apts. between Dundas&Bloor(subspace) etc...
But whatever...I've Topped  men many times, well...a few times, in a non sexual way in clubs, and I've found that in topping men I can be much more aggressive in my approach and duration. But I'm sure that each person is different. I've yet to see anyone take a beating like "subandproud"...or"fetknight" , when she topped him. It was her first time, and it was wicked. Frightening, really.
    Compared to a lot of these folks, I'm fairly new to this...I've been in two long term bdsm relationships w/women, lasting a total of 5yrs, and I've been studying on my own now for another year.
   I seem to have a natural affinity for this, or so I've been told, and have been suppressing these feeling and actions until then. But because of my bad back, I do have some limitations as well, like lifting my subs off the ground, or even moving them manually from place to place, and the duration of the scene's sometimes are shorter if I'm hurting. And if I have to move a sub, I either need them to do it themselves, or I need assistance, which can be a pain in the ass at times, but we prevail.
So, Still interested?
If you'd like to make may contact me at...
Do not take any liberties with me yet. I have not given you any permission to do so. you may only refer to me as Sir. Nothing else will be tolerated.
Understood? Good.
Thanks, again,& Good Night,

Sincerely, your Bad Element, Daddy Deerest

12/6/2007 10:32:21 PM
 I had a dream the other morning.  I was dreaming that I was with a new woman,she had on bookish glasses, and a blouse with a woven skirt. We were together for the first time, and we were at her apt.
 It seemed that she had either a bunk bed, or a "no-frills", or a home-made type of canope' bed, with  blue and white hand-woven, or knitted, vintage afghans, or throw-blankets, covering the whole thing!...It looked cool enough, But the thing is...
she was collecting them. She had them all over her place! On every piece of furniture, almost every square inch of her tiny bachlorette pad was under a vintage, blue and white, knitted afghan. Even the T.V. had one folded on top, so when she wasn't using it, it could be covered up and disguised , or just not noticable.
 Being a weird-o myself, I complimented her on her decorating style, which was obviously the right thing to do, because then she pushed me down, and into her fortress of piles of cushiness and gobbled me right up until I awoke to myself as ridgid as a teenager, and as I closed my eyes to remember her eyes, I erupted into, and onto my other hand, trying to be careful not to make much of a mess. But that doesn't often work.
 Shocking, huh?
 So, If this sounds like any of you fine, young, crazy women out there, let me know.
  Dreams can sometimes beget reality, which is why I decided to share this tid-bit with you all.
  I like those nerdy, bookish, gothic, quiet, punk-rock grrrls, who keep their personal lives-personal, and whose kinkier sides are either dying to burst out, or are living out and proud, as I am.
 I am asking for one wee thing though...
I'm tired of having the emotional high-maintence woman. The kind that has a new diagnosis every few months, with a load of new meds to go along with them.
 Now please don't get me wrong here...Everyone , I believe has times in their lives when they need some med. or phyc. help, but if you make it a hobby, or enjoy having the whole bar engaged in your business, or you're not having fun 'til they call 911.
 Please pass on me...Okay? I've just about had it with those kind of woman. And if you're reading this, my exes, I'm not talking 'bout you'all,'k? xoxoxox
 But to the rest of you, I would love to try some "fairly" normal, real, relationship stuff, alright?
 I'm as honest as they come. I never lie. I never need to.
 I'm just searching for someone to either play with until my ms. right comes along, and when that happens...Blammo! ZipZap!
Zowwie!!!  But until then...Please excuse my spelling mistakes.  I'm really in too much of a hurry,  I'm too excitable when writing to go back and fix all of them. I try. I swear, I do, But It's just so much. And then...crash! I Lose it all! Oh man. That's a true heart breaker. So to a couple of ladies
here who have gotten only a couple of one liners back from's because of that.
 You know, you pour out your heart and soul for a couple of hours, and then...poof! It's all gone. Gone forever. How can you then start a re-write? I can't. Well, sometimes, but by then, it's usually very late. Too late. Like now. It's 1:19am, and if I was to lose this, all you'd get would be  an abreviaded edition of my dream which was so long ago now... Okay,okay, I'll end this now...
 Thanks for reading this much, and if anyone knows of any writing jobs that pay...
  Goodnight all,
            Daddy Deerest

11/24/2007 3:33:00 PM
Please excuse my absense of MOther has recently had a colon cancer operation done, and since I'm the only sib. with balls, and zero"uck" factor, when it comes to the human body, I'll elect myself to take care of Mom, while my decades' older bro&sis continue to belittle, and degrade me  for  either being a "stoner", or incompetent in general. But, when the shit hits the fan, For real, and they're gagging from the the reality...I'll be there to change my Mom's diaper...and their's too, if I gotta...
 She gets out of the hospital on Monday, and a nurse comes by everyday, so really, it shouldn't be to bad.  Her Dr.s were very happy with the way things went, and they are thinking that sha'll not need any chemo, or radiation!  But we'll see.Mom's a fiesty, strong, old bird, who gives everything a run for it's money.
 She's the only one who's continued to stand by me after all these years. And I've put her through some hard times, but she's taught me to be there for my kids, no matter what, where, when,or why, just because they're yours, and it's unconditional. I've almost found it with a woman or two, but time proved that a painful pill to swallow.  But, here I am...
  once again ready to give my ripped,torn,tattered heart, another go at it.  Everytime  I love, in love,  I hope to be longer.

11/16/2007 2:21:23 AM
Hell...o...there ladies,
  I am seeking to escort a lovely woman to an event or more, if we are compatable in that aspect.
  I've always found it shallow to ask for certain body types,  but I think that I seek not what's skin deep, but what's just beneath the first few layers.
  Do you have any piercings? Maybe multiple, and hidden from everyone but those you deem special and worthy?  How about tattoos? Are you of the tribe of dark damsels
that don't need a man to rescue them, they been getting along without one for quite awhile just fine-fuckyou-very much!
  But...maybe...y' wouldn't hurt to maybe just allow a nice one in. Just for a while. Just to see what he's like. Although he's probably like all the rest.
  Oh, But there's where I'd get 'cha!  'Cause, I'm diffinitly NOT like the rest! 
  I'm sweet. I talk. I try to listen, but my hearing's going fast....I'm virtous. I'll stand by your honour, Even if we know how slutty you wanna be.  And until that moment when you've given yourself to me, and I've a handful of hair wrapped tightly amounst my fingers,  a gentleman I'll always be.
  A darkened Wench,  far from the sun,  I've missed you more with each passing  moon.
  I'm here.  I'm listening for the blood-draining whisper of your moan when you beckon me.  I'll wait. What else am I to do? I learn . I have patience, but I too, have fear that My time will pass before you step this way again. But hope springs eternal as my seed grows beside me. Learning. As I have .
 Better though, for he has me, and I had not.............................

11/12/2007 10:13:07 PM

11/12/2007 10:13:06 PM

11/11/2007 11:51:26 PM

11/4/2007 9:41:40 AM

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