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Hetero Male Dominant, 69,  Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Welcome to Daddys world.

There are two types of DaddyLittle Girl relationships. One is when the woman really is a Little, and inside she is much younger than her biological age. Some women enjoy role playing that little girl, but for others it is a real life situation. The second type of Daddy is the Daddy Dom, and this comes into play with a woman who is what her chronological age is, but she needs discipline and authority in her life. Daddy David can fulfill either of those needs. Here is a link which goes into much more detail than I can in this profile. I am not the author, but do think that there is very good information, and recommend reading it a-little-understanding.webs.comappsfaq

Are you a little girl that needs discipline, a little girl that understands that fair punishment is for her own good? Are you on occasion insolent, disrespectful, or just plain bratty? Why spend lonely hours dreaming about a Daddy when you can experience the real thing?

Daddy David can be your loving Daddy he can check your homework he can inspect your bedroom he can confirm that you have obeyed your dress code in other words- he can help you to grow up respecting your elders and obeying rules. Rewards for being a good little girl are plentiful, you might be allowed to sit on Daddys lap, you might be allowed to have an ice cream cone, you might be allowed to sing and dance for your Daddy, and if you are especially good, perhaps Daddy will give you a bubble bath.

Then, of course, there will be those days when the impish little you gets the best of the good little girl. Then Daddy David will have to take you over his knee and help you learn, teach you to obey and to anticipate Daddys needs. Perhaps Daddy will have you touch yourself in front of him, perhaps Daddy will forbid you to touch yourself until you see him in person, perhaps Daddy will forbid the final release you so desperately need.

Is your goal is to become your Daddys most cherished possession? The first step is to let Daddy David know that you are in need.

I do want you to know that Daddy David is married and instructs little girls on the side. Daddy is not a pedophile. Absolutely no one under 18 years of age.












 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 175 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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